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Herobrine is the secondary antagonist of the Animation vs. Minecraft series, serving as the main antagonist of the original Animation vs. Minecraft and a supporting character in AvM Shorts, appearing as an unseen antagonist in Season 1 and a supporting character in Season 3.

He is a hostile entity from Minecraft that possesses Red and tries to steal Minecraft and its powers for himself, then take over the Animator's computer. Despite his death, his presence is still felt by the Stick Figures with the resurgence of the Minecraft icon as his influence continues to linger among the computer and the world of Minecraft. Unbeknown to them, however, Herobrine would be magically resurrected and would go on with his life as the teacher of the Monster School.


Animation vs. Minecraft

The Second Coming is wandering around the Animator's computer when it discovers the icon for the game Minecraft. It finds it can use this item to build and play Minecraft directly on the desktop, and proceeds to make a house. Blue, Green, and Yellow show up, and the Second Coming allows them to play and create as well.

Red joins in, admiring all of the creations that its friends have built. Yellow offers Minecraft to Red. However, when Red goes to grab it, Red suddenly freezes. It begins acting different, lurching towards Yellow and punching it in the face. Red steals the Minecraft item and begins holding it tightly. When the other stick figures come over to see what is wrong, Red uses the item to fight them, beating Yellow and the Second Coming, trapping Blue in a box, and throwing primed TNT at Green. Red then escapes into the computer's storage folders.

The Second Coming and the others prepare for combat by crafting tools and armor, then follow Red. In the folder, they come across hostile mob spawners and are forced to fight off armies of Hostile Mobs. They survive, then find there is a hole in one of the windows then can travel through. After mining through, they fight off more mobs before finding Red, hunched over and gripping the Minecraft icon item.

The Second Coming approaches Red, but it simply attacks with stone blocks and knocks the Second Coming away. Yellow tries next, but is also knocked back. Green attempts an attack with a pickaxe, mining through Red's attacks and eventually hitting it. Green tries to take the item away, but Red stands back up and begins glitching, revealing that Herobrine is controlling it.

Herobrine then makes Red create a giant stone stick figure and attack. Blue tries to fight it off with arrows, but fails. Yellow attempts to use TNT to destroy it, but Red extinguishes all of the explosives. The stick figures then try using their pickaxes to break it, but Herobrine transforms the stone figure into an obsidian one and begins ruthlessly and repeatedly stomping on the stick figures, almost killing them. The Second Coming tries to fight back, but the obsidian figure grabs it and begins slamming it against the ground, ending by throwing it into a wall. The stick figures run, but Herobrine is close behind. The stick figures try to regroup and reequip themselves, but they are out of food and all of their tools and armor are broken. However, the Second Coming refuses to back down, inspiring the others to do the same, using only non-weapons.

Herobrine arrives, and Green and Yellow use fishing rods to restrain the obsidian figure. The Second Coming uses a minecart to make the giant trip, and Blue plants a tree under the falling figure's head, bursting through the obsidian and throwing Herobrine into the air. The Second Coming tries to get the item, but is stopped by Herobrine grabbing its leg and tripping it. However, Yellow, Green, and Blue come to the Second Coming's aid and push, tackle, and distract Herobrine so that the Second Coming can grab the Minecraft item and throw it into the computer's recycling bin, deleting Minecraft from the computer. The computer returns to normal, and Red begins convulsing. Herobrine begins lurching out of Red's body. With Minecraft deleted, Herobrine is too, and Herobrine finally collapses out of Red's body and dies with a shriek.

Red returns to normal, and the other stick figures gratefully hug their returned friend and are implied to be forgiving him.

AVM Shorts

Season 1

The Rediscovery

In the first episode of the series, "The Rediscovery", the stick figures come across the Minecraft icon item again (presumably reinstalled by the Animator), and are reluctant to try it out again. After building a trap composing of the same items used in the previous videos, they give it to Red, who begins acting strange, only to reveal it was just a prank.

After this episode, the stick figures proceed to use the item many times later, with no sign of Herobrine again. It is unknown if it was revived with the game or not.

Season 3


The events of Animation vs. Minecraft are shown to Purple by Orange, implying that the latter wants the former to complete what Herobrine failed to do - Kill the Stick Gang. It was later revealed that he actually seeks to create a black hole that would potentially destroy the world.

Monster School

Herobrine makes his long-awaited return, coming back from the dead under mysterious circumstances and becoming the leader and sole teacher of the titular school. He also appears to have seemingly forgot about the events of AVM, as he doesn't seem to recognize Red (with the out-of-universe Alan Becker stating he remembers him from somewhere and thinks he's seen him before). Herobrine teachers his students (a bunch of Hostile Mobs and Red) various lessons, which include sneaking on players to kill them; running; acrobatics; swimming; and cooking. On all of them, Red is bullied by the monsters and keeps getting an F. The final exam is a team race. Red's team is the Enderman, the Spider, and the Skeleton (implied to be the same ones as in the original Monster School series; As in, Endie, Skellington and Spider). Herobrine watches on top of a cliff and relaxes as his students try to get to him and the prize first. Ultimately, it's Red's team that manages to win. As he hands them the prize and congratulates them, Endie teleports them all away, much to Herobrine's shock. In reality, Endie brought Red, Skellington and Spider to the Nether portal Red came from, where they go on to confront Orange.


Herobrine is extremely violent and hostile, and will stop at nothing to have the power of creation and the rule of both Minecraft and the computer all to itself. It attacks in brutal and painful fashions, and is unrelenting until it kills those who oppose it. However, his reappearance in "Monster School" years later implies he mellowed out as the years went on, instead turning into a normal, if somewhat strict teacher that still raises his students into becoming murderers. He also seemingly forgot about the whole conflict with the stick figures, as he only barely recognizes Red, and even then shows zero malice.





  • Herobrine was once theorized to be the true identity for the Second Coming's Doppelganger before it was revealed to be a witch.
  • It's possible that Herobrine was the one behind the sudden spawns of the Nether Portal in Season 1 and the Lucky Blocks in Season 2.
    • If this proves to be true, then it's likely that Herobrine is still alive and was resurrected when the game got reinstalled.
      • While Herobrine is now confirmed to be alive, it is unknown if he had anything to do with the Nether Portals and Lucky Blocks.
  • It's possible that Herobrine and Orange are one in the same, and that Herobrine was revived when the game got re-installed and needs to retrieve the Minecraft application to revert to his true form and once again gain control over the game. It would explain why Orange has knowledge on Herobrine possessing Red and how the Minecraft application's powers work.
    • Alternatively, it's possible that Orange is instead going to use the Minecraft application to resurrect Herobrine.
      • However, with the release of the Monster School episode, this theory is now debunked, as Herobrine is shown to be a teacher at the school and a completely separate entity from Orange.
  • The "Monster School" episode is very obviously an adaptation of the YouTube series of the same name. Series creator Alan Becker based the episode off the original entries from the early 2010's by Willcraft, rather than the newer editions, as he believed the latter are "cringe".


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