My antics are works of art.
~ Hermann talking about his iconic trademark.

Hermann Fegelein is the main antagonist of the Downfall Parodies. This is because he is the rival of the "protagonist", Adolf Hitler, who is his brother-in-law.

He was portrayed by Thomas Kretschmann.


Like all Nazis in the bunker, Fegelein was a real life Nazi general who was killed in the final days of the war. Fegelein was born October 30, 1906 and died April 28, 1945. After joining the Nazi party, becoming a respected general, and becoming the brother-in-law of Hitler, he attempted to persuade his fellow soldiers into leaving Berlin. However, in the parody universe, Fegelein is a major adversary towards Hitler, committing several antics that annoys the bunker's residents, especially his brother-in-law.

Hitler has been so fed up with Fegelein's immaturity that he's ordered his execution an uncountable amount of times, but no matter what or who stops the man's heart, he will always return, not only alive, but healthy and looking as if nothing happened. A majority of Hitler's famous plans has had the main point in executing "Fegelarse", but to no avail whatsoever. Fegelein armed with his immortality and pranks has become extremely famous, making him appear in an uncountable amount of pop culture and even recognized by Hitler's Downfall actor himself.

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