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I'm tired of chess matches Flufferman. It's time to play...some fucking checkers
~ Herr Starr to Lara Featherstone

Herr Starr is one of the main antagonists of the comic book series Preacher, as well as the AMC television series of the same name.

He is portrayed by Pip Torrens in the TV series.



Not much is known about Starr's childhood except that he was orphaned at the age of 4. At one point, he joined Germany's anti-terrorism unit GSG-9, where he eventually rose up to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

In 2004, Starr was invited to try out for the Grail, an organization tasked with protecting the bloodline of Jesus Christ. Although he was successful in all of his trials, his methods were rather unorthidox.

After Saltonstall explained the goal of the Grail, and presenting Starr his new uniform, the latter pushed Saltonstall off of the balcony and assumed command of the Samson Unit.


12 years later in 2016, while watching a snuff film in Annville, Texas, a resident named Dany presented him with a map.

Later, Starr collected intel on Jesse Custer and his power, Genesis, and sent agents Lara Featherstone and FJ Hoover to Jesse's last known location in New Orleans.

After hearing reports of a flying pig in Vietnam, Starr traveled to there killed the entire village with poison water before making his report to the Grail. He was then ordered to return to New Orleans to capture Jesse.

Starr takes Jesse to see the messiah, who was revealed to be an imbred decendent named Humperdoo. He then explains that he wants to replace Humperdoo with Jesse.

Later, Starr uses Jesse to kill the Grail's Allfather D'Aronique. After he does so, however, Jesse still refuses to be the new messiah and releases all the Humperdoo clones onto the streets.

After his several failed attempts to make Jesse the new messiah, Starr kills Hoover and begins to launch armageddon on the world.

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