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The synopsis of the monstrous Apocalypse-Bringer Herrscher of the Void from the Honkai Impact 3 franchise including its mangas, comic books and prequel game Guns Girl Z.

Guns Girl Z (Houkai Gakuen 2) - Old World

50,000+ B.C.

Early Life


Sirin being attacked by her zombified mother.

Sirin was born as a blind and fragile girl in a poor village in the borders of Soviet Union, away from civilization and was raised by her mother alone. In her vision, Sirin believed she was living in the paradise when in fact she was living in a cruel environment of hunger and poverty.

One day, the Second Apocalypse started (the Apocalypse is a periodic phenomenon. It occurs once every hundreds of years. It appears in all kinds and different forms, such as wars, epidemics, natural disasters, asteroids that hit Earth, giants, etc) and a Houkai monster attacked a nearby house, spreading its Zombie disease to the rest of the village. Gifted with the power of the Houkai, Sirin absorbed the malicious Houkai energy and restoring her vision back. When she turned back, she was attacked by her zombified mother. In response, Sirin accidentally summoned a black hole and killed her mother. When Sirin left the house she saw the village in fire and filled with zombies, at that moment Sirin came to the conclusion she wasn't living in a paradise but in hell. Using her Ruler powers, Sirin destroyed the village and vowed to destroy everything that is beautiful and ugly in the world.

As the years passed, Sirin became even more narcissistic, believing no one deserves love, future, dreams and happiness since she never had any of these. Those feelings only got worse and became a vicious hobby of her to destroy everything that is good, finding it to be part of her paradise. At one point, she made a deal with a High-class Houkai monster that gifted her powers to control their plague and turn other life forms in zombies. Without thinking twice, Sirin abused of her powers and turned most of civilization in zombies to steal their future and rewrite the universe as she always desired to be. The First Lawman Walter and Cecilia, tried to save her after they discovered her tragic past by extracting her powers and returning her to her human form but Sirin vowed to keep her powers as they were the only way to change the world.


Sirin as the Second Ruler 50,000 years ago.

On the battlefield of the Second Apocalypse, Walter promised to save her, remembering her of the kindness and warm of her mother. However, before she could redeem herself Otto Apocalypse had already dispatched a nuclear bomb to destroy her. Trying to protect Sirin, Walter sent the nuclear bomb to an imaginary space but died on the process. Despite his efforts, Sirin also died and her Herrscher gem was studied by Anti-Entropy and Shicksal.

During her time dead, Sirin was rejected by her mother after becoming a monster just to bring her close to her, rejected, Sirin then kills her own mother in the afterlife and returns to life only to be defeated by the 4 of the strongest Valkyries once she threatned the world again with a Zombie Apocalypse out of spite.

Extinction of Human Race

Manipulating Kiana, she invaded her body and killed her father with her own hands before sealing her memories away to keep it a secret so she could use her in the future. Later, Kiana learned the whereabouts of Siegfried and his own life, Kiana who learned the truth fell into Houkai will, and finally awakened to become the Ultimate Ruler once Sirin manipulated her to touch core of the Second Ruler. When she became a Goddess, Sirin took control of her body and proceeded to take over the universe and create a new one in her image.

Years later, when arriving at the "moonlight throne", the player's gang began to learn the true motive of the Anti-Entropy. There, they encountered Cocolia and Sin that wanted to capture Mei (as "The Third Lawman") to finalize their plan but they got defeated by Kiana that caused their plan to fail. Then Cocolia began to wake up "Sirin", the being known as "The Second Lawman". The last thing they can see is "Sirin", a voice replied to Cocolia and Bronya telling that Anti-Entropy will fall with their plans. When Moonlight Throne began to crash, Kiana decided to stay to enter the smelter and face Sirin with Mei and Bronya but she actually push them away at the last minutes going alone to face Past Sirin. After the crash, Mei and Bronya are found but no sight of Kiana as she stayed behind to fight  Sirin.

When everyone arrived at Dogma District they found Kiana is confronting Cocolia and then witness Sirin merging herself with Kiana body. Cocolia realised Kiana is Siegfried's daughter and a "lawman body" which can be used to host by Sirin and become a Goddess. Cocolia then began to shake Kiana emotion by telling her father is dead and she was the one who killed him. Sirin then successfully mix with Kiana and becomes "Kiana God", an universal deity and the Goddess of Houkai monsters.


God Kiana recreating the world.

During the final battle, Sirin slaughter all Valkyries of the world, including all heroes of capital ship. With nothing to stop her, Sirin destroys the reality but not before Mei's last sacrifice. In front of its overwhelming absolute power, all of Kiana group members have lost. As the final trump card, God Mei had to fight God Kiana to avenge her friends but lose the battle. Despite their best efforts, they eventually faced extinction by the hand of the final Herrscher, but not before Mei fling a Light into the Future in form of Stigmata sealed part of her power inside of the moon to seal the evil Goddess. Before she could be sealed, Sirin recreated the world, rewriting the humanity with parallel versions of all people in the previous Earth in order to make her new parallel-self carry on her ambitions and one day finish what she started.

Fire Moth DLC - Old World



God Kiana knocked out after ending the world.

In the alternative ending of Houkai Gakuen 2 (Guns Girl Z), the story continues even after the world ended by the hands of God Kiana. The whereabouts of God Kiana were unknown.

After the Honkai Impact caused by God Kiana, almost 8 billion human died on the process, leaving only a few millions alive before the ascension of Herrscher of the Erosion that reduced the number of human lives even more. During those years of destruction, an organization known as Fire Moth was founded to protect and save the last human population. 17 years after the end of the world, many other Herrschers continued to appear, testing Fire Moth to their limits as humankind slowly continued to rebuild the world that was destroyed by the 12th Herrscher.


God Mei fighting Bronya.

Led by Houraji Kyushou, the Fire Moth led an attack to the Massive Electric Industry building of Raiden Mei's family in Japan in the hopes they can steal the high-technology and advanced weapons of ME to fight against their rivals, the Anti-Entrophy and Houkai beasts that continue rampage the Earth like never before thanks to the rise of many new Herrschers. During the invasion, the level of Houkai energy caused Raiden Mei, who was already possessed by her Herrscher's alter-ego, to appear on the battlefield and attacked the tower with lightnings, killing hundreds of soldiers.

Hours later, after returning to the base of the rebels, Bronya decided to take everyone to another facility after the location of their base was discovered by other Herrschers. However, on the night of the evacuation, the Herrschers launched a direct attack to the base. The leader of the attack was God Mei, the Herrscher of the Thunder. Before Mei could finish off Bronya after a fierce fight, God Kiana had awakened and stopped her from killing Bronya, claiming she deserves a more painful fate rather than killing her off so quickly. The two then retreated, leaving behind corpses of their old friends.

Battle for the Omniverse


Houraji becoming a Herrscher after being fused with Sirin's core.

At one point, Houraji Kyushou was fused with one of the cores that was extracted from Sirin after her death in the 2nd Houkai War by Welt in order to make her a powerful being strong enough to fight a God. This, however, came with a consequence, Sirin's soul was split in two and a half of her was transferred to Houraji's body while another half was controlling Kiana's body, who turns out to be God Kiana, now known as 12th Herrscher of the Old World. 

Many months later, God Kiana started an operation to summon more Houkai beasts to eliminate the remaining human beings. However, after many days thinking and planning, God Kiana discovered she could eliminate not only the human race but all life in the omniverse with the power of many other Herrscher using the Moonlight Throne tower. By conscidence, God Kiana found her old friend in the Sky City. Sacrificing herself to protect the defenseless civilians under the protection of Fire Moth, Houraji distracted the Herrscher at the cost of her own humanity. Bronya, in an attempt to save her life came to the rescue but was easily overpowered by the Herrscher who forced Houraji to watch her killing one of her best friends. Before God Kiana could finish off her, Kiana Kaslana who was sleeping inside of her subconscious reacted to it and interrupted God Kiana and forced her to retreat. Houraji and many others fell in coma for several days. While sleeping, the other-half of Sirin living inside of Houraji continued to abuse her psychologically in another attempt to escape from her vessel but failed.


Houraji fighting the Inner Sirin.

Two weeks later, Houraji learned from Bronya and Iselin that the Herrschers completed the Moonlight Throne tower and are ready to bring about the last collapse and that all omniverse will end soon. She also discovered God Kiana somehow transported everyone to a false world to prevent the last humankind's warriors from interfering in her plan as she needed them alive. After a long journey to make their way out of the false world, the Fire Moth combined joined with Anti-Entrophy to stop God Kiana and her minions from ending all life in existence. 

They reached the core of the Moonlight Throne and tried to destroy the core but the Second Herrscher, the Inner-Sirin, appeared in front of them and revealed she cannot die unless Houraji dies too. As Sirin prepared to take over her body and finally gain her freedom, Delisa and Bronya and the three fought and defeated Sirin. Instead of resisting, Sirin, who was tired of being used a fragment of her original self simply gave her core to Houraji and laid her hopes on them to stop her malicious counterpart. After Sirin disappeared in the oblivion, Houraji regained her lost memories she had lost during her transformation in Herrscher by Welter.


The final battle begins.

Arriving at the top of the tower, the Houraji faced God Kiana while her friends and other survivors of the battle tried to the Hyperion ship again and planned to throw it directly at the Herrscher Tower built by God Kiana to destroy it before it could erase all life in the omniverse. The fight begun with an overwhelming disadvantage to Houraji who was easily being defeated with single snaps of God Kiana and her powerful divine aura. Using her last resource to end everything and save her skin, Houraji fused herself with Sirin's core once again and summoned her alter-ego Herrscher of Spacetime to fight God Kiana while she used her Houkai energy to give her Herrscher of the Void power and aura enough to fight the evil Goddess. 

Kiana and Houraji's last moments.

During the fight, Kiana Kaslana who was watching everything inside of her subconsciouness felt regret and despair for everything she let Sirin do to her friends and family and tried to fight Sirin's control while she was distracted with Houraji's Herrscher of the Void. However, no matter how much Kiana fought it was useless to break free, such shock caused her to beg to Houraji to kill her body so she can be free from this nightmare.

Demise and the Ending

After a fatal blow given by Houraji and her Herrscher of the Void, Sirin was temporarily locked inside of Kiana's mind, giving her enough time discuss about how this is going to end. The conclusion was that Kiana needed to die to get rid of Sirin so they can stop the destruction of the omniverse and free Kiana from her torment. Using her Herrscher of the Void's powers, Houraji used her Houkai energy to devour all the dead space in her void realm to stop the dimensional advance of the Moonlight Throne's energy. 


The Moonlight Throne destroyed by Houraji.

After everything was devoured, Kiana's body began to dissolve in particles of light, marking the moment of her death. Sirin watched the scene with horror as she was reduced to dust just like Kiana, putting an end to her threat once and for all. With her death, the Herrscher Tower collapsed and all its activity was stopped, saving not only Earth but the entire omniverse.

Houraji then fell from the tower but was rescued by her Herrscher persona who now was her best friend. Due to the usage of her powers, Houraji returned to be a human and her Herrscher persona slowly faded away right in front of her, ending the life of the last Herrscher alive. Before she could disappear, Houraji thanked her for saving her world and for becoming her friend, showing that Herrschers can be kind-hearted people too.


Kiana with Mei in the afterlife, forever in peace.

Houraji fell in another coma and awakened several days later only to discover everyone lost their memories about their final battle with God Kiana as a side-effect of the Moonlight Throne's destruction. Houraji then visited the academy where she met her friends and made a grave for Kiana beside Mei's so she can live in peace forever in the afterlife. In the Old World, Houraji oversaw humankind repopulating Earth again and rebuilding what God Kiana destroyed.

Even after God Kiana's death, there were a few Houkai creatures left behind but they disappeared over time as Fire Moth was capable of dealing with them. As such, the world was finally in peace forever.

Honkai Impact 3 - New World

Taking place 52,000 years later after the GGZ events, Sirin is reborn in a new world after her previous persona of her past life reseted the world to carry on her legacy.

Sirin Era - 2000 A.D.



A young Sirin watching her mother dying.

Born in a poor family in Belarus, Sirin spent most of her childhood under the protection of single mother. At some point after her birth, her father disappeared and cut all bonds with Sirin's mother, leaving her to rise Sirin alone with no proper financial support. One day, the Shicksal organization arrived at her village and took a few civilians to a nearby tower that was being constructed by the Shicksal under the orders of Otto Apocalypse. No longer after, her mother contracted a lethal disease, leaving her alone as an orphan in an institution. When the Schicksal Organization visited the orphanage for the second time most of the population was infected with the same disease. They took all orphans to the Babylon Tower to perform lethal human experiments on their bodies to create an Artificial Stigmata to all Valkyries of the world. When questioned about their motives, the answer was the number of invasions and attacks of Houkai creatures had increased.

Inside of the tower, Sirin and all others children were deceived by the scientists whom said their parents died from a disease called "Houkai" to encourage them to become obedient guinea pigs and accept their fate to help in the revolution of humanity. They then gave a vaccine known as "Houkai Cure" to all children saying it was the cure of the disease when in fact was a drug of Houkai energy, which caused all children to die in agony. Sirin was the only guinea pig that showed positive results and was kept as a valuable guinea pig.

At one point, Sirin refused to take part in this human experiment and was locked in a cage, where she was drugged and suffered daily internal burns for days. As the weeks passed by, more than three of her friends, Agata, Bella and Aurora had died on the process and she asked to give them a proper bury. Once she finished burying her friends, her superior referred to them as trash and brought Sirin back to the tower. Another day, a young girl was tested and forced to receive the same said drug. In intense pain, the young girl asked for Sirin's help, only to die shortly afterwards on her arms. From that day, Sirin gained an ambition for power, discarding all her bounds and accepting her hatred for all scientists of the tower.

Ascension of the Void


Sirin sadistically torturing and killing the scientists of the tower.

On February, 1st , 2001, Sirin awoke her powers as the Herrscher of the Void after absorbing all the Houkai energy from the drugs and reactor of the tower, becoming the Second Herrscher. The first thing she did was to hack the defensive systems of the tower and lock everyone inside as she sent her astral projections to mutilate, torture and kill all 322 men of the research staff of Schicksai Babylon Tower.

She is then seen chasing two scientists in a long hallway with a sinister smile. When one of the scientists reached a safe room, she cut off the leg of his companion to see him agonize while she went to the safe room to cut his friend in pieces. After killing all scientists, she summoned her stigmata Dragon to devour all survivors, including feeding the dragon with children (guinea pigs) who witnessed her work, fearing they might tell the Valkyries she is the culprit for the massacre.


Sirin after devouring Patricia.

Hours later, when the Valkyrie Patricia Highsmith and her partner Theresa arrived to investigate what happened to the tower, she was freed from her prison cell with all other children by Theresa whom promised to give them a shelter in an artificial island built by Otto. Instead of leaving with the other children, Sirin sneaked into the Reactor Room to absorb the remnant energy of the reactor to regain the power she lost slaughtering the staff of the tower. However, much to her surprise, Patricia considered her to be suspicious and followed her to the room, where she gently asked for her to surrender. Instead of giving up, Sirin mocked her existence and challenged the veteran Valkyrie in a combat. The battle lasted only for 4 seconds as Sirin summoned her stigmata once again, devouring Patricia and stealing part of her power.

She is later seen seated in a cell, happily laughing for being able take defeating a veteran Valkyrie. When Sirin tried to return to the Reactor to restore her energy, she found Theresa investigating the area with other Valkyries. Hungry for power, Sirin uses her Houkai pet to summon hundreds of Houkai monsters outside of the tower to lure them away while stating she was willing to kill all other children to get more power. Outside of the tower, the A-Ranked Valkyrie Shabu Nicholas and the A-Ranked Valkyrie Salome Lokanaan fought the Houkai monsters to protect the tower and the children.


Sirin's downfall.

With all Valkyries away, Sirin starts to absorb the energy of the reactor again until she was informed by her pet that the leader of Anti-Entropy and the First Lawman of the world, Walter Young, had arrived to take her head once he noticed the sudden awakening of a vicious Herrscher.

She then uses her void powers to escape from the tower before the First Lawman can capture her, fleeing 17 km away from the tower using all her energy. When her pet Houkai showed her the region, she discover a metal sphere of Houkai energy. Curious, the naïve Sirin entered in the sphere and was forced to see her past self crying over her the death of her mother to finally realize her humanity was keeping herself from going stronger. With determination, Sirin rejects her humanity and vowed to become the monster she always was to get her revenge not only on the organization that took everything from her but also humanity itself.

Hours later, Theresa and her party tracks down Sirin's energy using her Judah stigmata. Once she got close enough, Sirin drags Theresa to the sphere and locks the sphere from outside. There, she showed Theresa all cruelty she suffered to share her misery with her so she could corrupt the kind-hearted Valkyrie into becoming her new servant to help her to kill all humans and destroy civilization as they know it but she failed to do so once Theresa rejected her offer full of hatred. Bored, Sirin banished her from her realm and drops her in the waters of the frozen Lake Baikal to drown to death.


Sirin impales Theresa.

Inside of her realm, Sirin plays with Theresa's stigmata cross to test its powers but the latter returned once again using her connection with Judah cross to enters the forbidden realm. Once she entered in Sirin's realm, she immediately regrets for trying to be good for once and charges at Theresa with murderous intention. Sirin then summons her lance to strike Theresa but the latter used her Judah cross as shield, only be impaled by the same lance after Sirin summoned a portal and sent the lance to her back. Noticing her friends are trying to break into her dimension, Sirin summons Houkai outside to slaughter her friends and states she is going to make Theresa watches every moment as the creature tear apart her party.

However, with the power of the First Lawman Walter, the Houkai creatures are wiped out and her dimension is broken apart, revealing Sirin preparing to kill Theresa inside. She is then confronted by the Lawman, who asked her to come peacefully with him to prevent her power from tearing the world apart. When Siegfried arrived to rescue Theresa, Sirin immediately tried to kill him but was stopped by Walter. On the skies, Walter reveals his identity as a Lawman to convince Sirin to surrender but then the Houkai Pet who revealed itself to be "God" said Walter was a traitor who was gifted with the same powers but turned his back on them. Angry, Sirin attacks Walter, calling him a "traitor" to Houkai race. Using an intense barrier of lances, Sirin puts Walter in danger and mocks him for using useless attacks against her. However, much to her surprise, Walter teleports to her back and prepare to punch her with all his energy, only to be sucked into her dimensional portal and then devoured by her dragon.


Sirin fighting Walter.

After the battle is over, Sirin comforts her dragon saying there are more snacks in the Babylon tower for it to devour, like the Valkyries and children that are still there. Out of nowhere, Walter escapes from the dragon's belly and destroy its jaws to call Sirin for second round. His first move was to summon all military arsenal made by man using the power of the First Lawman. As Sirin curses Walter for using shameless human weapons against her, she is bombed by millions of different types of cannons.

Surrounded by ships, tanks, aircrafts and missiles, Sirin summons thousands of dimensional holes around her and sends all the firepower of the army back to them, destroying all the artificial army of the First Lawman. Seeing a destructive conflict between two Lawman, the scientist Doctor Tesla launched a nuclear missile at their direction to kill both Sirin and Walter (who was prepared for this). Seeing the nuclear missile coming towards her, Sirin tries to summon a dimensional hole to send the missile to another location but failed to do so. In the last moment, she had an idea of using the earth as shield.

Minutes later, she is seen lying on the floor in a complete destroyed crater. With Sirin incapacitated, Walter summons an Artificial Black Hole to send her to another dimension where she will be sealed forever. But before she can be sealed away, Otto Apocalypse, using a clown disguise, shoots down Walter and breaking the spell, allowing Sirin to escape with her dragon while the two men stayed on the ground fighting. In space, Sirin is seen sleeping on the back of her dragon as she heard a voice calling her to the moon to meet "God".

2nd Houkai War


The result of one of Sirin's meteorites that impacted in the Mariana Trench.

Arriving on the moon, Sirin enters in a massive structure on the moon built by 50,000 years ago by the Mei from the ancient Earth; a facility made to seal God Kiana. Once she entered in the temple, God Kiana approached her and showed images of everything that happened to her in the past. Once Sirin came to the conclusion that God was trying to kill human race for their insolence, Sirin immediately claimed to be her prophet and asked to give of all her powers to her so she can make humanity pay for taking everything from her.

Gifted with the power of Herrscher of Conquest, Herrscher of Silence, Herrscher of Desire and Herrscher of Pestilence, Sirin did not waste time and used her new powers by throwing debris of the moon on Earth, randomly destroying entire countries in a blink of an eye, causing 5 km tsunamis all across the Pacific and Atlantic oceans that wiped half of Europe, Asia and America, causing massive explosions of heat that melted everything in 5,000+ km, devastating thousands of towns, creating earthquakes that brought entire states to the oceans and killing a large portion of mankind on the process.

At some point during her time on the moon, Sirin gave Benares the name of "Bella" and gave her a power of a Herrscher to gain a human body. In exchange, Benares was ordered to live forever by her side.

Fearing humanity might find her location and send nuclear missiles to the moon, Sirin dispatched Benares, her dragon, to the atmosphere of the planet to unleash an EMP weapon that covered the entire planet, causing global panic and isolation of civilization. This consequently caused the beginning of numerous riots and chaotic protests that spread even more chaos and disorder to the world's governments. Once Benares arrived on the moon, Sirin ordered her to stay on guard but when she questioned her goals Sirin asked her if she was doubting of her intellect, causing Benares to take back her words. Sirin then states that no matter how many millions and millions humans die on her random attacks to the planet, it's not enough to eradicate their race as they are numerous as ants. When she said such thing, not even Benares, her dragon, could hide her fear and disgust for what Sirin had become.


Sirin shows her new form to Walter.

After that, Sirin contacts the First Lawman Walter on Earth and "orders" him to face her again. If he refuses to accept her challenge, she is going to throw 4 meteorites at Earth each 74 hours and kill millions more just to send a slap on his face. 20 hours later, Walter arrives on the moon other two of his comrades. While he went to face Sirin in the old temple, the other two went to the old sanctuary to collect rocks in order to study what was sealed inside of the moon. Seeing Walter, approaching, Sirin greets him and proudly shows her new power and god-like power and added he should be proud to be killed by his Goddess and even more once his Herrscher gem become one with her.

She then starts the battle and strikes the First Lawman, who jump in the midair and shows his secret weapon, another Artificial Black Hole to seal her in a dimension of emptiness. With such weapon in hands, Sirin was clever enough to summon astral hands and fight in a safe distance, destroying the black hole. But much for her dismay, the black hole was a fake one and his true weapon was hidden all along, distracting her and giving a chance for him to get closer to her and summon another black hole. Without effort, Sirin uses her astral hands and compress the black hole, destroying it and sending Walter flyin' away. In one last attempt to her, Walter stands up and summons his auto-army again but Sirin, who was getting tired of being defeated by human weapons uses debris of the moon to destroy his army.


Sirin eats Walter's gem and rise to power.

Defeated, Sirin tries to rip his heart off to take his Herrscher gem but had her arm grabbed by him and then revelead he infected his body with a material known as Chandrasekar Limit which is a cosmic mass so powerful that not even an astral body can support its pressure. As the two were getting crushed by the pressure, Sirin uses one of her astral hands and rips out Walter's gem, his very source of life. Walter then disappears from existence while Sirin eats his gem, gaining his powers and becoming even more stronger than before.

To test her new powers, Sirin returns to Shicksal Babylon Tower and creates millions of portals to summon her Houkai creatures to wreck havoc the planet, starting officially the Second Houkai War and declaring official war against mankind. Outside of the tower, Shicksal and Anti-Entropy sent their armies to invade the tower and defeat the center of all Houkai operation but they are wiped out by Benares.

Meanwhile, Sirin uses her gem of death to revive three of her childhood friends who died at Babylon Tower years ago to help her in her plans and give her even more power by using their Houkai energy to kill innocent civilians in Russia, Finland and Kazakhstan. Reviving them, she transformed them into Pseudo-Herrscher by rewriting their memories to make them loyal to her.

    • Aphora arrives in Finland, Oulu.
    • Agata arrives in Kazakhstan, Astana.
    • Bella arrives in Russia, Novosibirsk.
    To Aphora, she gave the gem of Eager Storm; a powerful tornado capable to erradicating an entire town in a few minutes.
  • To Agata, she gave the gem of Inflammation; a powerful wave of fire that burned and melted everything in kilometers.
  • To Bella, she gave the gem of Silent Death; a black gas that covered an entire town and killing thousands in less than 10 seconds.

Arriving in their respectives countries, Aphora creates a giant tornado that wipes out most of Oulu, Agata ramdonly fires her flames on buildings to force their destruction and Bella unleashes her black gas of death on Novosibirsk, killing an entire town, including children and infants; all to give more power to Sirin who had turned them into her slaves. While Sirin returns to the top of the tower to oversee her "creations" fight, each one of them are defeated by the combined forces of Anti-Entropy and Shicksal Organization, freeing them from her control.


Sirin refuses to help Agata.

When Benares brought Agata's body to Sirin in an attempt to heal her, Sirin refused to do so and said she was no longer useful, letting her to die and sending her soul back to the oblivion. Sirin then flies to the skies and increases the number of Houkai creatures by opening even more portals to "pressure" the world's military and destroy even more the last hope of all governments. In front of such situation, ONU and many other military alliances were forced to use nuclear weapons to deal with the Houkai threat, bombing their own nations in the hopes to overcome the Houkai army that now had millions of different types of creatures. With no other options, Otto and the Shicksal Organization orders the complete destruction of the North Asia, bombing every single state. Instead of being angry for seeing her forces being destroyed, Sirin laughed insanely and couldn't hide her joy from seeing humans killing themselves just to get her.

Days later, Shicksal strikes the tower again, but this time, Otto and his elite squad are present and teleport themselves directly to Sirin at the top of the tower. The battle between Sirin and Otto's squad starts with her disadvantage as she was facing two of the strongest Valkyries of Shicksal. Using powerful punchs, Fu Hua puts Sirin in a state of fear after she fell from her tower with a single punch. While she was recovering from her punch, Fu Hua delivers the final blow by impaling Sirin with an ancient ice sword. However, it turns out Sirin was left in a comatose state, allowing Otto to invade her mind and see what was going on inside of her head. 


Sirin inside of her own subconscious.

While inside of her mind, Otto manipulated memories and tried to create a "paradise" for her by reviving her mother and giving her a chance to begin again by saying he would revive her mother if she allowed him to speak with her "God" (God Kiana). But at the same time, he taunts her saying her mother will never accept her again because of all her brutality, crimes and atrocities she did in the name of her revenge. This was enough to push Sirin to despair and created a wormhole between her mind and the empty dimension of God Kiana's fragment. There, Otto begs to God to revive his long-lost lover, Kellan back to life. However, the God takes over his form and commits "suicide", banishing Otto from Sirin's mind and finally breaking Sirin's illusion. 

When she was finally free, Sirin blasts away her mother and the false world Otto created, thankin' her mother for dying because if she was alive she would live like a normal human, and for her, there was nothing more humiliating. Sirin then comes back to life saying she was tired of living in her dreams. Using her gem, Sirin summons debris of the moon and prepares to destroy the whole area to kill all her enemies at once but Fu Hua, in her Chi Ling form, activates her Phoenix's superpowered form and destroys her metors before cutting the entire Babylon tower in half like paper. 

Using her final attack, Fu Hua shoots a powerful fire spear at Sirin, who tried stop the spear but her shield was broken by the intense power, piercing Sirin and killing her in million pieces... But it turns out Sirin  faked her death and teleported herself to another dimension with the help of God Kiana. In less than a minute, Sirin returns without any damage, causing her enemies to shake in fear and lose their hope. Instead of killing them right away, Sirin uses her wormholes to create an imaginary dimension to give them happy memories... before entering in their worlds to smash their dreams, love and future. She choose Siegfried and Cecilia as her victims and drags the couple to her personal world where she oversees their daily lives.

Imaginary World

Tumblr prcdusuo7u1vz92u8 12380

Sirin tasting a homemade food for the first time.

Inside of her imaginary world, Sirin continued to watch over their daily lives for days to find their most precious memories but it turns out everyday was full of happiness and peace. When Kiana's birthday had arrived, she considered their happiness to be pathetic, which caused her to ragingly yell at the screens of their worlds but couldn't hide her curiosity and personally altered the world's laws to make the Kaslana family think she was a distant cousin of Kiana. She then descended into their worlds to explore the source of their happiness. Disguising herself as an innocent schoolgirl, she prepared to enter in their house but was caught by Cecilia who mistaken her as one of Kiana's friends and invited her to eat a piece of cake, just then Sirin's programming worked and she was considered as part of their family.

Slowly remembering of her past, Sirin accepted her offer and ate the cake, making her cry in sadness for living in a fantasy world she could not have in the real world. Due to being born in a poor family, Sirin never had the chance to eat homemade food, neither common things as cake. After crying for a long time, she went to her room to sleep but Cecilia visited her and put her sleep. Obviously, Sirin considered her affection to be odd but didn't hate it. In the morning, Sirin was awakened by Cecilia and was asked to go to shopping, much to Sirin's shock. 


Sirin tasting an ice cream.

Hours later, when Siegfried went to a store, one of Sirin's victims, Walter Young, managed to invade her world and informed Siegfried he was living in a dream, causing him to lose his consciousness for a short period of time. Days later, Sirin was forced to go shopping again with her "parents" Cecilia and Siegfried. In the shopping, Sirin learned many wonderful things about civilization she never got to learn. For her, the first experience was eating an ice cream, petting a cat and then wearing different types of dresses. Having fun for the first time Cecilia tried to hug her but Sirin refused her hug, referring her presence to be annoying when she is not even her true mother. 

Later, Siegfried Kaslana suffered an attack of Houkai energy due to being exposed to Houka energy days earlier, causing his power to burst out like a wave of destruction, as a result a window exploded right beside Sirin but she was saved by Cecilia who protected her from the glass shards. Hours later, Cecilia and Siegfried are seen in the hospital alongside Sirin where the latter reflected why some humans could have such wonderful family when she had nothing of what they experienced. This reflection made Sirin hate Kiana Kaslana even more, including all people who never experienced her pain. This thinking was something that would be part of her for most of her life; envy from those who had something she never had and as such she finally acquired her interest and twisted love in stealing the happiness, hope and future of others to turn their lives into a hellish world of pain and sorrow so she can share her misery with them in the most twisted way possible.

Final Battle and Demise


Sirin looking upon Siegfried Kaslana.

Much later, Sirin is seen speaking with Benares' plush about the true intentions of Cecilia and Siegfried and finally began to show some remorse for her actions. Feeling wrong about considering Cecilia and Siegfried as her parents Sirin asked Benares what she should do but suddenly the stuffed Benares began to cry in sorrow and disappeared, revealing that she had died in the real world and returned to her mindless Dragon form. Taken by sorrow and anger, Sirin cried and blamed Siegfried for her death, believing they had killed her in the real world while he was distracting her in the Imaginary World.

Sirin then returned to her Herrscher form and attacked Siegfried who heard her cries and came to help her. Before Sirin could finish him off, Cecilia came to the rescue and saved his life before revealing she knew Sirin was not her daughter all along. Shocked by this, Sirin yelled at Cecilia for lying to her and tried to destroy her "parents" but the astral projection of the late Walter Young appeared and sealed Sirin inside of a cube of energy to rescue the Kaslana couple. When Sirin freed herself from the barrier, she went after the trio and stated they are not going to escape from her world alive. However, confident his "plan" succeeded Walter ordered Cecilia to escape from that world and leave the Shicksal tower before his ultimate weapon of Anti-Entrophy in the real world could destroy the tower with Sirin to end the Second Houkai War once and for all.

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Sirin Project - 2001 D.C.

After Sirin's death by Otto's nuclear missiles, the fragments of her Ruler core were divided into four parts, the four Herrscher fragments given by God Kiana's fragment when Sirin visited the moon to seek more power. They are called the Domination of Thunder, the Crave of Storm, the Silence of Death and the Contamination of Flame.


A 9-years old Kiana being controlled by Sirin (after destroying a town and attempting to kill her father).

The four different parts are kept seperately by Schicksal and Anti-Entropy to study and research more powerful stigamatas and create a new more powerful generation of Valkyries to prevent new incidents and disasters like Sirin's rise and unify the world to end all wars and hostilities. Otto, disappointed with the results and her death (as she was an important piece in his plan to revive his love interest), decided to clone Kiana Kaslana, the daughter of Cecilia and Sigfriend, and created K-423 using Kiana and Sirin's DNA and techniques that cloned Theresa, his niece. The project, failed many times but one clone managed to survive the experiment. At some point, Siegfried Kaslana invaded the HQ and rescued K-423 from the Shicksal.

This caused Sirin to revive again within K-423 and possessed a considerable amount of power, which is just as Otto secretly planned. Normally Sirin's power doesn't normally show up, but in some special conditions her power would burst dealing a large scale of destruction. The mysterious sounds in Kiana's (K-423) head are actually Sirin's voice trying to reach her and break free, but she doesn't have a clue.

At one point, "Kiana" became a Herrscher after Sirin took over her body, and Siegfried had to use his legendary weapon [Judgement of Shamash] to seal her, resulting in him losing an arm on the process. In the Houkai 3rd comic setting [Far East Attack Event], Kiana's alter-ego, Sirin, unleashed her power, causing mass-destruction and killing hundreds. With no other option, Siegfried sealed Sirin's consciousness at the cost of his life. The reason why Kiana thinks her father is missing and looking for her father is that she unconsciously sealed her memory of killing her father. In fact, the true murdered was Sirin. However, it was later revealed Siegfried survived and is missing.

In-game, the player will be playing as Kiana's clone, K-423 and not the real Kiana.



Lin reduced to dust after being exposed to Sirin's Herrscher gem of death.

Years after her defeat, the world changed completely. With most of the countries destroyed, the world fell into an economic crisis that starved millions, a global epidemic caused by Sirin's Houkai monsters killed tens of millions more (stated to have killed even more than the Black Plage during the 14th century, as showns in Otto's background), erradicating entire races and species of animals.

Aside from the aftermatch of Houkai War, half of all states of the world were completely obliterated by the Houkai creatures summoned by Sirin during her fight with the Valkyries of Shicksal, causing rail damage to all nations, including America and China. Many people remembered the Second Houkai War as the cause of billions of deaths, dozens of other small countries were still underwater after numerous tsunamis, all the continents of the globe ravaged by meteors and monsters, and hundreds of ruined countries clawing back from the brink of total destruction. In crisis, the infant mortality rate increased by the thousands, the crime rate jumped to the skies, terrorist attacks became frequent, the number of civil wars increased even more in Africa, several diseases have arisen, the number of raped women had grown insanely and thousands of immigrants were targeted by organ traffickers and slave traders. 

Aside from that, with 4 cores of Herrscher split between Anti-Entropy and Shicksal, a new civil war between the two organizations began with the two most powerful and advanced organization fighting for territory in the continent of Europe and Asia. At the same time, the two organizations began to make human experiments on Valkyries using Sirin's Herrschers gems, causing even more deaths, with the total of more than 1,000+ Valkyries being reduced to dust after the gem showed to be incompatible with them.

Return - 2015 D.C.


Many years after, K-423 had became a Valkyrie in Shicksal, Sirin's power drives were slowly awakening, causing her to revive inside of Kiana's subconsciouness. Sirin first appears (in-game) after invading her dreams and altering it to a dark nightmare. Summoning Kiana to her home, Sirin taunts Kiana by revealing she was abandoned by her father and tries to break her hope saying her mother discarded for being a sexual "accident". To reveal more secrets, Sirin made Kiana play a game with her: she had to catch her if she wanted to know more.


Sirin as Mei in one of Kiana's nightmares.

When Kiana finally catched Sirin after fighting her minions, Sirin reveals what happened 16 years ago during the Second Houkai War and what happened to her parents (the player have the option to choose between Kiana's mother or father). Sirin then disappear and tell her they are going to continue the story next time.

Despite showing a good charisma at the first time they met, Sirin revealed her true colors in the second nightmare that got even more intense and Sirin assumed the form of Raiden Mei, using the image of her love interest to mock and shatter her feeling for Mei. Eventually, the two engage in combat but Sirin kept her identity as a secret. When she was defeated in Raiden's skin, she assumed the form of Murata Himeko in another location to taunt Kiana even more. When Kiana discovered it was the same woman who appeared in her last dream, Sirin laughed and disappeared only to appear again in the form of Theresa Apocalypse. As Theresa, she revealed her mother had actually died because of her 16 years ago during the Second Houkai War. Again, the two engage in combat and she is defeated but this time Sirin tries to seduce Kiana to her side by promising powers beyond a god's. Obviously, Kiana refused and Sirin decided to end their meeting by finishing this illusion.


Kiana teleported to Shicksal Babylon Tower.

The next day, Sirin tried to kill Kiana inside of her own mind without the necessity of creating a dream. However, she failed and Kiana just lost her consciouness while she was hanging out with Bronya and Raiden Mei. Teleported to Shicksal Tower, the place where everything begun, Sirin revealed she had tried to kill her and congratulated her for defeating Ganesha, a Houkai Beast she defeated days ago. Just then, Kiana discovered her identity as the 2nd Herrscher and vowed to defeat her for killing her mother. A chase started inside the tower with Sirin summoning several clones of Kiana to force her to kill herself in a form of psychological abuse. After she defeated the last clone, Sirin promised she is never going to lose again or redeem herself to avoid the mistakes she did in the past. Ending the nightmare, Sirin also stated she will never give up and will come back to torment Kiana in her deepest nightmares over and over again until her sanity breaks.

Singapore's Rampage


Sirin inside of Kiana's consciousness.

Around the time Otto Apocalypse began his new series of human experiments using the gems of Sirin, hundreds of Valkyries died in his experiments. With no Valkyries able to support the power of the Houkai crystal, he manipulated K-423 to persuade Dr. March (Doctor Maji), the chief scientists of Schicksal responsible for the creation of Valkyries, to show her one of Sirin's captured crystals inside of his laboratory in order to stop "him" from creating a Herrscher, a vicious Herrscher that would wipe out all population of Singapore to invoke steal enough Houkai energy from the corpses.

Determinated to save the town from Otto Apocalypse and his paramilitary group, Kiana Kaslana merged herself with the Herrscher of Death crystal, allowing Sirin to gain another Herrscher crystal, a crystal powerful enough for her to take control of Kiana's body. Inside of Kiana's mind, Sirin greets the new part of herself and quickly took over her mind, rewriting her memories and putting her to sleep. After Fu Hua arrives in the laboratory, she takes Kiana away while the doctor ignited the self-destruction of the facility to destroy all projects and research of Otto's Schiksal in order to stop him from making more victims and to atone for his sins. 

Meanwhile, Otto and his group sent a military force to Singapore in case if Sirin awakes again to steal the Houkai energy she is going to release during her massacre.


Sirin (in Kiana's body) preparing her gem to summon her battlesuit.

Outside of the facility, Fu Hua prepared to remove the gem from Kiana's hands to prevent Sirin's assault to her mind, but before she could do so, Sirin was already fully awake and tried to rip off her arm but the Valkyrie reacted faster and jumped backwards. When questioned what she was after now, she simply said she is going to do the same thing over and over again; kill every single human in the country to regain her lost powers and start the Apocalypse again. 

Starting the fight, Sirin asks Fu Hua how she knows her name but the latter ignored and attacked. Witnessing such insolence, Sirin promises to break all of her limbs and ask again. Sirin then uses dark energy to melt her body and hit only her clothes. To test her powers again, Sirin summoned a dark cloud of energy to destroy not only Fu Hua but the building full of civilians as well to test her "courage" as Valkyrie but the dark cloud was easily destroyed by Fu Hua. Seeing Fu Hua was defeating her, Sirin summons her battlesuit and demonstrates her power by shooting hundreds of laser beams at the town. However, before she can deal more damage to the town and Fu Hua, Otto Apocalypse orders his subordinate to transfer the power Experimental Battlesuit, 4th Gen God Killer to Fu Hua to have a proper fight against Sirin. Fu Hua then shoots several laser beams at Sirin and then punching her in the back with an insane strength. The impact of her punch caused an explosion of energy strong enough to send Sirin back to Kiana's consciouness. This marked the ending of her temporary return for the second time.

Days later, Sirin can be seen in one of Kiana's dreams, killing Raiden Mei in front of her to abuse her psychologically.

New Era - 2016 A.D.

Simulation of the Past

After a decade dead, Sirin returns in the Simulation World when Theresa decided to head to St. Freya underground church, where the most advanced biotechnology of Shicksal was guarded to save Bronya. There, Theresa tries to discover the data of "biochip brain implant", which is related to Sirin Project. To get the lost data, Theresa is teleported to a simulation of the past, precisely on February 7th, 2000, the day Sirin threatned started the Second Houkai War. 


Sirin fighting Siegfried in the simulation world.

By conscidence, Kiana followed Theresa and is teleported to this world as well. There, she meets her late father, Siegfried Kaslana and the past Theresa, preparing to fight Herrscher of the Void before the world can be destroyed by a horde of Houkai unleashed by Sirin across the world. Around the tower, hundreds of Valkyries perished against Sirin's horde of Houkai. When Siegfried encounters Sirin outside of the tower, killing the rest of his squad, he is easily overpowered by her and is forced to use ultimate technique, Judgement of Shamash in an attempt to take her down with him. However, the attack failed and he was left with almost half of his body burned. Yet, Sirin was severely damaged and returned to Babylon Tower's reactor to recover her energy and heal her wounds.

Inside of the tower, Theresa, Cecilia (simulation of Kiana's mother from the past) and Kiana enters the tower filled with Houkai creatures. Inside of the tower, the present Sirin who was sealed inside of Kiana's mind tries to use the interaction between the heroine and the environment to gain more strength and slowly takes over her mind, causing the former to suffer from severe headache in multiple occasions. To save her daughter from dying, Cecilia locked Kiana inside of a safe room when she was informed Otto Apocalypse was launching a nuclear missile to destroy the tower, the illegal data he had inside and Sirin for the "greater good".


Sirin attacking Kiana after showing her her mother's corpse.

Cecilia then went to fight Sirin alone inside of the reactor, however, she was easily defeated by the power of the void. To punish the Valkyrie for attacking a Goddess, Sirin makes the strongest Valkyrie her plaything and tortures her to death. Once Kiana finally arrived in the room after fighting her way through Sirin's Houkai, she finds her mother dead, much to Sirin's satisfaction. With sadism, Sirin shows her mother's corpse and and refers to her as pathetic like her daughter. Sirin then prepares to kill Kiana in an act of "mercy", saying she is going to send her to hell with her mother. Before she could kill Kiana, the simulator world restarts and go back in time before Cecilia can be murdered by Sirin.

Repeating the past, Sirin is inside of the reactor room and is preparing to kill Cecilia again but before she could finish her off Kiana breaks into the room and strikes Sirin, giving time to Cecilia to rise and strike the vile ruler with her spear. Severely injured again, Sirin retreats and is chased by the duo. Before she can be caught, the simulation world ended its programming, returning Kiana back to the real world. As she cries to bring her mother back, Fu Hua states her mother never existed and all she saw was a simulation of the past. This left Kiana outraged, allowing Sirin to take control of her emotions and gifting her with her ambitions. After an intense fight with Fu Hua, Kiana is knocked out by Fu Hua, who revealed to be an agent of Otto Apocalypse and took her to his ship to prepare the ritual to revive Sirin for his 'master plan'.

Rebirth of the 2nd Ruler


Otto overseeing the ritual.

22 hours later, Fu Hua brought Kiana to Otto's ship, where they started the first stage of the ritual to awake Sirin, who is currently trying to escape from Kiana's body. In his HQ, Otto tried to infuse Kiana's body with Houkai energy to free Sirin from her host. After some time, Sirin awakes and uses her telepathic powers to contact her servants frozen on the battlefield of Second Houkai War in Siberia. When the malicious Otto saw the Dragon Benares awakening from the ice, he immediately ordered his force to deploy the regional defense satellite and dispatched all his Valkyries to fight the incoming horde of Houkai creatures that are trying to protect their queen.

Hours later, the ship Helions arrive at the scene but are assaulted by groups of Houkai monsters that are now trying to penetrate the shield of Otto's HQ. After a long battle against the Houkai, Sirin who had now full control over Kiana's body destroyed the laboratory of the HQ and used dimensional wormholes to teleport Raiden Mei, Kiana's love interest, to her hands, where she stated to be happy now that Mei is on her hands and can easily kill her to restore the Herrscher gem that was implanted in her body 16 years ago when Sirin died by the nuclear missiles of Shicksal.


Herrscher of the Void is reborn.

Raiden's Herrscher then informs Mei that Kiana is completely possessed by the Houkai Herrscher and the duo engage Herrscher in a fierce fight. Despite their efforts, Mei is easily overpowered by the new Goddess. The battle ends with Herrscher strangling Mei to death but before she could kill Kiana's friend, she made one last attempt to bring Kiana back with words, causing Herrscher of the Void lose control of Kiana for a few seconds before she completely took over her mind with sadism. To prevent that from happening again, Herrscher summons a Houkai creature and tries to kill Mei but missed the attack but another Houkai was summoned to behead Mei, however, she is saved by the mecha-drones of Anti-Entropy.

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Herrscher of the Void gazes at Mei after destroying Anti-Entropy army.

As Herrscher prepared to summon more Houkai creatures, an army of mechas from Anti-Entropy engages with her personal army of monsters. Instead of focusing in the Houkai, hundreds of bomber-mechas focused their attention on Herrscher and launched countless missiles at her only to be teleported back to them via dimensional wormholes, erradicating the entire army in less than 5 seconds. Soon afterwards, Benares dragon arrives to support Herrscher alongside hundreds of Houkai creatures. With such power, Mei could only stare at her as the evil queen coldly stared at her next victim.

Choosing her next victim, Herrscher of the Void summons dozens of wormholes to tear apart every single part of her body but she was chained by mystical chains of Theresa and the principal Einstein, who had arrived just in time to help in the fight. Disabled, Herrscher of the Void summons more minions to kill her opponents but in vain yet it was a great distraction for her to break free from the chains. A discussion began between Herrscher and Theresa, who said to Herrscher to leave Kiana's body at once. Witnessing such insolence, Herrscher summons Benares dragon again and makes it fight Mei and Theresa but Bronya, who was resting after the last battle, arrived at the scene and fought the beast. With the help of Mei, the duo defeated the dragon, leaving Herrscher of the Void bored and decided to end this battle herself by killing the others and leaving only Mei alive to take back her gem.


Herrscher of the Void chained by Theresa's chains while strangling her.

However, her fight started between Theresa and she, much to her dismay. Even with her battlesuit on, Herrscher of the Void overpowers Theresa and begins to strangle her to death to feel her last breath on her hand. As she did so, she remembered how pathetic was Theresa for trying to redeem her back in the past when the two met each other in Siberia. Within range, Theresa summoned her chains again and disabled Herrscher and then a powerful gravity wave washed over the Herrscher, driving the Anti-Houkai shackles deeper into her body. With a single laugh, Herrscher destroys Theresa's chains, calling it ancient toys.

Meanwhile, the Class Monitor Fu Hua, is seen fighting Houkai creatures in the inferior floors to reach the vicious Herrscher above.


Herrscher defeats Fu Hua.

Herrscher of the Void then breaks Theresa's arms and throws her away before making her way towards Mei. Using her telekinesis, Herrscher rip off the gem out of her body by brute force and becomes one with the gem, gaining the powers of Mei's Herrscher, which was originally part of her 16 years ago. With supreme powers in her hands, Herrscher brutally strikes Mei to the inch of her life. Before she could do the same to Bronya, Fu Hua arrives and engage the vicious Herrscher in combat to steal her gem. Unlike her previous foes, Fu Hua did some damage to her body but her wounds were healed an insane speed. Herrscher of the Void then grabs Fu Hua's face and defeats her in combat. 

When Herrscher was about to kill Fu Hua, Otto Apocalypse, the mastermind behind everything, shows up and praises her power and beauty. In exchange of reviving her, Otto asks Herrscher to let her live as she is a friend and an important ally of his organization. For a while, the queen considered killing everyone but when she felt Otto had the same aura as hers, she refused to fight. She then calls Otto pathetic and cast aside her hostages before disappearing in the void.

Armageddon and Third Defeat


Herrscher of the Void triggers a cataclysmatic event.

With the Gem of Conquest in her hands, Herrscher proceeded to use her Houkai energy and triggers a cataclysmatic global eruption events, causing the core of Earth to superheat and awakening all volcanos of the world, creating earthquakes that shook the entire planet and shifted entire continents with brutality, killing 90% of all humanity she once destroyed. The planet is now to pitched into complete dark, and that is devastating photosynthesis, destroying crop yields and cause temperatures to plunge, acid rains and many other natural disaster around the globe.

Before she could finish what she started, Herrscher of the Void finds the location of the captain's battleship and vows to kill Kiana's friends to keep her promise of killing all of her family with her own hands. While the crew were busy with their wounds from their previous battle, Herrscher launches an assault to their ship by summoning a swarm of Houkai creatures to strike in their very heart of Hyperion airship, making her Houkai creatures devour the wounded staff members and killing the soldiers who were asleep. Facing the wave of enemies, Bronya Zaychik and Murata Himeko defeats most of Herrscher's Houkai, forcing her to descend from the skies and face them in person. Starting the fight, Herrscher curses Himeko for not "sticking" with the script she made; a script where they are ripped apart by her monsters.


Herrscher of the Void severely damaged by the Anti-Houkai beam.

Despite her efforts to defeat Herrscher, Himeko began to lose her own advantage. In desperation, Einstein unleashed an underpowered blast of the anti-Houkai beam and critically damaged Herrscher of the Void. Though appearing to be wounded, Herrscher was able to open a portal and seek refuge inside of her Imaginary Space.

Benares, Sirin's dragon, then attacked the Hyperion in Herrscher's place but Himeko bested the beast and  was dragged into Imaginary Space of Herrscher, which turned out to be a dimension of darkness where Hyperion is flying in the middle of nowhere. There, Himeko caught the sight of the recovered Herrscher and fought her again but in extreme disadvantage as Herrscher used everything she got to end her life this time. After a brutal fight, Himeko managed to deliver the anti-Houkai serum, causing Herrscher of the Void to be sealed again inside of Kiana's mind and freeing the latter from Sirin's control. 

F9543284ae811b4d59ac4871f57958c5fee39b19r2-480-270 00

Herrscher of the Void's defeat, marking Sirin's third defeat.

Despite Himeko's victory, she sacrificed herself to seal Sirin away, dying on the process as the Imaginary World of Sirin was destroyed alongside her enemy. Following her defeat, Kiana's body falls to the ocean and goes missing for 4 months. Sirin's reawakening had initiated a global scale disaster that devastated the entire planet for four months, this cataclysmatic event pushed mankind to the brink of extinction, only a few large cities remained standing, such as Arc City, as the last bastions of human civilization.

Herrscher of the Void (Sirin) still lives inside of Kiana and is set to return in the future chapters of the game.

Angel Refactoring and New Herrscher of the Void


Sirin facing Welt in the flashback.

Sirin appears in the past, during the Second Houkai War in the V3.2 version of the game where she is fighting Welt Young in an alternative timeline where he is the one who consumes her gem and absorbs her gem of the void, possibly killing her on the process.

Much later, is revealed Bronya (after fighting to death with the Herrscher of the Death of Seele) merged herself with the core of the void and became the new Herrscher of the Void to defeat the Deep Houkai King at the bottom of the ocean.

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