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I've just received word... We have safe passage from Berlin. Three years we have waited for this moment. Many good men were lost. Rommel. Steiner. Hezel. But I promised you... Project Phoenix would succeed. Hitler has paid for his weakness. And now history will remember him as we do. A failure! And a coward. The Red Army is nearly upon us. And Berlin is burning. But from the ashes shall rise our vision for something greater. To the Fourth Reich!
~ Reisinger's speech to his Nazi elites as he becomes the new Führer.
Do you even know who I am? The value that I can provide?
~ Reisinger's rant to Task Force Vanguard, his final words.

SS-Oberst-Gruppenführer Hermann Freisinger is the main antagonist of the 2021 video game Call of Duty: Vanguard and the archenemy of Task Force Vanguard. He is a Nazi general and head of Project Phoenix who aims to save and rebuild the Nazi Party following the loss of Berlin and Adolf Hitler's death. He also succeeds Hitler as the new Führer, executing anyone who would oppose him so he could then lead the surviving regime into a Fourth Reich. Despite this, he was stopped by Task Force Vanguard, a special unit formed by the S.O.E. to find any intelligence about Freisinger's project.

He is voiced by Dan Donohue in motion capture, who also played Warden Eternal in Halo 5: Guardians and Imran Zakhaev in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.



Born as the only child of a wealthy family with a long history of military service, Freisinger would hold his family's reputation close to him. Though not confirmed, Arthur Kingsley believes that Freisinger is from Neustadt due to his Rhineland accent, and that he saw the French military make occupation during World War I. Kingsley also implies that Freisinger would also see African-American members of the French military meet and marry German women, and also give Hermann orders as well. Hermann would serve as a courier and information analyst during the Great War, but he would see Germany be defeated by the Allied Powers. During the 1930s, he would be a member of the military police before joining the Gestapo, and was able to rise through the ranks of the Nazi Party due to his charisma. Gaining the rank of general, Freisinger became the head of the Gestapo, and believed in Adolf Hitler's philosophy in exterminating all races that were inferior.

During the course of the Second World War, Freisinger became disillusioned with Hitler due to seeing him as weak, and possibly because he saw that the Third Reich would crumble due to the Soviet Union's push into Germany. Wanting to create a new Reich from the ashes, Freisinger decided to secretly create a project called "Phoenix" to usurp Hitler and become the new Führer. While doing this in the shadows, Freisinger gained support from his fellow co-conspirators Erwin Rommel, Leo Steiner and Hezel, whom he keep in contact with. In winter of 1943, Hermann would meet with Steiner during the attempted capture of Stalingrad, providing him with a letter due Leo's forces being dwindled by Lady Nightingale. When Steiner continued his pursuit to kill Polina Petrova, Freisinger abandoned the area, and was presumably informed of Leo's death. Despite the loss of Steiner, Rommel and Hezel, Freisinger continued to plan to usurp Hitler while also gaining support from the elitist who believed in his vision of the Fourth Reich.

Call of Duty: Vanguard

When Task Force Vanguard infilitrated Hamburg to obtain intel on Project Phoenix, they were captured while trying to safe crack the information inside a submarine. With the exclusion of Wade Jackson (who managed to evade the Nazis in the area), Freisinger interrogated Arthur Kingsley while showing his xenophobia to the team. When he was challenged by Kingsley to kill him, Freisinger instead opted to bludgeon Milos Novak to death with his chair while the others were taken to the Gestapo headquarters' prison cells. Meeting with Jannick Ricther in his office, Freisinger decided to have him interrogate each member to learn why they were in Hamburg. Despite his initial concerns that his project was somehow exposed to the Allied Powers, Freisinger continued his plans to usurp Hitler. It's also implied that Hermann cared little of the Vanguard team, and was just having Richter interrogate them so he couldn't learn of his project.

Though Richter informed Freisinger that the team's sixth man was killed during the train ride, Hermann was informed by his subordinates that Wade was recently arrested when he tried to hijack an escape plane. He then told Richter of the situation, and angrily chastised him for allowing the team to fool him, and reminded Richter that he would have no use for him if he had to personally interrogate the team. Afterward, Freisinger and the Nazi Party would be given reports that Hitler committed suicide upon Berlin's fall, thus making Hermann the party's new Führer. Seizing the opportunity to go through with his plans, Freisinger then started to execute Nazi officers who would oppose him, or were not members of his Fourth Reich. Upon informing Richter of Hitler's death, Freisinger stated that he had no more use for Richter due to his recent failure, but Jannick managed to persuade Hermann to not have him executed.

Afterward, Freisinger had the elitist members of his new Reich to meet at a gathering, where he gave a speech about how the Fourth Reich will rise from the ashes of the third. Leaving the Gestapo headquarters to reach his escape plane, Freisinger was attacked by Vanguard, who managed to escape from their cell after killing Richter. Hermann was then stopped by Kingsley at gunpoint, as Jackson started the escape lane to leave Berlin. Freisinger reminded Kingsley, Polina and Riggs that they couldn't kill him as the Allied Powers would want to know the information he had. He then arrogantly mocked the team, telling them that the United States would provide him with a new beginning with luxury. Due to his arrogance and numerous war crimes, Polina and Kingsley decided to burn him instead, despite Freisinger asking them if they knew the value he could provide. Once he was dealt with, the Vanguard team escape and found more documents on secret Nazi covert operations across the world, and decided to stop the remenants of the Third Reich.


An Ivan... Brittunculus... Australian... And also... You.
~ Freisinger upon seeing the Vanguard team.
You know better than to ruin a man's evening. Beethoven's fourth sonata has exquisite... but demanding passages that deserve my full attention... unlike you. Does the Negro give orders in English too? And do you follow them?
~ Freisinger interrogating Kingsley.
I'm not here to give you what you want. Quite the contrary. I am here... to give you mongrels... What you very... much... deserve!
~ Freisinger's speech while beating Novak to death with a chair.
To make him their leader... The Allies must have been desperate.
~ Freisinger to Richter on the Allies making Kingsley the team's leader.
Are there other teams like this one? How did they learn of Hamburg? Is Tempelhof at risk of being compromised? These are the things I need to know.
~ Freisinger.
The prisoners made a fool of you, Richter. And now you have made a fool of ME!
~ Freisinger chastises Richter for allowing the prisoners to trick him.
The American is being brought here now. If I must interrogate him myself... Then I have no use for you.
~ Freisinger to Richter.
Your time is short.
~ Freisinger to Richter.
You cannot kill me.
~ Freisinger to Task Force Vanguard.
Your nations will make sure I'm well taken care of... as payment for my cooperation. A peaceful new beginning. A life of American luxury... might suit me. Perhaps I might even start a new family.
~ Freisinger to Vanguard, arrogantly telling them he will live peaceful if he cooperates.



  • He is inspired by Heinrich Müller, head of the Gestapo between 1939 and 1945.
  • He idly wears the uniform and rank insignia of an Untersturmführer (Second Lieutenant) despite holding the rank of SS-Oberst-Gruppenführer.

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