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Images and videos of the malicious misanthropic queen Herrscher of the Void from the popular-Chinese game Honkai Impact 3rd and its prequel Guns Girl Z.

Guns Girl Z Gallery


14th Herrscher of the Old World (Houkai God)

Celine (Old World)

14th Herrscher's Nightmare Comics

Celine Origins Comics

The End of the 2nd Eruption Comics

The End of the 2nd Eruption Comics (Alternative)

Sirin's Dream (Fire Moth Timeline)

Pure Good Alternative Celine (The Innocent)

The Salvior of Light Manhua

Hourajii Kyuushou's Herrscher of the Void


Concept Art

Honkai Impact 3rd Gallery


2000 AD - Sirin

2nd Lawman (Second Eruption) Comics

Honkai Impact 3rd Manhua

Game CG and Illustrations


MMD Style

2016 AD - Herrscher of the Void


Game CG and Illustrations

CG (in order)
Will of the Herrscher