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Villain Overview

Do you want to get this body back and save the girl? You are, right? Is she a loved friend and a member of your little family? Did you build sweet little memories together? Made any lasting promises? If that's the case... Then I shall kill her precious family with her hands and body. Those of you who loved her and are tryin' to save her... you shall drink from the chalice of pain, sorrow and despair, and endure the most gruesome death of this world. I shall shatter your beautiful memories and transform them into a hellscape of despair and pain. She will then witness your mangled and defiled bodies. She will be drowned in your blood before I smother her out for good. She will die in agony and sorrow as I enjoy myself with her tears. Family, friends, happiness, memories, dreams, hope, future, love... She does not deserve it. She is unworthy of this. She will never get these. And I shall start with you. My dearest Mei, you are the other half of my desires, the burning passion of my soul. Embrace me! Join your strength with mine and give me POWER to destroy this world! To make the creator cry! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! This thunderclap is music to ears! Come! Offer yourself to your Goddess! We hereby the Judgment Day!
~ Herrscher of the Void's speech.
Do not waste the Herrscher power and intellect gift I gifted you. Humans are numerous as ants. They multiply like parasites. A few rocks and countries destroyed are not going to kill all of them. Furthermore, humans are deceitful creatures. Even I fell to their trickery once. Now, come to the moon, First Herrscher. If you don't come, I'll deliver four meteors to Earth every seventy-four hours. Don't keep me waiting, I'm low on patience.
~ Sirin to Benares and the First Herrscher.
Humans, your existence is a mistake. War, cheating, jealously, greed. Your existence is a sin that has to be wiped out. You once made me lose everything. But now I'll devour everything. Because I am the Houkai (Apocalypse).
~ Herrscher of the Void's most iconic quote.

The one born as Sirin (in Chinese: 西琳, Xī Lín) and later better known as Herrscher of the Void (in Chinese: 空之律者, Kōng Zhī Lǜzhě), also known as Queen of the Void, K-423, 2nd Herrscher, Second Ruler of the New World, Houkai God, Queen of the Houkai, Ultimate Ruler, God Kiana, Goddess of the Void and possibly hundreds more is the central antagonist of Honkai Impact 3rd franchise and one of the four main antagonists of the Honkaiverse as a whole (alongside Otto Apocalypse, The Will of Honkai and Herrscher of the End). She is also one of the four main antagonists (alongside Otto Apocalypse, Cocolia and the Herrscher of the End) in its non-canon game Guns Girl Z (also known as Houkai Gakuen 2) and a background antagonist in Zombiegal Kawaii. She is a playable character (S rank Battlesuit for Kiana Kaslana's Valkyrie class) introduced as the overarching antagonist in the first 9 chapters of the game (and all of its previous arcs, comic books and side-stories), a major and final antagonist in the Moon Shadow comic, the titular villainous protagonist of 2nd Lawman (also known as 2nd Eruption) prequel comic book, a posthumous antagonist in the Honkai Impact 3rd manhua and a major character in the 4koma and Gemina Invasion comics. She also appears in events like Winter Rhapsody and Odd Drifter as the primary antagonist with different names and outfits.

In Guns Girl Z, the Herrscher of the Void of the Old World was born when the innocent blind Sirin was infected with its energy, showing her the true rotten world she believed to be beautiful. Starting the Second Houkai War, Herrscher of the Void almost caused the end of civilization but was sealed with the efforts of Welt and Cecilia Shariac. Years later, Kiana accidentally merged with the core of the 2nd Herrscher during an invasion of Anti-Entrophy to St. Freya Cathedral under the machinations of Cocolia, becoming the Herrscher of the End and destroying the reality. In the new Honkaiverse, the Herrscher of the Void came to life in the year 2000 D.C. and started the Second Eruption after her host Sirin, one of the guinea pigs of Schicksal's Babylon Tower, awakened her powers as a Herrscher, causing a bloody war between the Houkai and humanity that took the lives of billions. Later, she made a deal with the Houkai God to gain even more power and used her new powers to destroy multiples continents with debris of the moon, killing a large portion of mankind before starting the Armageddon. With the war, she founded her own army of Houkai and Pseudo-Herrschers. She was killed by the S-Valkyrie Cecilia Shariac during a rain of nuclear missiles but not before taking the whole North Siberia into her void realm, killing millions more before her defeat. Years later after her first defeat she awakened in the body of her own benevolent clone K-423 (Kiana Kaslana) under the manipulation of Otto Apocalypse, and started the 4th Houkai Eruption, pushing all life of the planet to the brink of extinction before she could be sealed once again. She continued to exist inside of K-423 and tried to take over her mind multiple times but the traumatic experiences of her host allowed her to control the Herrscher of the Void's powers, becoming Void Drifter. In the battle against World Serpent, where Kiana had to face one of the many victims of the Herrscher, Raven from World Serpent, Kiana fully learned how to use the Herrscher's powers and gems after saving Ark City from the World Serpent's Houkai energy bomb. In the following chapters, the true Herrscher of the Void is expected to return in 2 months after Kiana absorbed too much Honkai energy from World Serpent's HW bomb to save Ask City, forcing the main heroines to follow different paths to seal the Honkai before Kiana can become the Herrscher of the Void who is returning more powerful than ever before.

It was much later revealed Sirin and Herrscher of the Void are different entities and fully became different entities when Sirin was cloned, becoming K-423 (a clone body of Kiana Kaslana) by Otto Apocalypse and Schicksal's scientists and had her memories erased by the former in 2000, soon after the end of the Second Eruption. It resulted in "Sirin" being actually the true main protagonist of the Honkaiverse's Current Era (the Kiana Kaslana the player uses during course of the game) and the Herrscher of the Void being the primary threat to the heroes while being her former self. She primarily serves the purposes of the The Will of Honkai, to destroy the human civilization the Herrscher of the End failed in destroying after a few human beings who survived the First Apocalypse repopulated the planet again.

Although she is a servant of the overall main antagonist (to the Will of Honkai, aka Honkai God), Herrscher of the Void is the biggest threat faced by the protagonists and the most dangerous and dreadful Herrscher of history for unleashing two Apocalypses upon humankind since Herrscher of the Corruption the 12th Ruler of the Old World who started the Second Apocalypse in 1470 with the Black Death in the New World, making herself the most evil and fearsome Ruler of history and later the Herrscher of the Reason, also known as Welt Joyce who was known as the First Herrscher of humanity and the one who caused the First Impact in Berlin in 1952. Aside from bringing hundreds of millions players to the game thanks to her massive popularity, her character was critically acclaimed for being the ideal female villain. Moreover, her widely villainous role as an extremely powerful, sinister, misanthropic, vile entity and yet beautiful girl who had success in almost all of her genocidal plans while being the very embodiment of the Apocalypse itself, easily made her one of the most influential, complex, popular and iconic female villains in Asian mobile games.

Voice Portrayals


  • In China, Sirin is voiced by Wang Xiaotong in Chapter 3 and 4, whom also voiced the Herrscher of the End and Sirin (Celine) of the Old World in Houkai Gakuen 2 (Guns Girl Z), sharing the role with Shan Xin in times depending on the character's form.
  • In her God Kiana (Kiana Kaslana), form she is voiced by Shan Xin in the Chinese original version who is considered the most famous virtual vocaloid of the country. She also voiced Kiana Kaslana in the OVA Will of the Herrscher and The Last Lesson. Shan Xin also voiced Enma Ai in Hell Girl in one of her few villainous roles.


  • As Sirin, she is voiced by Sakura Tange in the Japanese version of the game. Sirin was her first villainous role before her debut as Jack the Ripper in Fate/Apocrypha and later Fate/Grand Order.
  • As God Kiana (Kiana Kaslana's original character), Herrscher of the Void is voiced by Rie Kugimiya, whom also voiced Agnese Sanctis in Toaru no Majutsu no Index, Sugar in One Piece, Harley Quinn in Batman Ninja, Tarantula in Cutie Honey Universe Nora in Noragami and Melona in Queen's Blade, Mizore Shirayuki in Rosario+Vampire, Innominat the Suppressor in Tales of Berseria and Juuzou Suzuya in Tokyo Ghoul.

Official Description


Herrscher of the Void in one of Kiana's nightmares, using her own body to kill her love interest.

So many people died because of her. Cecilia too... We gave her a chance to turn back... but she refused to do so. Let her slowly regret her crimes for all eternity.
~ Siegfried Kaslana on Sirin.

In the Old Honkaiverse, Sirin was a blind girl who discovered the world was ugly when she gained vision after she became a Herrscher, causing her to destroy her village and start the Second Eruption. After her defeat by the hands of Cecilia, she possessed Cecilia's newborn daughter and 16 years later took over her body for herself, becoming the Chosen One and destroyed the Original Timeline, resulting in the birth of the New World. In the non-canon DLC Fire Moth, God Kiana woke up in the same world she destroyed but attempted to drag the entire reality to death with her to end everything that is beautiful and ugly for not being worth of her existence. Her reign of terror came to an end when she was defeated by the combined forces of Houraiji Kyuushou and the Herrscher of the Thunder.

In the New Honkaiverse, Sirin was born in Belarus and was once a poor orphan girl who used to be one of the test subjects of Schicksal's Babylon Tower's research department, where she was daily tortured with honkai injections and suffered brutal human experiments. Sirin was the Second Ruler of the New World after Welt Joyce and Yang. She dominated the power of the void. Once she awakened the power of the 2nd Herrscher within her, she immediately went on a rampage and killed all 322 scientists of the facility, including some of other children out of spite and hatred. As the new queen of the Houkai race, she discarded her humanity to become a Herrscher and an Apostle of God, and begun to hunt down Valkyries and humans alike all across the world, becoming a brutal terrorist with the blood of thousands in her hands until her defeat by the hands of the 1st Lawman of the Logic, Welt Yang. She was killed by the S-Valkyrie Cecilia Shariac during a rain of nuclear missiles but not before taking the whole North Siberia into her void realm.

Sirin's Chinese profile.

After her first death 15 years ago (2000) her Ruler core has been divided into four parts, they are called the Domination of Thunder, the Crave of Storm, the Silence of Death and the Contamination of Flame. The four different parts are kept separately by Schicksal and Anti-Entropy. In order to reappear Sirin's power, Otto Apocalypse has created K-423 using Kiana's DNA, the second herrscher core and techniques that cloned Theresa, his niece. However, this makes Sirin alive within K-423 and possesses a considerable amount of power, which is just as Otto secretly planned.

Normally Sirin's power doesn't normally show up, but in some special conditions, her power would burst, dealing a large scale of destruction. The mysterious sound in Kiana's (K-423) head is actually Sirin's, but she doesn't have a clue. During the events of Shadow Moon arc, she takes over her mind after being fused with the Gem of Death and tries to destroy Singapore to gain more power but failed. 1 year later, she attempts to break her host's sanity by tormenting her with nightmares of the past.

Months later, Kiana was captured by Schicksal and was forced to submit to Sirin's core. Sirin then takes over Kiana's body again and proceeded to spread destruction and chaos to the planet, starting the Fourth Eruption before her third defeat with the sacrifice of Murata Himeko.

The game gives her the Devil arcana-card, representing someone who worked to demons and is able to control and manipulate their fate.

Herrscher of the Void's Devil arcana.

Frigid Empress

She wove her raiment from the polar aurora, forged stardust to make her crown, and transformed the eternal night into her personal palace. The Knight raised her lance against the raging drake. The Frigid Empress has finally graced this world with her presence.

The world is blanketed by pristine white snow as the Winter Queen walks in her private gardens. "Submit to me, human," she smiled while gazing at you from above.

Frigid Empress's outfit.

Parasol Kaiserin

"My beach vacation must be furnished with sapphire blue parasols, ice cold lemon soda... wait... I'm above these pathetic human vacations! I'll never indulge in such pathetic stuff. NEVER!"

Parasol Kaiserin summer outfit.

Void Drifter

"I understand, Miss Himeko. I'll end this story the way we want."

Battledroid326781-q destroy (1).jpg

All Appearances

Data Files

Data files found in the Chibi Dorm of the game.

Herrscher of the Void


  • Herrscher of the Void chibi.

    Birthday: December 7
  • Age: 19
  • Gender: Female
  • Organization: N/A
  • Height: 163 cm
  • Weight: 49 kg
  • Place of Birth: Unknown

Valkyrie Armor Story 1

2000 CE: Celine, the 2nd Herrscher, was finally defeated when humanity struck back with concerted effort. Her Herrscher cores fell into the hands of Schicksal and Anti-Entropy. This marked the beginning of Project Celine, a plan that will alter the destiny of all those involved.
~ Valkyrie Armor Story 1.

Valkyrie Armor Story 2

K423 is the only Herrscher clone that managed to survive. Her DNA was spliced with genes of Kiana Kaslana, the daughter of Siegfried Kaslana and Cecilia Schariac, the two most powerful warriors of Schicksal. The clone was prepared as a physical host for the reawakened Herrscher and help Schicksal control her powers. After 18 years of hard work, the Herrscher of the Void appeared once more in the physical world.
~ Valkyrie Armor Story 2.

Valkyrie Armor Story 3

When compared to previous records of the Herrscher's temperment, the re-awakened Herrscher seemed to have limited vocabulary and strange aloofness. Perhaps she has yet to fully adapt to the modern world and her new host body. Celine's soul did not change at all. Once she gains complete control over the host body, the mad and arrogant personality of the Herrscher of the Void shall surface once more. Just keep in mind that another soul shares her physical form.
~ Valkyrie Armor Story 3.

Sirin (memories)


  • Sirin chibi.

    Activity: Siberia
  • Stats: Chaotic Evil
  • Area of Achievement: ???
  • Height: 155 cm
  • Age: 14
  • Weight: 42 kg
  • Place of Birth: Belarus

Stigma Memory Clip 1

Strangers arrived at my village. They wore strange uniforms and masks. They searched every house. They claimed to be doctors from the city and examined all of us. I was afraid. They took away many people. I was afraid they would take me away as well.
~ Sirin's narrative.

Stigma Memory Clip 2

A tower of steel was suddenly erected in the tundra wastelands of Siberia in the late 20th century. It was the Babylon Labs, the largest Houkai energy research facility in the world outside of Schicksal HQ. Everyone had high hopes in it. A strange disease then began to afflict towns and villages in Siberia.
~ Narrator.

Stigma Memory Clip 3

The doctors took me to the truck. There were others. Avrora, Agata, and Bella... Everyone's here, but I'm still scared... I want to go home... The doctors scare me. This strange place scares me... and that thing they were talking about...
~ Sirin's narrative.

Stigma Memory Clip 4

Astonishing findings. Subject 52 from Belarus demonstrated remarkably high Houkai Resistance and the ability to absorb and neutralize this energy. The cause for this has yet to be determined, but it may very well be the thing we're looking for. PS: More subjects needed at the lab. Please set up recruitment.
~ Excerpts from the Babylon Labs Report 2000.01.12.

Stigma Memory Clip 5

Avrora! Agata! Bella... everyone's gone... I'm next... God... where are you? I'm scared, Mom! I've been a good girl... I did nothing wrong at all! Please save us, God! Save me!
~ Sirin's narrative.


Sirin's ascedent emblem.

Crowned in the name of Houkai, the Queen descends from the sky, the doom of humanity is nigh. Her mortal name is no more, Herrscher of the Void is born!
~ Otto Apocalypse in her guide video.

Arrogant, narcissistic and a sadistic entity who is the second Ruler after Welt Joyce, and dominated the power of the void. She became a ruler and started the Second Impact in 2000, at the Schicksal laboratory and has pulled North Siberia into her void realm, killing millions more in a bloody war. Rumors say that she was inhumanely experimented on and tortured by the tests and therefore awakened the ruler consciousness inside of her. Sirin perished together with S-rank Valkyrja Cecilia Schariac and four other A-rank Valkyries (Squad Snow Wolf) in a series of nuclear explosions caused by a rain of missiles from Schicksal. After Sirin's death, her Ruler core has been divided into four parts, they are called the Domination of Thunder, the Crave of Storm, the Silence of Death and the Contamination of Flame. The four different parts are kept separately by Schicksal and Anti-Entropy. This marked the beginning of Project Celine, a plan that will alter the destiny of all those involved.

Sirin's Stigmata emblem.

In the current game era (Honkai Impact 3rd) Otto Apocalypse has created K-423 using Sirin's DNA and techniques that cloned Theresa Apocalypse, his niece. However, this makes Sirin alive within K-423 and possesses a considerable amount of power, which is just as Otto secretly planned. K423 is the only Herrscher clone that managed to survive. Her DNA was spliced with genes of Kiana Kaslana, the daughter of Siegfried Kaslana and Cecilia Schariac, the two most powerful warriors of Schicksal. The clone was prepared as a physical host for the reawakened Herrscher and help Schicksal control her powers. Sirin's power doesn't normally show up, but in some special conditions, her power would burst dealing a large scale of destruction. The mysterious sound in Kiana's (K-423) head is actually Sirin's, but she doesn't have a clue.

When compared to previous records of the Herrscher's temperment, the re-awakened Herrscher seemed to have limited vocabulary and strange aloofness. Perhaps she has yet to fully adapt to the modern world and her new host body. Sirin's soul did not change at all. Once she gains complete control over the host body, the mad and arrogant personality of the Herrscher of the Void shall surface once more. After 16 years of hard work, the Herrscher of the Void ascended onto the physical world once again to law wake to humanity.


Very well, as I thought, this body can bring out even more of my potential. As a Herrscher, there is nothing I can't do.
~ Sirin awakening in Kiana Kaslana's body.


Sirin is a petite girl with fair skin, at the time she became a Herrscher she was 14-years old. As of her introduction, she has long, multicolored violet hair that reaches down to her feet and changes its color at the borders of her hair, with two hair flaps on the two sides of her head. Her hair is considered to be absurdly long but she doesn't seem to have problem fighting with it. Sirin's most notable feature are her eyes that are yellow and have diamonds/crosses-shaped pupils that is somehow similar to a cat's eyes.

Sirin wears a very peculiar dress in both human and Ruler forms. In her human form, she wears an off-shoulder purple and white dress with an cleavage cutout, short sleeves and is notable for having two coattails and a few artificial flowers around her waist. In her right arm purple elbow gloves while she covers her left arm with purple bandages; her bandaged arm is actually a purple-glowing left hand. During her time as a human, she wore a hair ornament that was more like a hair clip with two purple feathers; alongside each other they formed a horn-like figure. Sirin's dress was also extremely short, exposing most of her lower body, leaving her legs bare. She also wore a purple toeless leg-wear that was also similar to bandages. In her human form, she hated to use shoes. Although barely visible, there is a red tattoo on the left side of her neck.

In her Ruler form, her dress becomes something almost impossible to describe due to its complex design, it's now a strapless dress with several cutout on the front, exposing her shoulders and chest. With her new dress, she also gained a very strange skirt with purple wings located around her waist. Her arms are no longer bandaged and now she wears two elbow purple gloves with two sharp blades on the top of her arms. Her hair's clip was now altered to an ornament similar to a two horns located on the middle of her head. With the new dress, she also wore purple and pink shoes that had four accessories with the format of wings on the top of them.

Kiana Kaslana (K-423)

Kiana Kaslana, or K-423 is a slender, white-haired girl with blue eyes and of average height typical of those from the Kaslana heritage. Though her clothing changes often both in-game and in other sources like the manhua due to the different battlesuits she deploys in battle, she always sports twin braids and has a signature ahoge (lit. idiot hair in Japanese) on the top of her head. She also uses dual pistols as her weapons in battle.

As Herrscher of the Void, her battlesuit is also rather sensual compared to her other suits as it shows her bare shoulders and is noticeably tighter around the legs. In her new form, Herrscher no longer uses Kiana's twin braids and leaves her hair free to move, one could say her hair is a messy compared to Kiana's. After Sirin took over Kiana's body, her eyes were altered to Sirin's eyes, with the same yellow and crosses-shaped pupils.

She wears a white and black short armored dress that is rather thin and tight and has a considerable short skirt. The dress exposes her shoulders and cleavage, and just like Sirin's old dresses, it also exposes her legs. She also wears an a black (with pink glowing strings) elbow glove on the left hand while she simply uses a white and orange glove on the right hand. Her dress also has a new accessory, she has a fur-trimmed neck made of crow's black fur with a black and golden accessory in front of it. In this new form, she wears black thighhighs that reach just above her knee while she wears a black and yellow shoe made of the same material of her thighhighs.



Sirin watches her friend dying after she was drugged.

Sirin, the Herrscher of the Void, was reawakened using test subject K423 as her physical vessel. Her 16-year slumber only intensified her hatred for humanity. There is hardly any humanity left in Sirin. She is now the complete embodiment of the Houkai itself.
~ Herrscher of the Void (Memorial Arena).

In the past, Sirin was naïve and innocent, believing that living in the Babylon tower would be a better place to live rather than living as a poor orphan. However, it turns out it was a lie and she was forced to live all days being used as a guinea pig in human experiments. She was a shy girl who is always kind and sweet towards others, even going out of her way to assist a stranger. She is selfless and self-depreciating as she thinks lowly of herself and values other people’s happiness more than her own. She was young and optimistic, as she always sees the good in everyone and even went as far to bury children she never met before. She was very sensitive and feels insulted easily. Moreover, she was easily scared of things around her such as the Schicksal doctors and the tower she was being kept in.

She usually lets her emotions out and has a holding them in. At times, she accidentally is too honest and blabbers out the truth. Despite her introverted personality, she is social and talkative so she isn't a quiet person. She was bubbly and cheerful, especially since she is very fond and passionate of her friends. She was sometimes quite enthusiastic and easily excitable when comfortable. Because of her cute and childish demeanor, she has an easily noticeable presence, attracting the attention of strangers, including other children who saw her as a comfortable person to relieve from their pain and agony.

Sirin developing a complex for power.

As a guinea pig, Sirin was defenseless, believing herself to be merely another cattle ready to be discarded. However, she was still able to make friends and enjoy the little time of life she still had. Unlike other children who lost their will to live and hold other people dearly, Sirin actually had love for life and considered all children to be her only family, which is why while other children simply considered the death of guinea pigs to be the most normal thing in the world, Sirin, on the other hand, felt despair and sorrow for losing her family one by one. Those deaths not only caused her to hold a great hatred towards the scientists of the tower but also developed a power-hungry personality, considering it to be the only thing this world needed to be changed. She saw civilization as a lie and all humanity to be a facade of human race, considering their goodness to be just a false image of themselves when they are actually heartless to the core. Because of that, she hated being a human herself.

Houkai Queen

Humans... they always make the same mistakes. They always sacrifice themselves for others. She never knew that her sacrifice left a festering wound in your heart and allowed me to return... You'll never get rid of me. Moments of weakness and painful memories fuel my strength and bring ruins to your surroudings. Escape? Where you can hide? I AM you, Kiana.
~ Herrscher of the Void to her vessel.

Herrscher of the Void strangling Mei to death.

After she was reincarnated, she lost most of her old personality. She is now a very cold, callous, and dispassionate figure, and is rather aloof, brooding, and indifferent, willing to harm her comrades in addition to her enemies should they get in her way. She refers to anyone she does not find interesting as "trash", and treats them as expendable. Above all, she was murderous, cruel, sadistic, narcissistic, destructive, treacherous, self-centered, uncaring, and misanthropic to an extreme point where she defines herself to be the Armageddon itself. Once facing her enemies, she is impassive, and regal, but her aloof exterior hides a seething anger.

She displays scathing contempt and resentment towards mankind, evidenced in her hateful speech towards Valkyries and humans. Despite her independent streak, it is not to say Herrscher would completely reject all assistance, if only she was forced into a desperate measure. However, she had very little attachment to anything that did not amplify her fame or existence;. she viewed her followers and minions as nothing more than disposable pawns to carry out her tasks, only valuing their usefulness and physical abilities.

Herrscher's sadistic smile.

As stated by many, Herrscher of the Void demonstrates a strange habit: when killing victims she is particularly interested in strangle her victims to death so she can feel their lives fading away with her own hands, something she considers to be one of the greatest pleasure she can feel. Whether she is consciously aware of this habit or not is unknown. She also claims she does not believe in human emotions, which she refers to as the "love" and "heart" reasoning that if her eye cannot see them, they do not exist. These words, and much of Herrscher's overall behavior, reflect the concepts of materialism, which connects to her aspect of Emptiness, as evidenced by her name "Herrscher of the Void", a figure devoid of all emotions, humanity, compassion, kindness and goodness.

Her cold demeanor allows her to stay completely calm and in control in most situations, and she is not easily surprised or caught off-guard. However, she does not seem to comprehend the trait of fighting against all odds; during her final battle with Himeko, she completely overwhelms the Valkyrie in less than 5 seconds, yet Himeko continues to fight on regardless of this, prompting a visibly frustrated Herrscher to yell about how pointless Himeko continuing to fight after showing a small fraction of her power to attempt to show Himeko "true despair" and destroy her mentally, showing her how hopeless she is in fighting someone who is stronger than her; a Goddess. Herrscher can be very demanding due to her narcissism and egocentric personality as she considers every single being to be her servant or just a plaything for her to psychologically, physically (possibly sexually as well) abuse and torture, and then discards them after they are dead or mentally broken. She is also not above torturing and killing animals, children and infants as well, and is fully capable of committing truly abhorrent and inhumane actions without feeling any shred of remorse or hesitation.

Herrscher of the Void taking over Kiana's body.

She maintains a cautious and cool demeanor, being always in control of her actions. She also holds herself with dignity to keep her image as queen pure from any disgraceful human behavior she had before, making an attempt to destroy her human heart to become a complete monster and superior Goddess to be free from all moral and ethic. Herrscher of the Void was considered by many to be the most evil Herrscher of history as no one ever caused so much damage to the world before.

Her nature far exceeded that of any common evildoer, even Siegfried at one point stated that she "went beyond normal evil" in the extent of her crimes after she started the Armageddon 16 years later, killing billions and bringing humanity to the brink of extinction. Indeed, Herrscher speedily developed into a power-obsessed megalomaniac of the worst kind and the worst of any known Herrscher in her quest for revenge for everything humans did to her.

Herrscher of the Void throwing hundreds of meteors on Earth, showing her cruelty and insanity.

She was unable and unwilling to express remorse or empathy for the countless crimes she had committed. This was a stark contrast to many other Herrschers who proved to display genuine remorse for their crimes and even before their fall, pity for those abused for their power and even if only a little, care for their followers, all which Herrscher of the Void completely lacked. While all Herrschers are considered to made of pure evil, this theory later becomes false when the Herrscher of the Lightning proved to have feelings and formed a bond with her host, Raiden Mei, becoming one of the first Herrscher to become good. It could stated Herrschers are tragic figures born to destroy but once they experience love even them can become good-hearted beings. Sirin experienced several moments of affection and love when she lived in the imaginary world as part of Kaslana family but in the end she stayed the same ruthless monster as shown during her return 14 years later.

At the same time, due to her excessive evil and brutality, others would deny she was still alive for a sense of self-comfort, until evidence was given to their very eyes. During her lifetime including much of her childhood (mostly after her escape from Babylon tower), she was shown to be highly aggressive and sadistic, showing as little mercy to her followers as she did her enemies and even exposing her victims to intense despair and fear by killing their friends and families before finishing them off in the most cruel ways possible. She felt no desire or need for human companionship or friendship, for her power was the only thing that existed while the concept of good and evil was just a fantasy.

Her thought of everything in terms of power (which she equated to domination through energy). She was somewhat willfully ignorant of people or matters which she considered to have no value of her presence. She was also arrogant to the point that a few words would break her enemies, including using some of her powers would immediately destroy her enemies in a matter of seconds. Once her enemies proved to be alive, she would lose her cool and start making death threats with anger and spite.

Herrscher of the Void saw mankind as insects, even stating killing one of them (a child) would be like stepping on an ant and even if she killed 30 millions or 100 millions, it would mean nothing as they reproduce like virus. For her the only way to satisfy herself would be killing all human race of the planet and then reviving billions once again to torment and torture just so she can kill them again for her sick and twisted sadism.

Herrscher did not believe in anyone but herself, nor did she value her fellow Houkai servants except to the extent that they were useful to her. She often described her followers as 'friends' because they are not humans, but in no way treated them like an ordinary person does their friends or family. At one point, she revived her three best friends of her childhood as her servants but she never displayed any kind of affection towards them as she willing to sacrifice them at any time for her own purposes. As such, she was not above killing the children she once trusted and whom were her friends during her days as a guinea pig of the Babylon tower, showing that she lost completely every human quality she once had. Sirin had a need for independence that bordered on pathological, and she preferred to operate in secrecy and solitude whenever possible, even when bombing Earth with meteors, she choose to keep her identity as humanity's destroyer in secrecy. Sirin was so egocentric, and narcissistic that she frequently referred to herself in the third person as "Goddess", "Ruler" or "Your Queen".

Sirin insanely asking for more power.

As Sirin, she was considered an intelligent, polite young girl who showed an enthusiasm to learn more about the Herrschers and God and was able to use her superficial charm to make many do her bidding, showing her skill at being an exceptional master manipulator. She was described being a charming, calm, brilliant and determinated to the point of greed. She also had an extremely obsessive nature. When Kiana glimpsed into her mind, she often saw repetitive imagery, symptomatic of Sirin's inability to let go of thoughts or diversify her interests, including her background. Her main obsessions were; power, genocide, revenge and supremacy of the Houkai, these ambitions were so strong that it could literally define Sirin's character.

It was noted that Sirin was no different from any other tyrant in paranoid fear of an individual rising against her because of her own obsessive actions; her greatest fear was not being killed but losing that power. For her death was a failure but dying with that power would mean she at least tried but losing that power then dying is the great humiliation of all things as she would return to be the same weakling human she was before. In another ironic twist, this indicates that Sirin failed to make herself unique as she had the flaw of any evil tyrant.

Despite the fact that she usually maintained a calm, reserved and sophisticated persona, she was capable of phenomenally explosive and violent fits of rage. Her rage would often get the better of her, casting curses violently and screaming with fury whilst attacking the First Lawman and taunting his human weapons. She also roared with anger whilst dueling Fu Hua. When she experiences these mood swings, she would instinctively kills whomever she saw first, be their allies, enemies or innocent civilians.

Sirin watching the end of the world with joy.

Like her previous persona in her past life, she is rotten, selfish and unrepentant and was willing to even use her tragic past as weapon to break the seal of Kiana Kaslana, showing she was no longer cared about her experience and was now totally corrupted by power. Basking in luxury, turning the world into a post-Apocalyptic planet for her own self-satisfaction, creating wars for her own pleasure, thinking of her childhood friends and servants as nothing more than tools to be used, an aura conveying these feelings emanated from her.

She sees everything existing for her sake and loves to crush the memories, emotions and future of her victims purely because she loves the expressions on her victim's face when their friends and family are taken away from their arms. She also grossly overreacts to light wounds, annihilating and angrily attacking Walter for inflicting light cuts on her body, it's likely she's simply not used to getting hurt at all or hates feeling pain as she used to be tortured in the past and still consider pain as part of being human, a race she despises completely.

Another example of her sadism is shown when she started the Second Houkai War and spared the world for a time only because it amused her to have her minions and army kill the world's inhabitants in a twisted war game, she also never personally interfered whenever it looked like her army was losing, referring to it as a game and whoever loses simply dies, including her own most loyal servants, implying her darwinism where the strong lives and weak dies; but she refuses to be put in the same category as she is no longer a human but a Goddess, a divine being like her are not restricted to mortal bounds. When Benares returned with Agata's corpse on her arms, Sirin cast her aside while calling her weak and useless, showing she had no regard for the lives of weakling, even if they are her family.

Sirin tenderly petting a cat.

Despite all her negative traits, Sirin was shown to have a realistic psychological trace of real-life human beings; she is capable of love and regret, implying she still sane at the time she became a Herrscher. Unlike many other Herrschers, Sirin slowly fell into the depths of villainy after experiencing many different events that altered her point of view of the world, becoming the example of an innocent human being who was forced to see the true colors of the humankind (similar to many stories of war criminals from World War I, World War II and Vietnam war). She first discarded her love for her friends, her affection for her village, for mother's memories, her care for the world and finally mankind itself when she saw what people got while she was suffering.

Even after her total downfall to villainy, she can still feel love, affection and show value to life of innocents and animals, but she consider such feelings to be hopeless, useless and the reason of her suffering so she started to call herself "Houkai" to become the monster/Apocalypse mankind fear so much so she can "share" her misery with all human beings and force them to understand what she had to endure.

The 14th Herrscher of the Old World destroying the planet for being too "ugly" for her existence.

Even during the 2nd Houkai War, when she experienced the love of a heartwarming family Sirin doubted about her actions and showed regret for everything she did for a short period of time until she remembered that was a false world of happiness. Seeing the world in a different angle, Sirin saw the beauty of human civilization and had secondary thoughts of letting the world live so she can have a new life where no one is hurt. In the imaginary world, she went as far to live like a normal girl until she realized it got in the way of her plans of revenge on mankind and decided to destroy such world, kill everyone who experienced such life (calling them to be fools who never saw what the true world is), deeming them to be unworthy of such happiness because she never got to have their peaceful life as evidenced in her quote about Kiana and finally expressing her selfishness and envy for people born in good conditions while she was born in a place of hunger and poverty.

At the time she got used to destroy people's happiness, love, future, hope and memories, Sirin had already fell to her inner darkness but even after her complete transformation, Kiana's father Siegfried Kaslana tried to give her an opportunity to start a new life but rejected his offer to become the complete monster she was meant to be.

Equipment - Keys of the Void

The Keys of the Void.

Herrscher of the Void uses two pistol as her weapon of choice. It's a guided weapon system summoned from the Void Realms by the 2nd Herrscher upon awakening in the real world after 16 years dormant. The pistols are based off of Kiana Kaslana's original pistols.

These dual pistols do not fire bullets, but "commandments" that tear through the space-time fabric. K-423 is the perfect vessel designed by Otto for receiving the Herrscher of the Void when she returned. However, this vessel exerted a strong influence upon the powers of the Herrscher and altered her physical form as well.

According to Herrscher of the Void, she does not like these guns and prefer to use her own spears and energy to fight.

Power and Abilities

If thou gaze long into the abyss, the abyss will gaze into thee.
~ The Narrator in Valkyrie Ranger's Augment Core; when Kiana uses the power of the 2nd Herrscher for too long and ends up being possessed by Sirin.

Herrscher Gems (Ruler Cores/Stones)

Gem of Death - Silence of Death

The Gem of Death has the ability to create and destroy any living creatures, be they humans or animals. However, it comes with a price, one must understand the true meaning of death otherwise the gem will revive only the corpse of the person but not the soul. To revive a corpse, one need at least a material or objects (such clothes, photos or anything related to that person) to revive their physical bodies.

Seele Vollerei only had the stigmata of this Herrscher (years after Sirin's death) but it's unknown if she could fully control it.

Using the gem, Sirin can kill any living thing she desires. This power some times seems to be uncontrollable, causing it to burst out randomly in the form of a black gas, killing anything within a certain radius around her as shown with Bella's arrival in Russia. Its power can be used by touch, at a distance or simply willing it to happen. It can also manipulate death-force within the Herrscher in a way that allows them to shape the exhaling of the effect. These shapes can include bursts, streams, spheres, even a mist of it from the nose or mouth.

Bella, the Pseudo-herrscher of Death.

At times, it can emit a field around the Herrschers that kills every living thing that is in it (animals, humans, plants). The Herrscher may be able to decide what dies and what lives, or at least train to do so. As shown with Bella, one can avoid being killed by the black mist if they use gas mask.

When the 2nd Houka War broke out, Sirin revived three of her childhood friends and gave Bella the Herrscher of Death. She was one of three Babylon experiment resurrected by Sirin and was given the gem "Silent Death" and was ordered to destroy in Novosibirsk, Russia to bring more power to Sirin. Her arrival in Russia caused the imminent death of 9 million people. On February 16, 2000, she was killed by Otto Apocalypse after he tried to convince her to revive his love interest, Kallen Kaslana but discovered she didn't possess the Gem of Death.

In Moon Shadow comic Kiana was infused with 6th gem, lost consciousness and got controlled by Sirin for a short period of time. Using the only gem she had in her possession Sirin tried to destroy Singapore but was defeated by the S-Valkyrie Fu Hua.

Gem of Lightning - Domination of Thunder

Herrscher of the Lightning (Domination of Thunder) using Raiden Mei (daughter of the CEO of Massive Electric) as her new host after Sirin was killed and had her gems split in four pieces.

The gem of lightning, also known as Dominion of Thunder have the control over lightning to an unlimited level. She can create, shape and manipulate electricity, a form of energy resulting from the movement of charged particles (such as electrons or protons), allowing control over electric fields, all charge carriers (Ions, Electrons, Protons, and Positrons), electronics, and electromagnetic forces. Her ability also allow her to manipulate electromagnetic fields includes "electromagnetic field surrounding her body" and "electromagnetic pulses that destroy chemical bonds within the molecules".

She is able to manipulate light, heat and kinetic energy. A better explanation would be that she is able to harness the power of electricity, but since most of the powers of Houkai are based of commonly found matters in nature (e.g. fire, wind), the 'Lawmaker of lightning' is one of the most simply Ruler Core.

With the Gem of Lightning, she can manipulate all forms of electricity dwelling in all matter as charged particles. With the power over electricity existing in all matter (charged particles), she is able to control all matter in its state of form such as gas, liquid, solid and even plasma by controlling the electrons, protons and more that constitute all matter. Since everything is matter then this would permit the Herrscher to control everything by that theory. She may be able to use the charged particles to generate streams of electricity at her control.

Currently, the Herrscher of the Lightning is using Raiden Mei as her new host. After the young Mei was possessed by Herrscher of the Lightning, she was sealed by her father Ryoma. Because of its immense power, she couldn't freely manipulate the power of the thunder and had her personality split in two: the human personality and the Herrscher personality.

Her powers are stated to be in Apocalyptic-levels and can easily destroy an entire country in less than a day with insanely powerful lightnings, as well as shutting down all world's electric power plants.

Gem of Serenity - Ruler of Emptiness

Sirin summoning portals and teleporting incoming missiles back at her enemies.

Her first and original Gem. She Gem of Empty Time-Space, is a void space manipulation, used to create imaginary spaces for attack and defense. Her power is unique for being able to control two elements of the universe: space and time, and allows her to create an ideal fluid, converting actual space into her own void realm. For better words, she is capable of creating her own dimension and opening dimensional wormholes.

She open multiples portals to transfer people and other objects to anywhere in the globe. However, the transmission requires physical strength and it's very tiring if the physical strength and stamina of the Herrscher is insufficient for long-distance transmission. However, once Sirin received more gems she was capable of summoning dozens of dimensional portals at the same time and could easily open hundreds more without losing stamina of vital force.

She can also open several portals and transfer enemy attacks to anywhere she desires. She can transfer attacks any enemy to different environments, such as the sea floor, the ground or she can simply transfer them back to let her enemies to suffer damage from their attacks.

For defensive methods, she can create an imaginary screen layer in front of her to block enemy attacks. The limit of this barrier is said to increase according to the HW (Houkai Watts). The form of this shield appears as a light blue diamonds screens.

Gem of Wisdom/Logic - Ruler of the Knowledge

Sirin using Welt Young's powers after eating his gem of wisdom.

The Gem of Wisdom was originally the core of the First Lawman, Welt (Walter) Joyce. Welt Joyce was the first lawmaker in current civilization. He was one of the founders of Anti-Entropy alongside Einstein, Tesla, and Planck. In the Anti-Entropy visual novel, Welt Joyce was revealed to be responsible for the destruction of Berlin in 1952 after becoming a Herrscher. He suffered from amnesia after the incident. Schicksal organization later captured him to perform various experiments for 3 years before transferring him to the Imperial Research Institute Lab 42 in London where Einstein and Tesla were situated in and met him for the first time.

After his death, the Anti-Entropy created two clones of Welt, the two had a notable strength but were too psychotic to act like their original leader. After their death, Joachim Nokianvirtanen renamed himself to "Welt Young" and became the new First Herrscher of the civilization to carry on his name as the leader of Anti-Entropy years before the ascension of Sirin as the Second Herrscher. During the Second Houkai War, Sirin killed Welt in combat on the moon and ate his gem, granting her the powers of the First Herrscher.

Sirin in front of the First Herrscher's army of reproduction.

After fully understanding the "interpretation" of a thing, the first Herrscher can use their wisdom to reproduce material things with their own power, including altering their appearance. This kind of reproduction can even become a kind of "muscle memory" - but it has been copied by the first Herrscher. The "blueprint" of the material or "thing" will be preserved and copied by the First Herrscher to be more efficiently used next time the power is used.

When the first Herrscher reached Master Reproduce Mastery, he can cast some skills without even needing the weapon on the hand (even if it's the God Key, aka, Core of the Ruler, as long as they know how it works and how it can be used, it can be reproduced easily).

Even even though Sirin gained his powers when she ate his gem, she couldn't control his Star of Eden weapon and the 9th Key of God. The only she could use from him was his logic and knowledge powers.

Gem of Flames - Contamination of Flame

Sirin using inflammation.

The Herrscher of the Flames was an ancient Herrscher that represented the symbol of destruction in the Old World, 50,000 years ago but was rescued by God Kiana once the world ended. She had the ability to control molecular movement, in other words, the element of fire and heat. She was most powerful physical destructive Herrscher that turned the entire Australia into a sea of ​​fire in just one week after her birth. Later, she was killed by Kevin and the core was made into Judgement of Shamash.

The Judgment of Shamash was a key that was built from the powerful Core of Destruction of Herrscher of the Flames. It was so powerful it was needed to be split into two. This gives one form of the Key, the Dual guns known as Judgement of Shamash. The two guns can be placed together and they will morph into the Greatsword of Shamash with altered abilities.

Agata destroying Astana, Kazakhstan in a sea of fire.

The Herrscher can create, shape and manipulate fire, the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products, flame being the visible portion of the fire. Depending on the substances alight, and any impurities outside, the color of the flame and the fire's intensity will be different.

She can also cause burning pains and actual burns in others, in some cases their skin burns and injures others touching them, or in worst cases, create a fire of sea that can burn an entire town in seconds.

After Sirin was given the gem of flames, she gave part of its power to one of her revived childhood friends, Agata, one of the three Babylon experiment resurrected by Sirin. Her gem possessed the ability of the Fire Herrscher of the Old World but was weaker compared to Sirin's original power. Afata was ordered to destroy in Astana, Kazakhstan to bringmore power to Sirin.

On February 16, 2000, during the 2nd Houkai War, at the junction Aral Sea, Agata was defeated by the S-Valkyrie Fu Hua from Schicksal and her corpse was recovered by Sirin.

Gem of Wind - Crave of Storm/Eager Storm

Tornado controlled by Sirin's Pseudo Herrscher (Aphora) above Oulu, Finland.

After forming a pact with the Houkai God, Sirin also gained the Gem of Wind, also known as Lord of Desire. With the Gem of Wind, Sirin was capable of creating blades of wind, sharp enough to cut entire buildings in half like a paper. However, its strongest point is the total control over wind in one single point, creating a powerful tornado.

She can create, shape and manipulate air; the common name given to the layer of atmospheric gases and various compounds (mostly oxygen and nitrogen) surrounding the planet Earth that is retained by Earth's gravity, and wind, movement of air relative to the surface of the planet. It is an important factor in determining and controlling climate and weather, and the generating force of most ocean and freshwater waves. Wind occurs because of horizontal and vertical differences in atmospheric pressure, and include breezes, squalls, gusts, whirlwinds, zephyrs, gales, tempests, and hurricanes. Since air cannot be seen by conventional methods, neither can the attacks and derivatives formed by/from it, making it an invisible and versatile weapon that is very difficult to block and dodge.

Controlling wind, Sirin is also able to manipulate the weather to her free will. However, she is never shown using her wind powers. Instead, when the 2nd Houkai War began she gave a fraction of her powers to Aphota, one of the three Babylon experiment resurrected by Sirin and was ordered to destroy in Oulu, Finland, to bring more power to Sirin. Because of Aphora's status as Pseudo-Herrscher, her abilities were considerably lower than Sirin's but was strong enough to create a legendary and destructive tornado that wiped out most of the country, killing tens of millions. On February 16, 2000, Aphora was killed by the S-Valkyrie Cecilia and saved the country.

After Sirin's defeat, her Wind Core was captured by Anti-Entropy and was fused in another person, causing the 4th Herrscher to destroy half of New Zealand. Years later, Wendy, an A-Rank Valkyria, and also Theresa's best student and had a high potential of becoming a S-Rank Valkyrja, was controlled by the will of Houkai and became the 4th Herrscher of the Wind.


Multiplication of spears and dimensional holes.

Sirin is the second ruler of the current era and she was the second lawmaker that had complete control over her abilities for now, like Walt. Her power allows her to create an ideal fluid, converting actual space into her own void realm. It also includes creating sized portals for attacking, defending, or both simultaneously as demonstrated by Sirin inside of K-423.

After her death, her core has been divided into four parts, some of those parts had created the third ruler Raiden Mei (Domination of Thunder), daughter of the CEO of Massive Electric and the fourth ruler Wendy (Crave of Storm), a brilliant A-rank Valkyrja that had high potential to be an S-rank but later got taken over by the will of the Houkai and became a Ruler.


  • Extrasensory: Herrscher has senses that are not only sharper than a mortal's, affording her abilities such as perfect accuracy, but she has abilities that they completely lack. In particular she possesses a 'third-eye' which allows her to see things from far, far distances.
  • Super Audition: Sirin's senses are increased after she received more than 4 Herrschers gem, including her audition that was 5x improved compared to normal human's audition. She can listen to objects flying at her from an absurd distance as seen during her fight with Murata Himeko when she noticed the knight's firely sword charging at her from 200 meters away.
  • Energy Sense: She can sense Houkai energy naturally and uses this ability to identify fighters who possess powerful energy.
  • Pain Reduction: Herrscher of the Void was capable of using her own healing factors but deep wounds couldn't be healed quick enough during battles. Even so her, her Herrscher of the Death gave her also the ability to control physical pain in her body, reducing it to an acceptable level.


  • Intangibility: Herrscher of the Void has the ability to walk through solid objects, such as walls.
  • Enhanced Strength: While her true physical strength wasn't shown yet, she is stronger enough to strangle people with just one hand and can even lift people using a single arm.
  • Supernatural Speed: Herrscher of the Void's speed is not related to her physical body but flight. The Herrscher is seen every time floating above the ground and rarely steps on the ground. Even so, her floating was fast enough to dodge bullets and high-speed attacks. She has been shown to keep up with several other Houkai beings and even exceed them.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: She has drastically enhanced reaction speed, allowing her to dodge bullets, avoiding lightning in mid-air, dodge and maneuver around complex attacks, catch falling objects, block detriments and react instantaneously to what others take more time to react to.
  • Supernatural Accuracy: She has an abnormal accuracy compared to her host. The Herrscher of the Void had a unnaturally greater accuracy than other Valkyries users of weapons. Her accuracy with pistols is also apply to her lances that work like spears that can be thrown at the enemy.
  • Flight: She is capable of flight by controlling gravity.


  • Hypnosis: She has the ability to control minds, doing so on exclusively with humans. The afflicted human will enter a euphoric and stupor-like states. They will be pliant to all of Herrscher's designs, doing and speaking as she wills.
  • Telepathy: The Queen had demonstrated the power to use telepathy and whisper into receptive minds.
  • Herrscher summons dimensional wormholes to swallow all the incoming missiles.

    Illusion Casting: One of her powers was her ability to create illusions. These illusions include creating an showing her victim illusions of painful past events. They are extremely realistic to the point of being physically tangible to her victims. However, sufficiently trained people can resist or outright negate the effects.
  • Telekinesis: She can use telekinetic powers and can move all types of objects with her mind, from little rocks to buildings. She can even move the moon and meteorites from outer space, making it one of her most dangerous abilities.
  • Zombie Mind-Control: Aside from creating zombies like any other Herrscher, the Queen was capable of controlling the minds of her victims and minions using mind control to make Houkai beasts work for her and humans killed by her to become zombies and awake as her mindless minions to carry out her desires. Despite having the ability to control mind, Herrscher of the Void had limited range and could mind-control humans transformed in zombies or Houkai beasts, she couldn't control the minds of living things or her enemies.
  • Mental Manipulation: She can only have mental manipulation over her vessels but once she is inside of a person's mind she can manipulate, modify and control the thoughts, mindsets, and upper brain functions, allowing the ability to render others unconscious, suppress their memories, and negate the use of abilities, increase/decrease mental capacity, modify minds to be agreeable, sway sensations to induce altered perception, bestow mental disorders and penetrate mental barriers.


  • Soul Absorption: By stealing a person's soul Herrscher gains dominance over their souls and very forms, including reviving them as her servants as seen when she revived Aphora, Agata and Bella to serve her.

Space and Time

  • Position Shift: She fires a energy blast that causes her and her opponent to switch positions.
  • Herrscher of the Void summoning black holes.

    Dimensional Manipulation: She has shown the ability to manipulate the dimensional forces of the Universe, creating portals between dimensions of different realities.
  • Vanish: She warps off the battlefield for a few seconds before reappearing.
  • Teleportation: She uses this often for quick appearances or escapes, and to appear before those she has business with. She can teleport to everywhere, as she is everywhere not nowhere at the same time once she entered in a planet.
  • Unlock: Allows her to open up holes in space that can be used to teleport herself, summon forth meteorites, and redirect incoming attacks.
  • Immobilization: Allows her to freeze time for all except those she specifically chooses to remain mobile. After casting this power, the surrounding area and all those affected by the spell appear inverted in color, whilst those unaffected remain as they are.
  • Void Unleashed: Tears open the space-time fabric to unleash a barrage of raw energy.
  • Herrscher freely altering the size and shape of her spears.

    Void Throne: Power-boost her allies; team gains 40% Critical DMG and 15% Critical Rate in-game.
  • Passive Skill: Can move rapidly during attack. Can perform 2 consecutive evasions. Small buff to Interrupt and Ignore Interrupt.
  • Phase Shuttle: Shuttle through the space-time fabric to evade enemy attacks.
  • Imaginary Dimension: Herrscher of the Void can create imaginary realities inside of her own voids. Within this area of effect, she can freely manipulate the laws of reality and time, creating a false world and even drags people to live in this world like if it was real. In this world, she can erase whomever or whatever she desires from reality.


  • Herrscher's space-time wormholes.

    Weather Control: The ability to control the weather to an unknown limit.
  • Gravity Control: She has the ability to manipulate attractive and repulsive forces with objects and people. This ability doesn't seem to have a limit as she can use it to push meteors to Earth at free will, including tearing apart the earth around her, creating craters and destroying entire mountains.
  • Energy Blast: She can use her own energy and create powerful blasts and waves of energy in the format of bows and arrows.
  • Energy Absorption: She consumes life and strength by sucking the energy of Houkai, including from reactors and other technology that utilize such monstrous energy.

Natural Abilities

  • Herrscher uses a territorial void space to protect her back.

    Immortality: She requires no sustenance like oxygen, water and food, and cannot be harmed by mortal means as she is immune to all human weaponry. Only the power of her own DNA Cells, Valkyries or divine entities are capable of doing her harm. She can also live forever by reincarnating in different bodies by splitting her gems in fragments to take control of other people.
  • Subspace Lance: Her basic attacks which are ranged-melee attacks. In third sequence, it deals 100% of damage and summons a Space Core at the enemy's position. In the fifth sequence, it inflicts short Time Prison on the target enemy. Explosion epicenter pulls in enemies in small AOE, dealing damage and summons a Space Core at the enemy's position.
  • Genius-Level Intellect: During the Second Eruption era, Sirin was a 14-years old psychopath who relied more in her powers instead of planning strategies for her next moves, she was primarily a childish and reckless girl who had pride in her own powers and felt using intelligence to accomplish her objectives was unnecessary. This however, backfired everytime she was surprised or overpowered by her enemies who somehow always manage to find holes in her defenses, causing Sirin to angrily scream or randomly cursing her enemies. When she was revived in 2016, however, things changed as Sirin's mentality developed and now she had the mind of a 30-years old woman. Instead of only relying in her abilities, the Herrscher of the Void now was capable of not only using her physical abilities but also mental, granting her hidden genius-level intellect of a true calculist psychopath. Not only Herrscher of the Void was an effective planner and strategist but also had a vast knowledge of the world's physics thanks to her knowledge granted by the Houkai God, orchestrated cataclysmatic events, knew how to command a vast army of powerful beings, had knowledge in construction of offensive materials and every atom that composed the materials of the world, masterminded a plan against her host to set herself free while using the "wannabe-manipulators" who thought they were controlling her when in fact she was using their plans in her favor, has mastery in the creation of different life-forms using only her mind, manipulated and tricked countless Schicksal scientists throughout history, full knowledge of how human society works (from policy and religion) and could easily foresee the next moves of her enemies by merely reading their muscles. She also utilizes psychology to manipulate her opponents and can see through the weaknesses of certain techniques or their disadvantages.
    • Psychology Mastery: She has a penchant for provocation and power games. The stronger the resistance to her will, the more she seems to enjoy the test of wills. With insight rarely associated to violent antagonists, the Herrscher of the Void appears to both observe and appreciate the concerns and intentions of her opposite numbers. This gives her a serious psychological advantage in most contest of wills, as she is able to anticipate and pre-empt an enemy's plans. Not to mention, she knows how to use the feelings, dreams and memories of her enemies to her favor, breaking her opponents before she can even finish them off.
    • Leadership: Despite all her cruelty and evil that make her looks like a selfish monster, she was a driven, wise, intelligent and brilliant individual, who could take down whole armies without lifiting a finger of her own. Even after her defeat, she was extremely charming and even more seductive than before, so much that if other Herrschers could easily follow her. While treating her subordinates as disposable, she knew how to command an army of millions of Houkai beasts at the same time like if she shared her mind with them all, as such she was capable to coordinating precise attacks in different points with extreme accuracy.



Humans, your existence is a mistake. War, cheating, jealously, greed. You once made me lose everything. But now I'll devour everything. Because I am the Houkai.
~ Herrshcer of the Void in the Befall animation.
You can say I'm a ghost of your past. A nightmare you'll never escape from. ★
~ Sirin to Kiana Kaslana in one of her nightmares.
Sound the horn of Armageddon!
~ Sirin about to bomb the planet.
Struggle all you want, worm. In the end, your fate will be same: screaming under my feet.
~ Herrscher's battle quote.
Selfish human. Did you think abandoning your companion would ensure your own safety?
~ Sirin before killing the 300th scientist of Babylon tower.
I'll will become stronger!
~ Sirin
Hahaha! Excellent! I'll finally have a chance to get revenge on a Valkyrie! Those damned scientists would smile as they say to us the experiments on our bodies is to create the artificial stigmata on the bodies of the Valkyries. And we orphans should be proud that our sacrifice will be for Schicksal and the Valkyries! To hell with your glory! I am not a sacrifice! Today I'll use my power to show that I am stronger than a Valkyrie!
~ Sirin before fighting Patricia Highsmith.
I need to continue absorbing Houkai energy from the reactor. I need to become stronger. So then I'll kill all those hypocritical adults and show the world the true meaning of my despair.
~ Sirin entering in the reactor.
I... I feel power flowing into my body!!!
~ Sirin absorbing Houkai energy.
Rip apart... Rip apart space. Rip apart my human heart!
~ Sirin's downfall to villainy
Did you just now think this false apology? Too late, I want revenge! I'll kill everyone in Schicksal!
~ Sirin vowing revenge.
I'll kill everyone of those hypocritical adults. However, I can let you go, you look to be the same age as me. Also, there is the scent of Houkai on you. Do you want to join me? How about it? This way. I'll let you live to witness the destruction of this world.
~ Sirin to Theresa.
What a shame. I shared my misery with you. I thought you'd be able to understand me. Whatever.
~ Sirin after Theresa refused to join her.
Ingrate! Waste of my good intentions! Very well then! I'm not doing the same thing again! I'll kill you too!
~ Sirin throwing her last human quality.
Your life. You'll pay for your crimes against God.
~ Sirin to Walter, the first Lawman.
Bye bye, counterfeit. You'll become a delicious snack for her.
~ Sirin before making Benares devour Walter.
Where did that go girl? I should repay my debt. I'll let her live... so I can make her watch I slaughtering her friends and burn this world. Hahaha!
~ Sirin searching for her enemies.
Be patient. There is more snacks in Babylon tower.
~ Sirin to her dragon.
What a joke! How can human weapons hurt a God! Let me show you how fragile humanity's weapons are!
~ Sirin fighting Walter, round 2.
God! I understand your intentions! Give me your powers! I'll destroy those filthy humans for you!
~ Sirin to God Kiana's fragment.
Ich☆Liebe☆Dich! (I love you)
~ Sirin/Cecilia's German cathphrase.
Just try your best to struggle to survive.
~ Herrscher of the Void to Himeko.
Come to me once more... my minions!
~ Herrrscher of the Void reviving.
Mother? You mean this corpse?! HAHAHAHA!
~ Sirin taunting Kiana.
You are already broken? What a boring and pathetic plaything you are.
~ Sirin after torturing Cecilia to death.
Rest assured, you will go to hell with your mother.
~ Sirin about to kill Kiana.
Human, don't forget to make a dinner for me.
~ Herrscher of the Void's hungry.
This is... the wonderful world that my mother said? No. Such world... I'll destroy it!
~ Sirin after gaining vision (GGZ).
I can feel, that your strength is less than half of the last time I met, no wonder you have been running away.
~ Sirin fighting Walter Young.
You are weak. The game is now over, First Herrscher. It's time for me to feast on your core!
~ Sirin about to devour Walter's core.
Seriously? I waited you for three days on the moon and you cannot even stand up? You let me down. I am looking for fun in other places, and you will quietly watch the performance of the meteorite falling to the Earth! Hahahaha! Go on! Scream and cry! Ask to your friends come to help you! ★
~ Sirin about to kill Walter.
The traitor, the wisdom of mankind, is not an opponent at all. You'll die here, alone in this cold moon!
~ Sirin killing Walter..
The power of the First Herrscher, the knowledge of the First Herrscher, is now my power! It is time to go back to Earth! For the ants who claim to be humans, are going to be wiped out of existence by my own hands!
~ Sirin rising to power.
Long live the Queen!
~ Sirin.
Agata. Aphora. Bella. I have returned. We... have been tortured by those ants. Now, it's time for us to torture them. Their families, their children, their babies... Let's show them our pain!
~ Sirin about to revive her childhood friends.
It's just like the First Herrscher said. Destroying human tows, can make me more powerful. Isn't that beautiful? How about destroy the entire Russia, Kazakhstan and Finland to celebrate my arrival? The screams of millions will be our music.
~ Sirin to Benares.
She is useless! To lose to those bugs!
~ Sirin angrily taunting Agata's corpse.
Let those ants sing the song of victory for a short time. Anyway, I have also collected enough energy through the destruction of their cities. Now, it's the turn of the world. Watch it closely, humans! Watch this world BURN! Let me hear the screams of your children! Starting with this continent!
~ Sirin about to summon a black hole to destroy the continent.
I am feeling a little bored. Destroying you guys should be much more fun than killing those ants! Let me enjoy myself spilling your guts. Please~☆
~ Sirin about to fight Fu Hua for the first time.
Oh God, I understand, all of this was an illusion. Thank you for helping me to get rid of my confusion. My mom is no more... I only need you by my side. As long as you are by my side, I will not fail. Now, it's time to plunge this world in blood.
~ Sirin breaking out of Otto's illusion.
A mere bug expecting to defeat a God?! Know your place mongrel!
~ Sirin fighting Fu Hua.
Oh, how annoying. At first I wanted to make a horrible nightmare to watch them suffering but it seems I don't know how control this power.
~ Sirin watching the Kaslana family in the imaginary world.
Humph! Those bad guys took my happiness, I must also destroy their happiness.
~ Sirin about humans.
Bella. I'll call you Bella from now on. You shall never leave my side.
~ Sirin naming Bella.
Insect. You're not my dad. Time for you to die.
~ Sirin about to kill Siegfried.
~ Sirin's breakdown.
None of your options will work. You'll never leave this place, insect. I've trashed your toy of steel and wires. It seems killing you in the real world wasn't enough. I guess I'll have to kill the traitor in the dream world as well.
~ Sirin noticing the presence of Welt.
YOU PATHETIC THIEF! Pathetic human trash! I'll crush you like the insect you are!
~ Sirin to Einstein.
The queen shall deliver justice!
~ Sirin about to kill Einstein. I'll start with this traitor hiding in this gem. Time to end your pathetic existence for good!
I plan to kill them last. They can enjoy the sense of helpless despair. Your mangled corpse will be the first thing they see when they come back.
~ Sirin to Theresa.
Oh dear, I never expected you to hide inside the Herrscher Core, clinging to me like the stench of the dead. How pathetic and laughable. You should have remained hidden if you really wish to escape my wrath. You have a nasty habit of wasting my precious time, you know that? And you're even trying to beat me in my own world! How silly is that.
~ Sirin after defeating Welt.
I'll plunge this planet in the blood of all humans!
~ Sirin to Theresa.
Look at how your friends fear you. You're monster like me, Kiana.
~ Herrscher of the Void to Kiana Kaslana.
Your queen has arrived.
~ Herrscher of the Void's revival.



Tell me human, tell me. What do you think about the Houkai?
From now on, this ship is my toy.
Become my slave and I'll let you live to see the end of this world.
I hate human civilization. And of course, I hate the weapons they created.
Well done my servant, you finished all missions just as a servant should do.
Go, my servant. Unleash the Houkai upon this world.
Walk with me. The weather is so pretty.
Human, if you don't have business with me go away.
Be thankful I didn't kill the girl [Kiana] since she is my vessel.
Don't touch me, you peasant!
I'll destroy all humankind until the last human walking on the face of earth.
Human, do you want to know so much about the Houkai?
Human, don't look at me so casually, we are not friends.
Human, if you betray me your death will be certain.
Humans always want to destroy what they love most.
Houkai, tell me how to destroy humanity's sin.
Not bad, I'll congratulate you this time.
This is my first time. At least be gentle with me.
If you insist so much...
Oh. You're so interesting. How about you become my new pet?
A new weak weapon? It seems not uncommon.
I dislike these weapons. I feel bad.
You. Together we will play with humankind.
Human, don't forget to make me dinner.
Food is the only good thing about human civilization.
This reminds me of the days at Babylon Tower.
Get offline, human. I do no intend to exhaust my slaves.
Go and prank some humans, slave.
You have been fighting for a while, human.
If you attempt to disobey me, I’ll tear away your life/heart.
If there are no problems then don’t bother me, human.
Hypocritical humans, I’ll wipe you all out.
That little white haired blue eyed girl, go convince her to join us.
I really want to leave the scent of Houkai on your body...
Hey human! How long are you going to make me wait!?
Be careful of your attitude. You are just my slave.
All done with the missions? You are a worthy servant.

Angry (bridge)

Another one of these tasteless pranks. How stupid.
You think these small tricks are useful for me? How naive.
Stupid human, I need to punish you!

Character Selection

Bow, humans!
Do you want to witness my power?

Skin Selection

Your gift to me? Heh, you really know how to make me feel delighted.
~ 4-Star outfit
Hmm, I like this outfit.
~ Default skin
I didn’t think that there’ll be a day where I wore new clothes.
~ On bridge

Level up

Power... is emerging out of me.

Arrival on Battlefield

Houkai’s arrival.

AFK on Battlefield

Humans, you aren’t fit to use this world.
Such beautiful scenery, perfect for the end.

Low Health

Redundant concerns.


An extra move.

Enemies Located

One group, easy.
I see them already.


Useless objects.


Human weapons are just garbage.
Bunch of rotten metal.

Ultimate Loaded

The time for judgment has come.

Using Ultimate

Now is the time for judgment.


The taste of victory really makes me yawn.


Surrender to me.


Become crushed.

Co-op win

I am Houkai’s incarnation.


How can this happen?

Chibi DORM

DORM Picking up

You think this is very interesting, human?
Did you forget that I can fly?
Are you taking me forward again?
I’ll go along with your prank.


Don’t wake me up, human.
Let’s first clear things up, I really only just like this bed.
I don’t need sleep.


Human, what is it?
Do you have nothing to do?
Remember, you are my slave.
You seem to be very impatient.


Hmm… I can occasionally do a dance.
Dance? Boring.
A slaves request, satisfying it once will not be unfortunate for me.
Hmmf. A strange request.

Disliked Object

Useless human.
Watch your attitude.
Annoying, I will eliminate you.
Don’t try to test my limit, human.


The weather is fair, accompany me for a walk outside.
~ Summer
I dislike the feeling of being drenched by the rain.
~ Rain
Such chaos, this must be what the end of the world feels like.
~ Thunderstorm


All praise Lord HOMU!
~ Kiana restrainig Nikolai Tesla.
~ Kiana about to devour Nikolai Tesla.
Me is very hungry.
~ Kiana staring at a sandwich.
Good girls like me never waste food. Wait. I think I almost forgot about that. You think you know the true ending? No you don't. Your world is now MINE!
~ Kiana revealing her true colors as the Herrscher of the Void.

Water Djinn / Parasol Kaiserin

My beach vacation must be furnished with sapphire blue parasols, ice cold lemon soda... wait... I'm above these pathetic human vacations! I'll never indulge in such pathetic stuff. NEVER!
~ Herrscher of the Void in her Parasol Kaiserin's skin.
~ Angry for feeling hungry.
You human insect still breathing? That's impressive. Time to end this game.
~ Parasol Kaiserin's skin to Captain's party.
Alright human, I will forgive you this time. Knee and rejoice, slaves. The Queen decided to include you in her entourage.
~ Parasol Kaiserin shamelessly joining the Captain's party after attacking them.
Hmph. Very funny. A master commands. The slaves serve. Be thankful that I'm your new master.
~ Parasol Kaiserin stating her authority.
I will NEVER forgive that blond woodsman (Otto Apocalypse)! I will obliterate his presence! Human civilization? Pathetic. It must be destroyed! I will leave nothing behind! Human food? Pathetic. I will never eat that garbage! Human clothing? Pathetic. Those ridiculous fabrics will never touch my divine skin! Human books? Pathetic. I will burn them when I have the chance. Human civilization? Pathetic, silly, ridiculous, arrogant, stupid and pathetic like the humans. I'm bored. I need to search for some amusement. The human food HOMU-CHOCO isn't pathetic as I thought. I guess I can stash some of this. This Vicc's Mystery swimsuit is not good as what I have, but it will look good in my wardrobe. 10 Shades of Yae... sheesh... how droll. Hmm... oh my... oh dear... I'm low on cash. I need to start saving and spend smart. Judah Delivery? Yeah. Lemon Soda. Extra ice. Bonsai cake? It's new? Alright. Put 1 on the menu. Vicc's Mystery released another swimsuit? But my tummy... okay. No Judah Delivery for a week. Petition for 60 Shades of Yae rewrite? Let's do this!
~ Parasol Kaiserin's diary.
~ Parasol Kaiserin discovering a secret entrance in her pyramid.
KYAHAHAHAHAHA! Gastronomical luck won't save you now, humans. I found my keys. I no longer need pathetic allies like you. Time to shred you to pieces. This pyramid is my Divaa Cave! All intruders shall die in slow painful ways. Pathetic humans. No armor or magical Shamash will save you. You are a joke to me. I'm a divine avatar. I'm the Diva of this land. I'm the Water Djinn.
~ Parasol Kaiserin betraying the heroes.
HUMAN GARBAGE! You slept on my tatami and ate all my snacks! You're why I'm locked out of my Diva Cave and forced to nourish myself via photosynthesis! How did you abuse my place while I'm denied entry by my own security system?!
~ Parasol Kaiserin yelling at Kiana.
Weak humans. They start complaining after taking a few steps. I guess their legs are only good for show.
~ Parasol Kaiserin taunting the heroes while she pathetically is flying to move around.
Pathetic humans. I need some meat to skewer and barbecue.
~ Parasol Kaiserin demanding food.
I'd rather drink lemon soda than engage in mindless dialog.
~ Parasol Kaiserin to the Captain.
The Beach Kaiserin does not regard these foes as delicious enough.
~ Parasol Kaiserin to the Captain.
Pathetic, ignorant insects. I rule over a rather large beach. But, yes, we need a dessert bar.
~ Parasol Kaiserin can't stop talking about food.
An ant drowing in a bottle of honey will think it is a lake of sweet molasses.
~ Parasol Kaiserin still talking about food.

Frigid Empress

Your queen is here.
~ Beginning.
Human, why are you here?
~ Introduction.
This is the land of Everwinter. You're not supposed to be here. Perharps you're here to become my slave?
~ Introduction 2.
Humans, you're not necessary in this world.
~ Introduction 3.
What a beautiful skin, just in time to rip it off.
~ Introduction 4.
Victory was expected.
~ Victory quote.
It's time for me to end this pathetic game.
~ Frigid Empress in Odd Drifter's flashback.
Do you think your pitful courage stood a chance against me?
~ Frigid Empress.
Struggle all you want. Amuse me.
~ Frigid Empress.
Imprudent worm, die.
~ Frigid Empress about to fight the heroes.
I'll paint this snow red with your blood... a fitting end for the Red Queen, don't you agree?
~ Frigid Empress strangling Rita Rossweisse (aka Red Queen).
Freedom sounds great, but nothing's sweeter than revenge.
~ Frigid Empress.

Last Words (dialogue - Old World)

Houraji: You can go now. Sirin. Close your eyes and sleep forever in the abyss of the oblivion because the world will go on without you. So my friends can finally rest in peace, so this world may be in peace forever. So may all people you hurt can finally go on in peace.
Sirin: To think after years of work, my revenge failed. I lost to this ugly world... This is not what I wanted!
Houraji: You choose this path. Now you'll die alone and regret for all your crime in the oblivion, for all eternity.
~ Herrscher of the Void/End's last words with Houraji (Guns Girl Z; Fire Moth DLC in Old World).

Last Words (dialogues - New World)

Theresa: I'm sorry...
Sirin: Drop the facade, hypocrite. You're a liar. Just do it.
~ Sirin's last words with Theresa Apocalypse in her first false death (2nd Lawman comics; New World).
Herrscher: HAHAHA! Even with the same suit, being hit by so close by that many shots will reduce you to ash... W-What?!
(Fu Hua appears behind Herrscher)
Fu Hua: Too slow!
(punchs Herrscher of the Void on the guts)
~ Herrscher of the Void's last words before her defeat (Moon Shadow Arc comics; New World).
Himeko: Kiana. After you wake up, you'll see that everything has changed. You'll find that this world is no longer good. Our ordinary life is gone. However. Don't give up. Never give up.
(strikes the Herrscher but misses the attack)
Himeko: This is... the last lesson...
Herrscher: You damned human!
(uses her energy camp to push Himeko away but has a serum syringe inserted in her neck)
Herrscher: NO! AAAAHHHHHH!!!
~ Herrscher of the Void in her defeat by the hands of Murata Himeko (Honkai Impact 3rd's Last Lesson; New World).
Herrscher: Hngh... you never give up, do you? You hid that Key... and it gave you this strange power. Relentless you may be, you'll never win. Not in th real world and definitely not in my mind. Your tenacity is admirable... at least you're a human I can have fun killing. You will die eventually. This girl was conceived for a single purpose: to serve as my mortal vessel. Her past and her name are built upon lies. She's nothing but a trap for a GOD. The girl you've been trying to save is nothing but a bag of fabricated falsehood. She's already given up. She'll not respond to your calls.
Fu Hua: I've made a plenty of mistakes. I trusted in the wrong person. I've lost faith in mankind before... and I merely carried out my duties without thinking. But giving up is not my style. It simply isn't who I am... and it simply won't do when someone else placed so much faith in her.
~ Herrscher of the Void to Fu Hua before being sealed for the third time.



  • The Will of Honkai
  • Herrscher of the Flames
  • Herrscher of the Death
  • Herrscher of the Thunder (formerly)
  • Benares
    • Agata ✞
    • Bella ✞
    • Aphora ✞
    • Galina ✞
  • RPC-6626 ✞
  • Assaka ✞


  • St. Freya Academy & Hyperion
    • The Captain
    • Kiana Kaslana
    • Raiden Mei
    • Murata Himeko ✞
    • Theresa Apocalypse
    • Bronya Zaychik
    • Fu Hua ✞
    • Yae Sakura ✞
  • Kaslana Family
    • Kiana Kaslana (blood-related sibling as K-423)
    • Siegfried Kaslana (M.I.A)
    • Cecilia Schariac ✞ ("mother")
  • Anti-Entropy
    • Cocolia
    • Welt Young ✞
    • Sin Mal
    • Lieserl Albert Einstein
    • Frederica Nikola Tesla
  • Schicksal
    • Kallen Kaslana ✞
    • Cheng Lixue ✞
    • Bianca Durandal Astagina
    • Snow Wolf squadron
      • Cecilia Schariac ✞
      • Shub-Niggurath ✞
      • Salome Jokanaan ✞
      • Patricia Highsmith ✞
      • Shigure Kira
    • Ragna ✞
    • Otto Apocalypse
      • Amber
  • Fire Moth (new Honkaiverse-canon only)
    • Dr. MEI ✞
  • Fire Moth (GGZ non-canon only)
    • Houraiji Kyuushou
    • Emisa ✞
    • Seele Vollerei
    • MSA-209 HUA ✞
    • Bronya Zaychik
    • Captain Himeko ✞
  • World Serpent
    • Kevin Kaslana
    • Grey Serpant
    • Raven
    • Jackal

List of Victims

Victims of Sirin and Herrscher of the Void
  • 322 scientists of Schicksal's Babylon Tower ✞ - murdered and devoured by her Dragon
  • Dozens of other Schicksal's Babylon Tower's children ✞ - murdered
  • Hundreds of Valkyries ✞ - murdered
  • Patricia Highsmith ✞ - murdered
  • Kiana Kaslana - psychological torture / suicide inducement
  • Bronya Zaychik - attempted murder
  • The Captain - attempted murder
  • Shigure Kira - attempted murder
  • Frederica Nikola Tesla - attempted murder
  • Murata Himeko ✞ - murdered
  • Theresa Apocalypse - attempted murder
  • Fu Hua - abuse and torture
  • Raiden Mei - attempted murder
  • Cecilia Schariac ✞ - murdered
  • Siegfried Kaslana - attempted murder
  • Welt Young ✞ - murdered
  • Lieserl Albert Einstein - attempted murder
  • Tasha / Raven - infected with Houkai energy
  • 29 million Siberians ✞ - diseases, starvation and poverty
  • Billions human beings in the Herrscher of the Void's revival - ✞


Honkai Impact 3rd

Herrscher of the Void was well-received in the in all the East, having be known as the most famous video-game female character at the time she was released in all known countries of Asia and was put in the 1st position of Pixiv as the female character with most fanarts coming from China's games and the most recognized video game character of 2018 in China and Japan. Her release helped the game to grow its community to other countries of Asia like Russia, Taiwan, Singapura, Korea, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Kuwait and Vietnam, becoming one of the most downloaded mobiles games of the year. Herrscher of the Void's popularity got so big that when her first 3D animated video was released on the Youtube for the West's audience, the video got more than 25 million views in 7 months, resulting in the expansion of the game to the countries of America continent with millions of new players joining the game's community from United States, Brazil, Canada and Mexico.

In Asia, her merchandise products were the most sold products of the company, so much that the company earned millions in profits and much later launched another 3D animated video for Herrscher of the Void that would be later known as "The Last Lesson", when originally the MiHoYo company had a single video planned for her character. However, after reviewing the insane popularity the character got the company gave up on the idea of giving her a single video and released the Last Lesson short-video 4 months later. At the same time, her battlesuit was the most searched and bought by the players of the game, some even stated to have wasted 70$+ in the game so they could get her battlesuit. The hunt for her outfit got so intense that her battlesuit was put as a Rare item by the company and one could only get her after opening Supply Boxes multiples times, which resulted in some players deleting the game for always getting the same prizes. In the game, she was already considered to be the most played battlesuit of Kiana Kaslana's class and could be found in every online server despite her low-defense.

In Bilibili, Herrscher of the Void and her skin as Winter Queen was the character with the highest numbers of MMD videos in all history of the site, with more 1,000 videos of fan-animated MMD videos of the same character. When the company opened its door to receive fanarts and wallpapers of the fans about Herrscher of the Void, some artists like Raikoart and Einlee (famous for illustrating RWBY's covers and characters' concept arts) volunteered themselves to make official illustrations for her character.

Despite all her popularity, Herrscher of the Void is considered to be the darkest and most evil female character in Chinese mobile games, having one of the longest list of crimes in the game and in platform as well, earning the title of the "Most Cold-Hearted Villainess of the Year" in Bilibili community and left her mark as one of the most sinister and dark villains from all games of the company as her actions were impaling the girl who offered redemption, causing three Apocalypse in total, bombing Earth with meteorites and causing natural disasters, attempting to have a kid to kill her father and starting a war between humans and Houkai. While most Herrschers have sympathy for something and are doing evil deeds to follow their mission to destroy humankind, Herrscher of the Void is only doing out of spite rather than actual hatred and considers everyone who is happy unworthy of such feelings since she couldn't have that.

Due to her popularity and complex character, her prequel comic book that can be read for free in internet is the longest comics of MiHoYo company known, having now 70+ chapters and officially making it the longest comics of a villain from the game. And as expected, her prequel comics are the most viewed comics of the MiHoYo in all countries of Asia. The comics arguably made Sirin even more complex than the setting said her to be and slowly had her sinking the depths of villainy instead of pushing her directly to a complete heartless monster. Sirin had internal conflicts with herself and questioned the very essence of humanity and how innocent people and good deeds cannot erase the evil deeds caused by humans. Moreover, the "mask of civilization" is brought to the story and refers all humans to be falsely good since they live in a society bounded by laws and rules. She has an internal conflict with the concept of "mother" and showed multiples times the interest to see her mother again but did her best to kill her image inside of her head so she could continue her revenge without interference of her emotions, something that she hated for being a part of her former human-self.

The game treats Kiana Kaslana, who is in fact a clone of Sirin known as K-423, and Sirin who is now known as Herrscher of the Void, as the complete opposite of each other. While Kiana is meant to represent the good aspects of what true humanity is (humble, caring, loving, welcoming, joyful, forgiving, protector of life, sharing, motivated and gentle) despite her goofy and idiot character, Sirin embodies the worst of humanity (unforgiving, violent, arrogant, hateful, uncaring, warlike and a destroyer of life).

Genshin Impact

For the God's article see: The God (Genshin Impact)

One of the main antagonists of Genshin Impact, the Unknown God was obviously based after Herrscher the Void's appearance, personality and even powers as a whole in tribute, that needless to say had an explosive popularity, being the one of the few characters of the game to be based after the original characters of Honkai Impact 3rd, but in particular, she was the only character so far be literally based after everything about the original villain.

Because of her brute similarities with Kiana as a Herrscher, many Honkai players speculated that Genshin Impact was actually connected directly with the universe of Honkaiverse, using the Sea of Quanta as a justification to link the game's universe with the Honkaiverse as MiHoYo always did with many non-canon events. Others speculated she may be an alternative version of Kiana Kaslana from another universe who became a Herrscher and successfully wiped out humanity whereas the original Herrscher of the Void failed.


Befall (Chinese/English)

Befall (Instrumental)

Nightglow (God Kiana Vs. Murata Himeko - Final Battle)

Drift (BGM Soundtrack)

Starfall (Chinese/English)


  • Herrscher of the Void is often called "God Kiana" (as she's based on God Kiana of Guns Girl Z) and "Salty Tuna" because she's only available through Expansion Supply and she's very powerful. In the fanbase and inside of the studios the term "salty" is often used as meme and becomes official by the studios that months later released a series of online parody 4koma comics based on the game published by a MiHoYo staff member. One of the most laughable comic parody is Taste of a Liar from Jojo Bizarre Adventures.
  • Kiana Kaslana, Herrscher of the Void's new vessel, has been shown to have noticeable homosexual tendencies. She blatantly shows affection for her fellow Valkyrie, Mei and when her father, Siegfried Kaslana's, lecherous behavior is described by Theresa, she mentions being "jealous" presumably because she also would enjoy similar activities. It's unknown if Herrscher of the Void is attached to some of these traces. At one point, she can be heard saying she is "interest in only girls", which may be a dark counterpart of Kiana's love for girls. While Kiana has homosexual traces for girls, Herrscher of the Void may be saying she has only interest in torturing and killing girls. It's debated if it's in a sexual way or simply a gender preference.
  • In Odd Drifter event, Parasol Kaiserin is a NEET, lazy and food-maniac self-proclaimed Queen of the Desert and is shown to be even more arrogant and haughty than her canon counterpart. Moreover, she has lewd hobbies of buying and reading adult doujinshis and magazines. Other dialogues confirmed she is a fan of 60 Shades of Yae, a straight parody of Fifty Shades of Grey, a 2015 American erotic romantic drama film that shows a college graduate woman who begins a sadomasochistic relationship with young business magnate. The story is more known for its SxM relationship between the couple. Among the fans and artists, Kallen Kaslana, Yae Sakura's crush is often portrayed as a submissive woman and becomes a "plaything" of Yae in many lewd arts considering it was Kallen who fell in love with Yae Sakura. Side events also represented Kallen to be the "passive" person of the relationship.
    • As Parasol Kaiserin, she is so obsessed with food that she unconsciously talks about food in every phrase she speaks.
  • Although she hates humanity, her dialogues in the bridge shows she still loves human food and goes as far to say it is the only good thing about humanity.
  • The name "Sirin" comes from a famous Slavic mythology story. Sirin is a mythological creature of Russian legends, with the head and chest of a beautiful woman and the body of a bird (usually an owl). According to myth, the Sirins lived in Vyraj or around the Euphrates River. These half-women half-birds are directly based on the Greek myths and later folklore about sirens. They were usually portrayed wearing a crown or with a nimbus. Sirins sang beautiful songs to the saints, foretelling future joys. For mortals, however, the birds were dangerous. Men who heard them would forget everything on earth, follow them, and ultimately die. People would attempt to save themselves from Sirins by shooting cannons, ringing bells and making other loud noises to scare the bird off. Later (17-18th century), the image of Sirins changed and they started to symbolize world harmony (as they live near paradise). People in those times believed only happy people could hear a Sirin, while only very few could see one because she is as fast and difficult to catch as human happiness. She symbolizes eternal joy and heavenly happiness. The legend of Sirin might have been introduced to Rus' by Persian merchants in the 8th-9th century. In the cities of Chersonesos and Kiev they are often found on pottery, golden pendants, even on the borders of Gospel books of tenth-twelfth centuries.
  • At the time she became a Herrscher, she was 14 years old. Chronologically, 16 years after the end of Second Houkai War, she should be 30 years old by now but since she is sealed inside of Kiana's body, who turns out to be a teenager, her current age biologically is 16 years old.
  • Her first costume, Winter Queen (or Frigid Empress) skin was heavily based in Elsa the Snow Queen's design of the 1995 animated film Snow Queen where she was portrayed as a villain rather than a heroine like in Frozen from the Disney's animated 3D film. The concept of both good and evil Ice Queen were heavily based in Elsa. In Kiana Kaslana's case, her outfit was designed from Elsa from the 2013's Frozen film (a more lighty and soft dress with lighter colors. Even the skin's name, Winter "Princess" drawn Elsa's status as "Princess" of Arandelle. On the other hand, Herrscher's skin is darker and more sophisticated, covering more of her skin unlike Winter Princess' dress that exposes more of Kiana's body to a sexualized point. The name of the skin, Winter "Queen" also known as "Frigid Empress" is based in the old villainous concept of Elsa from the 1995 animated film Snow Queen and from Christian Anderson's 1844 Danish fairy tale, Snow Queen, the original version of the Snow Queen where she is portrayed as the monarch/Tyrant of the ice lands.
    • The fact that Kiana and Sirin have the same skin is probably a mention to Disney's counterpart that transformed the villainous Elsa in a heroine of the 2013 Frozen.
    • The old concept of Herrscher of the Void's Frigid Empress was even more similar to the 1995 film although there were some cut and alterations in the dress for fan-service purposes. The old skin was discarded and was reworked to a new and original design while the old design became a Stigmata.
  • Herrscher of the Void's name was altered three times since her introduction in Guns Girl Z. At first her name was "Selina" but her name was later altered to "Celine" at the time she showed up in the Chapter 5 of the game. In the prequel 2nd Lawman her name was once again changed, now to "Sirin". The reason is speculated to give her a proper name for someone who was born in Belarus, on the borders of the Soviet Union.
    • In the previous script, Sirin was born in a poor village on the borders of Soviet Union during its final days when the nation found itself in its worst economic crisis period. In the new script, she was born in Belarus and was said to have lived a happy and normal life until the arrival of Schicksal.
  • Herrscher is a German term for Ruler.
  • Judging by her dialogues in events, her favorite words are "pathetic", "insects", "worms" and "inferior humans".
  • According to many players, since Herrscher of the Void was released in the game, many players stated she was too overpower, so much that she won another 4koma comics showing her mere presence in the servers slapped the other characters' states. That is, until the release of Herrscher of the Reason (Bronya's new 2019 battlesuit) that was later considered to be the most overpowered character of the game.
  • From all antagonists of the franchise, Sirin is the villain with the most well-written character, most complex personality, the most famous female antagonist in the series and has the longest comic book where her background is explained in details. Her prequel comic book had 65 chapters that went from 2018 to 2020 while Otto Apocalypse had only 15+ chapters and Herrscher of the Corruption had 14 chapters (combined with GGZ manhua and Secret of the Divine Keys comic book).
  • Herrscher is the character with the highest number of MMD videos to date in Asian fanbase of Honkai Impact 3.
  • Many of Sirin and her Herrscher futuristic counterpart's quotes are altered according to the translations of each country. In Chinese version of her first quote in the OVA she says: "Humans, your existence is a mistake. War, cheating, jealously, greed. You once made me lose everything. But now I'll devour everything. Because I am the Houkai." but once it's translated to Japanese her quote is altered to: "Crumbling. The existence of humans is a mistake. I will devour everything because I am broken". Most of her quotes change depending on the translation of each country, which is why many Western players tend to "hate" the English translation of the game that changes many original concepts of the Chinese language.
  • Sirin's most notable trait are her yellow cross-pupils. Curious enough, these pupils appears whenever she takes over Kiana's body, marking her presence there. However, in the comic book Moon Shadow those pupils never appears in Kiana's eyes when Sirin dominated her mind—and she acted much like Sirin's arrogant, aggressive, vicious and sadistic personality while her awakening in the Chapter 5 (The Will of Herrscher Arc) of the game she was more cold, emotionless and aloof and had the cross-pupils since the first second she awakened again. This could be only a minor error on the part of the company or a primary stage of her possession.
  • The KR and Global version of the game lacks the "touch the Valkyrie on the home screen" feature, which, among other things, makes the achievement of raising their affection level difficult. The original CN server also loses it after a patch. While the SEA and JP servers still have it, a patch makes touching their chest or groin area not increase the affection level (even if they still react). Also, starting with the release of Herrscher of the Void, any newly released Valkyries will not come with the ability to touch their body.
    • Curious enough, Herrscher of the Void is the only female character to continue acting like a vicious and arrogant Goddess even if the affection for the captain is in 100%. Players questioned why she continues to be same evil and heartless character despite her "love affection" for the captain is at max level. The answer was obvious: "Herrscher of the Void is a void, devoid of all love and compassion". The only thing that may count as affection coming from Herrscher is when she refers the captain as "partner" and invites him to play a killing game with innocent lives.
    • New updates gave Herrscher more sexual appeal or at least a less aggressive personality. When her affection level is 100% and the captain touch some part of her body she will say something like:
      • "This is my first time. At least be gentle with me".
      • "If you insist so much..."
      • "Oh. You're so interesting. How about you become my new pet?"
  • God Kiana's nickname originates from GGZ. Since then, God Kiana is one of the most used term by GGZ and HI3 communities. This term is also one of many things whose birthplace track back to Gun Girl - School Day Z, both official and unofficial.
  • In the Chinese servers, Herrscher of the Void is the third most-played character of the game.
  • Herrscher of the Void is the third Herrscher to appear in the game, even though she is related to almost everything that is happening in the story. She only appears in the Chapter 5 in a simulation of the past.
  • Herrscher of the Void is the only antagonist of Honkai Impact 3rd to have near-success in almost all of her goals, including the near-extinction of mankind.
  • As Herrscher of the Void, her voice is much deeper, has robotic tone and a slight echo.
  • Many of Sirin's quotes are accompanied with ☆. It's implied her quotes with the usage of a star means she is probably surprised or happy enough to break out of her cold behavior.
  • Herrscher of the "Void" is played with "devoid of all emotions and compassion". Because of that, she represents emptiness in people's hearts or a similar term of nothingness.
  • In Chinese, Ruler or Herrscher (律化娜) sounds like NaCl (氯化钠). NaCI basically means "salt" in Chinese.
  • The God

    The overarching antagonist (named as The God) of the free-to-play, open-world action role-playing video game developed by miHoYo, Genshin Impact, was obviously based after Herrscher of the Void in appearance, personality and even powers as a whole in tribute to the original HoV, that needless to say, had an explosive popularity, being the one of the few characters of the game to be based after the original characters of Honkai Impact 3rd, but in particular, she was the only character so far be literally based after everything about the original villain. Because of her brute similarities with Kiana as a Herrscher, many Honkai players speculated that Genshin Impact was actually connected directly with the universe of Honkaiverse, using the Sea of Quanta as a justification to link the game's universe with the Honkaiverse as MiHoYo always did with many non-canon events.
    • Genshin_Impact_CBT2_Opening_Cutscene!

      Genshin Impact CBT2 Opening Cutscene!

      Besides being one of the most mysterious character presented in the trailer so far, MiHoYo never leaked out any information about the character while all characters that already appeared in the manhua and trailer can be already explored by Internet users in the game's official site. In addition, while supposed to be treated as the main antagonist, she is actually the first villain to be encountered in the game; exactly at the game's opening cutscene.

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