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Villain Overview
Thousands years ago, there was a Herrscher. A Herrscher so powerful not even the strongest warriors of mankind managed to defeat. She wiped us out. She was mentioned in legends. The final Herrscher of the ancient civilization and strongest of them all. The Herrscher of the End.
~ Albert Einstein to Siegfried Kaslana explaining the history of the ancient world.
Pain... Your suffering. Your death. Your misery. Your despair. This is what I fight for. I fight to one day see the despair of all humans. The fear twisting their expressions. The despair of seeing your children screaming as I violate the bodies of their parents. The screams of mothers losing their babies. The fear that I'll cause to all your friends and family. I was born to deliver the justice mankind so great deserves. To make them look at the world they destroyed. In this universe of billion years, your existence is nothing. You're absolutely nothing. That's why. All your kind. Is unnecessary. Every life intelligent life in this universe is unnecessary. Your fate is inevitable. And so all of this reality. This place is not worthy of my presence.
~ Houkai God to Houraji Kyuushou.

The Herrscher of the End (in Chinese: 第十四律者, Dì Shísìlǜ Zhě) also known as the legendary Houkai God, 14th Herrscher of the Old World, Last Herrscher, Ultimate Herrscher, 14th Lawmaker, Chosen One, God Kiana and possibly thousands more is the overarching antagonist of the Honkai franchise as a whole and is the previous persona of Sirin and Herrscher of the Void of the Old World. She served as a background antagonist of Zombiegal Kawai, the ultimate antagonist of Guns Girl Z - Mirage Cabin, the main antagonist of Houkai Gakuen 2 - Fire Moth DLC and the overall main antagonist of Honkai Impact 3rd.

Known as the Houkai God by the new civilization, the Herrscher of the End was considered the most powerful Herrscher of all existence and became the Goddess of the Houkai more than 52,000 years ago soon after she was born thanks to the machinations of Sovietic researchers of the Kukuria's Orphanage, Cocolia of the Anti-Entrophy. The Herrscher of the End was actually an existence born from the fusion of the Second Herrscher (Herrscher of the Void of the Old World) and the last remnant of Kaslana family, Kiana Kaslana who was the daughter of Siegfried Kaslana and the late Cecilia Schariac who died in battle against the Second Herrscher. Because of how powerful and cruel she was, the new human civilization baptized her as the "Herrscher of the End", the Herrscher born to destroy all living things.

After destroying every resistance of humankind's technology and Dr. MEI's creations, the Houkai God put an end to all remnant salviors of humanity and destroyed the human civilization (with all timelines of that reality) with the 3rd Eruption. However, as a last effort to prevent the Herrscher of the End from destroying other universes, Dr. MEI managed to seal her presence in the Earth's moon, where she would be imprisoned for 52,000 years until the birth of her future-self, Sirin and the Herrscher of the Void of the New World to contact them and give the two the duty to finish what she started. She was an entity so dreadful and scary that stories about her were later considered myths by most of historians, researchers and scientists whom preferred to leave the legendary Herrscher of the End as a myth of the ancient civilization.

Like her God Kiana form in Honkai Impact 3rd she is voiced by Shan Xin in the Chinese original version who is considered the most famous virtual vocaloid of the country. Shan Xin also voiced Enma Ai in Hell Girl in one of her few villainous roles. 

Official Description

In spite of all humankind's efforts, their hopes were still crushed by the strength of the Last Herrscher, the one who ended all ancient civilization.
~ Narrator, Honkai Impact 3rd - Secret of the God Keys.
The legendary Herrscher who brought the end to the ancient civilization of Earth and was considered as the most evil and dangerous Herrscher of all time for alone destroying the reality before the rise of the new human civilization of Earth. She was a fusion of the Herrscher of the Void of the Old World with the descedent of Kaslana family, Kiana Kaslana, daughter of Siegfried Kaslana and Cecilia Shariac. According to the legends, the Herrscher of the End was called the Last Herrscher who fought mankind's strongest warriors for the fate of the world but defeated the last remnants of all humankind before destroying the world and being sealed in the moon by Dr. MEI.

Sirin was a blind girl who discovered the world was ugly when she gained vision after she became a Herrscher, causing her to destroy her village and start the Second Eruption. After her defeat by the hands of Cecilia, she possessed Cecilia's newborn daughter and 16 years later took over her body for herself, becoming the Chosen One and destroyed the Original Timeline, resulting in the birth of the New World.

In the non-canon DLC Fire Moth, God Kiana woke up in the same world she destroyed but attempted to drag the entire Omniverse to death with her to end everything that is beautiful and ugly for not being worth of her existence. Her reign of terror came to an end when she was defeated by the combined forces of Houraiji Kyuushou and the Herrscher of the Thunder.


Do you really believe I'm still Kiana? You want to save me? From what? That girl is gone. Just accept it. If she still around... well, I think I can use her as my plaything. Just like I'm going to do to you and all the remnants humans under the protection of Fire Moth. You should be thankful. Because your Goddess will take Her time to mangle a pathetic human like yourself.
~ Houkai God to Houraji.

Herrscher of the End's evil smile as she watches Raiden Mei becoming the Herrscher of the Thunder to fight her.

A peculiar fact about the Herrscher of the End is that she was born from the fusion of three different entities: Sirin, Herrscher of the Void (whom can be considered a single entity) and Kiana Kaslana, the determinated S-Valkyrie of Freya Academy. The Herrscher of the End, despite being a fusion of different people, she was a single entity capable of emotions of her parts; from love, kindness and hatred. However, because of how powerful she was, she deemed herself to be perfect (both in power and appearance), so perfect that the world she was in was unworthy of her presence.

Despite being composed of good people, the Herrscher of the End knew what she was doing was wrong but felt pleasure from seeing mortals, people weaker than her, suffering to the point she had some kind of twisted joy of snapping their necks right in front of their loved ones. She was a ruthless, bloodthirsty and violent Herrschers that could be considered even worse than all combined Herrschers of the Old World. She killed any and all humans she could for the solo purpose for the fun of it, unlike other Herrschers that are moved by hatred, ignoring the fact that many humans were also vessels of other Herrschers. In the New World, she is a recluse who wants nothing to do with humans and prefer to avoid contact with them at best, leaving only her creations to do her dirty work. As Otto Apocalypse puts it, she sees other humans as nothing more than worms, ignoring any and all attempts by them to converse or attend their requests if they want to please her somehow.


Houkai God arrogantly defying her enemies to hurt her.

While in her God Form she has shown to be very destructive, narcissistic, nihilistic, callous and misanthropic as described before in legends about her. Even so, the Houkai God is known for retaining a stoic and composed personality, even after striking down all of mankind's strongest warriors, the Herrscher of the End still maintained her stoic composure. However, the Herrscher of the End, for being so powerful and invencible, possesses a love for battle that defies her concept of perfection, as Fu Hua theorized she was looking for a worthy challenge and let out a smile after Raiden Mei promised her she will have a worthy fight once she becomes a Herrscher herself. When God Kiana comes across strong opponents, she shows a more excited side to herself, such as during her fight with the Houraji she smiled with excitement and anticipation after witnessing the power of her new Herrscher of the Void, even giving her praise.


Guns Girl Z - Old World

There were 14 Herrschers in total. But the strength of the 14th far outstripped all the others. In the face of her powers, mankind's only option was... extinction.
~ Narrator, Honkai Impact 3rd - Secret of the God Keys.

Early life


Sirin being attacked by her zombified mother.

Sirin was born as a blind and fragile girl in a poor village in the borders of Soviet Union, away from civilization and was raised by her mother alone. In her vision, Sirin believed she was living in the paradise when in fact she was living in a cruel environment of hunger and poverty.

One day, the Second Apocalypse started (the Apocalypse is a periodic phenomenon. It occurs once every hundreds of years. It appears in all kinds and different forms, such as wars, epidemics, natural disasters, asteroids that hit Earth, giants, etc) and a Houkai monster attacked a nearby house, spreading its Zombie disease to the rest of the village. Gifted with the power of the Houkai, Sirin absorbed the malicious Houkai energy and restoring her vision back. When she turned back, she was attacked by her zombified mother. In response, Sirin accidentally summoned a black hole and killed her mother. When Sirin left the house she saw the village in fire and filled with zombies, at that moment Sirin came to the conclusion she wasn't living in a paradise but in hell. Using her Ruler powers, Sirin destroyed the village and vowed to destroy everything that is beautiful and ugly in the world.

As the years passed, Sirin became even more narcissistic, believing no one deserves love, future, dreams and happiness since she never had any of these. Those feelings only got worse and became a vicious hobby of her to destroy everything that is good, finding it to be part of her paradise. At one point, she made a deal with a High-class Houkai monster that gifted her powers to control their plague and turn other life forms in zombies. Without thinking twice, Sirin abused of her powers and turned most of civilization in zombies to steal their future and rewrite the universe as she always desired to be. The First Lawman Walter and Cecilia, tried to save her after they discovered her tragic past by extracting her powers and returning her to her human form but Sirin vowed to keep her powers as they were the only way to change the world.


Sirin as the Second Ruler 50,000 years ago.

On the battlefield of the Second Apocalypse, Walter promised to save her, remembering her of the kindness and warm of her mother. However, before she could redeem herself Otto Apocalypse had already dispatched a nuclear bomb to destroy her. Trying to protect Sirin, Walter sent the nuclear bomb to an imaginary space but died on the process. Despite his efforts, Sirin also died and her Herrscher gem was studied by Anti-Entropy and Shicksal.

During her time dead, Sirin was rejected by her mother after becoming a monster just to bring her close to her, rejected, Sirin then kills her own mother in the afterlife and returns to life only to be defeated by the 4 of the strongest Valkyries once she threatned the world again with a Zombie Apocalypse out of spite.

Destruction of the Ancient Civilization

Manipulating Kiana, the Herrscher of the Void invaded her body and killed her father with her own hands before sealing her memories away to keep it a secret so she could use her in the future. Later, Kiana learned the whereabouts of Siegfried and his own life, Kiana who learned the truth fell into Houkai will, and finally awakened to become the Ultimate Ruler once Sirin manipulated her to touch core of the Second Ruler.


The Herrscher of the End defeats Mei before destroying the world.

Later, Anti-Entropy invaded St. Freya Academy, and Kiana's group sneaked into the battle of the Anti-Entropy Battleship "The Moonlight Throne", the result was resonated by the consciousness of the Second Herrscher. Then "Moonlight Throne" crashed in the St. Freya Church. Kiana accidentally touched the core of the Second Houkai Herrscher buried deep in the church. Cocolia originally wanted to take her out of danger in good faith but she only want The Fusion become true, and later from the mouth of Cocolia, accidentally learned the whereabouts of Siegfried and his own life, Kiana who learned the truth fell into Houkai will, and finally awakened to become The Ultimate Herrscher. In front of its overwhelming absolute power, all of Kiana's group members perished.

God Kiana recreating the world.

During the final battle, Sirin slaughter all Valkyries of the world, including all heroes of capital ship. As the final trump card, Raiden Mei (in her Herrsscher of the Lightning form) fought God Kiana to avenge her friends but ultimately lost the battle. In front of its overwhelming absolute power, all of Kiana group members have lost. Despite their best efforts, they eventually faced extinction by the hand of the final Herrscher, but not before Mei used her technology to seal part of the Herrscher of the End's power inside of the moon to seal the evil Goddess. Before she could be sealed, Sirin recreated the world, rewriting the humanity with parallel versions of all people in the previous Earth in order to make her new parallel-self carry on her ambitions and one day finish what she started.

Fire Moth DLC - Old World (non-canon)



God Kiana knocked out after ending the world.

In the alternative ending of Houkai Gakuen 2 (Guns Girl Z), the story continues even after the world ended by the hands of God Kiana. The whereabouts of God Kiana were unknown.

11 years later after the Honkai Impact caused by God Kiana, almost 8 billion humans died on the process, leaving only a few millions alive before the ascension of Herrscher of the Erosion that reduced the number of human lives even more. During those years of destruction, an organization known as Fire Moth was founded to protect and save the last human population. 17 years after the end of the world, many other Herrschers continued to appear, testing Fire Moth to their limits as humankind slowly continued to rebuild the world that was destroyed by the 12th Herrscher.


God Mei fighting Bronya.

Led by Houraji Kyushou, the Fire Moth led an attack to the Massive Electric Industry building of Raiden Mei's family in Japan in the hopes they can steal the high-technology and advanced weapons of ME to fight against their rivals, the Anti-Entrophy and Houkai beasts that continue rampage the Earth like never before thanks to the rise of many new Herrschers. During the invasion, the level of Houkai energy caused Raiden Mei, who was already possessed by her Herrscher's alter-ego, to appear on the battlefield and attacked the tower with lightnings, killing hundreds of soldiers.

Hours later, after returning to the base of the rebels, Bronya decided to take everyone to another facility after the location of their base was discovered by other Herrschers. However, on the night of the evacuation, the Herrschers launched a direct attack to the base. The leader of the attack was God Mei, the Herrscher of the Thunder. Before Mei could finish off Bronya after a fierce fight, God Kiana had awakened and stopped her from killing Bronya, claiming she deserves a more painful fate rather than killing her off so quickly. The two then retreated, leaving behind corpses of their old friends.

Battle for the Omniverse


Houraji becoming a Herrscher after being fused with Sirin's core.

At one point, Houraji Kyushou was fused with one of the cores that was extracted from Sirin after her death in the 2nd Houkai War by Welt in order to make her a powerful being strong enough to fight a God. This, however, came with a consequence, Sirin's soul was split in two and a half of her was transferred to Houraji's body while another half was controlling Kiana's body, who turns out to be God Kiana, now known as 12th Herrscher of the Old World. 

Many months later, God Kiana started an operation to summon more Houkai beasts to eliminate the remaining human beings. However, after many days thinking and planning, God Kiana discovered she could eliminate not only the human race but all life in the omniverse with the power of many other Herrscher using the Moonlight Throne tower. By conscidence, God Kiana found her old friend in the Sky City. Sacrificing herself to protect the defenseless civilians under the protection of Fire Moth, Houraji distracted the Herrscher at the cost of her own humanity. Bronya, in an attempt to save her life came to the rescue but was easily overpowered by the Herrscher who forced Houraji to watch her killing one of her best friends. Before God Kiana could finish off her, Kiana Kaslana who was sleeping inside of her subconscious reacted to it and interrupted God Kiana and forced her to retreat. Houraji and many others fell in coma for several days. While sleeping, the other-half of Sirin living inside of Houraji continued to abuse her psychologically in another attempt to escape from her vessel but failed.


Houraji fighting the Inner Sirin.

Two weeks later, Houraji learned from Bronya and Iselin that the Herrschers completed the Moonlight Throne tower and are ready to bring about the last collapse and that all omniverse will end soon. She also discovered God Kiana somehow transported everyone to a false world to prevent the last humankind's warriors from interfering in her plan as she needed them alive. After a long journey to make their way out of the false world, the Fire Moth combined joined with Anti-Entrophy to stop God Kiana and her minions from ending all life in existence. 

They reached the core of the Moonlight Throne and tried to destroy the core but the Second Herrscher, the Inner-Sirin, appeared in front of them and revealed she cannot die unless Houraji dies too. As Sirin prepared to take over her body and finally gain her freedom, Delisa and Bronya and the three fought and defeated Sirin. Instead of resisting, Sirin, who was tired of being used a fragment of her original self simply gave her core to Houraji and laid her hopes on them to stop her malicious counterpart. After Sirin disappeared in the oblivion, Houraji regained her lost memories she had lost during her transformation in Herrscher by Welter.


The final battle begins.

Arriving at the top of the tower, the Houraji faced God Kiana while her friends and other survivors of the battle tried to the Hyperion ship again and planned to throw it directly at the Herrscher Tower built by God Kiana to destroy it before it could erase all life in the omniverse. The fight begun with an overwhelming disadvantage to Houraji who was easily being defeated with single snaps of God Kiana and her powerful divine aura. Using her last resource to end everything and save her skin, Houraji fused herself with Sirin's core once again and summoned her alter-ego Herrscher of Spacetime to fight God Kiana while she used her Houkai energy to give her Herrscher of the Void power and aura enough to fight the evil Goddess. 


Kiana and Houraji's last moments.

During the fight, Kiana Kaslana who was watching everything inside of her subconsciouness felt regret and despair for everything she let Sirin do to her friends and family and tried to fight Sirin's control while she was distracted with Houraji's Herrscher of the Void. However, no matter how much Kiana fought it was useless to break free, such shock caused her to beg to Houraji to kill her body so she can be free from this nightmare.

Demise and the Ending

After a fatal blow given by Houraji and her Herrscher of the Void, Sirin was temporarily locked inside of Kiana's mind, giving her enough time discuss about how this is going to end. The conclusion was that Kiana needed to die to get rid of Sirin so they can stop the destruction of the omniverse and free Kiana from her torment. Using her Herrscher of the Void's powers, Houraji used her Houkai energy to devour all the dead space in her void realm to stop the dimensional advance of the Moonlight Throne's energy. 


The Moonlight Throne destroyed by Houraji.

After everything was devoured, Kiana's body began to dissolve in particles of light, marking the moment of her death. Sirin watched the scene with horror as she was reduced to dust just like Kiana, putting an end to her threat once and for all. With her death, the Herrscher Tower collapsed and all its activity was stopped, saving not only Earth but the entire omniverse.

Houraji then fell from the tower but was rescued by her Herrscher persona who now was her best friend. Due to the usage of her powers, Houraji returned to be a human and her Herrscher persona slowly faded away right in front of her, ending the life of the last Herrscher alive. Before she could disappear, Houraji thanked her for saving her world and for becoming her friend, showing that Herrschers can be kind-hearted people too.


Kiana with Mei in the afterlife, forever in peace.

Houraji fell in another coma and awakened several days later only to discover everyone lost their memories about their final battle with God Kiana as a side-effect of the Moonlight Throne's destruction. Houraji then visited the academy where she met her friends and made a grave for Kiana beside Mei's so she can live in peace forever in the afterlife. In the Old World, Houraji oversaw humankind repopulating Earth again and rebuilding what God Kiana destroyed.

Even after God Kiana's death, there were a few Houkai creatures left behind but they disappeared over time as Fire Moth was capable of dealing with them. As such, the world was finally in peace forever.

Honkai Impact 3rd - New World

That presence... it was the Houkai God that Otto was speaking about. Such immense and powerful presence should never be allowed in this world.
~ Fu Hua after sensing the presence of God inside of Sirin.

2nd Eruption

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Houkai God appears before Sirin in her own form.

52,000 years later, her future-self was born in Belarus under the name of Sirin and the Herrscher of the Void came into the world in 2000 D.C., the Houkai God contact the two and ordered them to come to the moon soon after Sirin escaped from Shicksal's Babylon Tower to give them the power they need to destroy the world.

Arriving on the moon, Sirin enters in a massive structure on the moon built by 50,000 years ago by the Mei from the ancient Earth; a facility made to seal God Kiana. Once she entered in the temple, God Kiana approached her and showed images of everything that happened to her in the past. Once Sirin came to the conclusion that God was trying to kill human race for their insolence, Sirin immediately claimed to be her prophet and asked to give of all her powers to her so she can make humanity pay for taking everything from her.

Gifted with the power of Herrscher of Conquest, Herrscher of Silence, Herrscher of Desire and Herrscher of Pestilence, Sirin did not waste time and used her new powers by throwing debris of the moon on Earth, randomly destroying entire countries in a blink of an eye, causing 5 km tsunamis all across the Pacific and Atlantic oceans that wiped half of Europe, Asia and America, causing massive explosions of heat that melted everything in 5,000+ km, devastating thousands of towns, creating earthquakes that brought entire states to the oceans and killing a large portion of mankind on the process.

From this point on, the Second Houkai War was started and the two future-selves of the Houkai God took the lives of billions for the next few days.

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Otto Apocalypse appears before the Houkai God.

Days later, Shicksal strikes the tower again, but this time, Otto and his elite squad are present and teleport themselves directly to Sirin at the top of the tower. The battle between Sirin and Otto's squad starts with her disadvantage as she was facing two of the strongest Valkyries of Shicksal. Using powerful punchs, Fu Hua puts Sirin in a state of fear after she fell from her tower with a single punch. While she was recovering from her punch, Fu Hua delivers the final blow by impaling Sirin with an ancient ice sword. However, it turns out Sirin was left in a comatose state, allowing Otto to invade her mind and see what was going on inside of her head. 

While inside of her mind, Otto manipulated memories and tried to create a "paradise" for her by reviving her mother and giving her a chance to begin again by saying he would revive her mother if she allowed him to speak with her "God" (God Kiana). But at the same time, he taunts her saying her mother will never accept her again because of all her brutality, crimes and atrocities she did in the name of her revenge. This was enough to push Sirin to despair and created a wormhole between her mind and the empty dimension of God Kiana's fragment. There, Otto begs to God to revive his long-lost lover, Kellan back to life after hundreds years trying to do what was the best for his loved one. However, the Houkai God takes over his form and commits "suicide", basically saying the only way to see his love again was to kill himself and meet her in the other world. This caused Otto Apocalypse to scream in horror and was immediately banished from Sirin's mind.

Much later, the Houkai God was seen seated inside in her throne inside of Sirin's mind when Fu Hua used her Taixu Sword to strike down Sirin, who was currently fighting with Fu Hua in the real world. When the sword broke through Sirin's barriers, the flames almost hit the Houkai God but the entity smiled maliciously and denied the attack, wiping it out of the existence. That was the last known appearance of the Houkai God since even Sirin wasn't able to communicate with the deity anymore.

Other Appearances


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Houkai God in Kiana's nightmare of her past.

In another alternative timeline story of the Old World, the Houkai God, better known as God Kiana, Kiana Kaslana's Herrscher form after she was dominated by Sirin of the Old World, makes a debut in Kiana's Nightmare.

In Kiana's dream, she is peacefully walking with her father Siegfried in a village of Europe in the winter season when suddenly a meteor falls on the village, spreading fire and destruction. Moments later, armed zombies appeared before Kiana who found herself on her knees. The zombies tried to strike her down but she was saved by Siegfried. When the two turned around they saw the Houkai God standing behind them. Before the Houkai God could cut Siegfried in half right in front of Kiana the nightmare ended when she woke up in the real world. Kiana then cried and noticed she is locked inside of an abandoned shopping destroyed by the rise of another Herrscher.

Rising her head, Kiana saw zombies outside of the shopping and charged at them with a smile.

Herrscher of the Ocean's Return (Alternative Timeline)

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Sirin with her three personalities: Good Sirin, Bad Sirin and Nerd Sirin.

Set in an alternative timeline of the Old World after the ending of Fire Moth's DLC events, the young human girl Sirin awakes soon after the Herrscher of the Ocean destroyed a town in Russia, killing all the population of the region and leaving the city in ruins.

After walking around the lifeless town, Sirin cries and say that world is not beautiful at all, but an ugly lifeless place. Just then, the kind-hearted alternative version of the Herrscher of the Void appears and gives her power to Sirin to control. Using her new powers, Sirin rewrites the reality around her and creates a beautiful and an alive world she always desired to see. Sirin then falls asleep, looking forward to find someone tomorrow.

This alternative timeline transformed both Sirin and Herrscher of the Void into heroic versions of their malevolent and ruthless original versions of the Original timeline of the Old World and New World.

Divine Keys' Secret

She was mentioned several times by the narrator, who explains how dangerous and powerful the Last Herrscher was and how she destroyed the ancient civilization. She is first seen holding the world soon after she killed all of the last Valkyries of the world. To save mankind from extinction, Dr. MEI bound her life's work to genetic imprints so that when the future generation of humans came into contact with them, they would form Stigmata to fight the Houkai in the next human generation coming thousand years later.

Powers and Abilities

You dare defy me, mortal? Look at me, I am God. The one who judges your existence and all of this world. I am everything. Eveything is me. So I have the right to do whatever I want with this reality. Including your pathetic life.
~ Houkai God to Seele Vollarei.

Herrscher of the End holding the world.

The Herrscher of the End was described to have countless powers for being able to use all Herrscher Cores known and even beyond human's comprehension. She is basically an omnipotent entity to be almighty in every sense and aspect; the perfection itself. The Herrscher of the End can achieve and do absolutely anything without any limit or condition to her abilities (from using all elements of nature to cause natural disasters in global scale, controlling time to the point she can reset the world's timeline at any moment she wants and even alter the aspect of space itself), including the conceptually impossible and logically impossible.

Shicksal describe the Herrscher of the End as "bigger than infinity" or "beyond the infinity", being able to do everything in reality, from creating new worlds, creating life and killing all life forms known with a blink of an eye. She possess all powers and everything beyond all Houkai and Herrschers that are already considered "Gods", existing on level inconceivably above/beyond any other power/concept. 

She is fundamentally invincible, cannot be harmed by human's weaponry, only by other Herrschers with Supreme God-level status similar to hers and is completely immune to all lower-Herrschers. According to legends, her only and true power was complete destruction, being capable of erase everything and anything from reality in a blink of an eye. Another example of her power is that she had the Herrscher Core of the Herrscher of the Logic, granting her omniscience. Her mind is unblocked to the entire omniverse and beyond, there is absolutely nothing which she do not know and understand, therefore she know every answer to every question, past, present, and future. 

She was absolutely immortal, so much that her immortality is considered an absurd by the standards of other Herrschers. She can not die, age, get sick, be permanently wounded, is absolutely self-sustained and, as hermind and soul are as immortal as her biological body, she is also immune to mental/spiritual damage.


Single Quotes

I'll see you in the next world. From here to thousand years.
~ God Kiana to Mei.
~ God Kiana after killing all of Kiana's friends.
It's useless. You can't stop me. That gir... Kiana, is gone. I control this body now. And I'll use her own hands to crush your skull and make her watch! Are you seeing this?! KIANA KASLANA!
~ The Herrscher of the End losing her sanity over the pleasure of having success in her plans.
I'll destroy. Every single human in this planet. From children to fetus. They will all die for the sin of being born. For the sin of being born in the same reality as I, the God of Houkai!
~ Herrscher of the End declaring victory.
Death is just the beginning. Let's celebrate the last ceremony.
~ God Kiana about to destroy the world.
Stop fighting your destiny. That is my hand around your neck.
~ God Kiana about to kill Bronya.
It's over. This omniverse is doomed. Just like all life. All creation. Nothing of this is worth of my divine existence.
~ Herrscher of the End to Houraji.
Let's cut the disease that plagued this world for so long; all mortals!
~ God Kiana.

Last Words (dialogue - Fire Moth DLC)

Houraji: You can go now. Sirin. Close your eyes and sleep forever in the abyss of the oblivion because the world will go on without you. So my friends can finally rest in peace, so this world may be in peace forever. So may all people you hurt can finally go on in peace.
Sirin: To think after years of work, my revenge failed. I lost to this ugly world... This is not what I wanted!
Houraji: You choose this path. Now you'll die alone and regret for all your crime in the oblivion, for all eternity.
~ Sirin's last words with Houraji (Guns Girl Z; Fire Moth DLC in Old World).


The Legend of God Kiana - kiana legend ost gFxDhuu Kfw 360p


  • In Chinese, Ruler or Herrscher (律化娜) sounds like NaCl (氯化钠). NaCI basically means "salt" in Chinese.
  • Kiana God's nickname originates from GGZ. Since then, Kiana God is one of the most used term by GGZ and HI3 communities. This term is also one of many things whose birthplace track back to Gun Girl - School Day Z, both official and unofficial.
  • Combined with all antagonists of the franchise, Sirin has the highest body count ever, with more than 7 billions lives under her feet. If one were to combine her previous body count of her past-self, God Kiana, those numbers jump to 17+ billions.
  • Herrscher is a German term for Ruler.
  • The name of the 14th Herrscher was never published in the original source of Houkai Gakuen 2. Only in the 2nd Lawman her full Herrscher name was published 4 years later as the "Herrscher of the End".
  • It was notable that the Herrscher of the End was a multi-being and it was controlled by two entities. One was born from Kiana Kaslana's and it was more robotic and emotionless to the point she had no facial expressions. The second was born from Sirin's and was more sadistic, aggressive, psychotic and somewhat more cruel than the first.
  • Just like her persona from the New World, her pupils had a cross.
  • By the time Honkai Impact 3rd started, Houkai God lost her form as Kiana Kaslana a long time ago. Now, she don't have a specific form and can change her form as she desires. For an instance, it's possible to see that her body is now somewhat made of clay and changes to the form of the person who is next to her just like what happened to Sirin and Otto Apocalypse. 

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