Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering is a featured character in Eagle Day, the second book in the CHERUB prequel series Henderson's Boys. He is the Nazi in charge of Operation Sea Lion, the operation to invade Britain in World War 2.


Reichsmarschall Goering first appears inspecting the barges to be converted into naval ships in order to invade Britain alongside Oberst Ohlsen and the SS men entrusted with his safety. He was present when a cock up by a dim-witted officer caused a Panzer tank to be loaded onto one of the barges, unsurprisingly sinking it. Goering appears to be angry until he turns to his SS guards and begins laughing. When the inspection was interrupted by the RAF, who dropped propaganda on the area, Goering was seen running for cover from what the Germans believed to be an air raid. The Oberst later states that Goering filed an adverse report about the operation.


  • He is the only real-life Nazi to appear in the series beyond merely being mentioned.
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