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Images and videos of the omnicidal plague-bringer Herrscher of the Corruption from Guns Girl Z and its sequel Honkai Impact 3 .



Vessel - Yae Sakura

Yae Sakura


Summer Memories Comics

Gratitude Arc Comics

GGZ Manhua

Honkai Impact 3 Mystery of Stigmata Manhua

Anti-Entrophy Invasion Manhua

Honkai Impact 3 Manhua

Official MiHoYo cosplay (Kagura Miko collab)

Official MiHoYo cosplay (Mei Jiang collab)

Hot Summer Stigmata

Prayer Stigmata

Qipao Stigmata

Dream Raiment Skin

Goushinnso Memento Skin

Flame Sakitama Skin

Former Vessel - Higyokumaru


Secrets of the God Keys Comics

Fox Form

Temporary Vessel - Eleanor Schariac

Yae Sakura's Father

Jizo Mitama

Purple Box

4-koma comics

4-koma gifs



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