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Real misanthropes are not found in solitude, but in the world; since it is experience of life, and not philosophy, which produces real hatred of mankind.
~ Giacomo Leopardi
The misanthrope, as an essentially solitary man, is not a man at all: he must be a beast or a god.
~ Aristotle

Herrscher(s), roughly translated from German to Ruler, or also known as a "God", Will of the Houkai, Will of the God and Humanoid Houkai (a mortal or immortal entity who ascended to the world of the Gods) - is an entity that has merged with Houkai energy and has given into the will of the Houkai God to destroy the current era of their civilization that serves as the main antagonistic force of the entire Honkaiverse as a whole.

Most of them are humans but new side-stories showed that there are Houkai and Herrschers in many other populated worlds of the universe. They are considered to be extremely powerful in all aspects, in such that S-Rank Valkyries can't guarrantee winning alone without the help of dozens more. The Herrschers are the supreme form of the Houkai and its strongest manifestation in the physical world.

Since they need a human body to host their astral (or Thought-Form), they are not invincible and can be killed if their physical forms/hosts are destroyed or disabled if their core is extracted from their body. The true form of a Herrscher is a gem that can be inserted inside of a being's physical body, allowing them to possess their vessel and have a physical body. Most of the Herrscher are genderless but once they take control of a human body they gain the gender of their vessel, becoming one with them and officially becoming a part of their vessel, like a new persona or personality.


Birth of a Herrscher

The birth of the Herrscher of the Toxin.

The Houkai releases a kind of energy that has never been seen in the past technology, it's called "Houkai Energy", an energy that can be used in infinite methods, including in the creation of technology such as robots, ships, super-weapons and vehicles. The efficiency of Houkai can far exceed any energy available in the world, but if a living being is exposed to this kind of energy they will become zombies or Houkai monsters.

In rare cases, there are people who can endure the Houkai energy and become a Herrscher if it chooses them as humanity's Harbinger of Doom. If it the energy rejects them, they will become mindless and weak zombies with no persona and will. When Houkai energy in an area reaches 1000 HW (Houkai Watts) or higher, there is a small chance that someone may absorb sufficient Houkai energy to become a Herrscher. And when such thing happens, the Houkai Will will contact their vessel and use their bodies as their physical hosts to achieve a human body strong enough to become a humanoid Houkai.

Everytime there is a Houkai Eruption, a Herrscher will be born, some stronger than Herrschers who are born in moments of peace when Houkai beasts are not threatning a country or the region. When an Eruption happens, the level of Houkai energy becomes high and it allow more powerful Herrschers to be born. When a human becomes a Herrscher in times that there are no Houkai threats around, they will become Herrscher but weaker compared to Herrschers born in times of Eruptions.

In general, the adaptability of men with the Houkai energy is much less powerful than women. Most Herrschers are female but it was later revealed that at least four men became Herrschers, with the four being almost the same people. The Welt Young from the Old and New World, and Welt Joyce from the Old and New World. The four are the same Herrscher, the Herrscher of the Logic, as Welt Joyce passed his core to Welt Young after he passed away.

Capacity of a Herrscher

The Herrscher of the Wind destroying Queenstown, New Zealand.

Those became Herrschers are called as "Gods" by most humans because they are supposed to be the highest level of all life. Herrschers are considered to be what humans never became and therefore are like the most evolved form of humankind and all other mortal races of the universe.

The ability of a Herrscher is actually to transform the phenomenon of impossible (or miracles) into reality, in other words, making the impossible possible in the physics of the real world. For example, the Herrscher of the Flames that can ignite fire without the use of fuels, the Herrscher of the Wind law can create ideal fluids and whole tornados without the assistance of Mother Nature. Each Herrscher has different skills and all of them exceeds of human beings. 

While Valkyries were created to fight Herrschers, only S-Rank Valkyries (the strongest level that a Valkyrie can get) can fight Herrschers but are barely worth opponents as it takes dozens of other S-Valkyries to defeat a single Herrscher. Taking a Herrscher in a one-on-one fight is considered to be literally a suicidal act as Herrschers have abilities powerful enough to destroy entire planets.

Core of a Herrscher

The core/gem/stone of a Herrscher's soul.

The Core of a Herrscher is considered to be something like their very souls and hearts. While it's the source of their power it's also their source of life. Their cores are otherwordly gems that possess unknown powers beyong human's understanding. The Herrscher can focus their essence inside of the gem to create an imaginary world for themselves where they can manipulate their physics according to their own design. 

While inside of the gems, they are incapacitated as they need a physical body to possess so they can make them their hosts. However, it's said a Herrscher can invade the body of the person who touches the gem, making the crystal being absorbed by the crystal against their will. Sometimes, the person will accept the Herrscher depending on their current emotions.

The birth of a Herrscher happens in a very chronological order. They go by these steps:

Stages of Awakening

  • Phase 1: The "Will of Houkai", or the Herrscher entity will communicate with the eligible person with the promises of giving power to deal with their emotional problems, giving birth to another personality called the "Herrscher consciousness" and will continue to inspire the negative emotions of the eligible person in their heart to bait them into hating humanity and giving into the will of Houkai.
  • Phase 2: The eligible person will start undergoing metamorphosis, early signs are flashes of exhaustion and illness, a signal they are losing control of their bodies. The candidate's phase 2 process depends on the "Herrscher consciousness" requirement of Houkai energy to form a core. Houkai power will attract the zombies and Houkai beasts in order to protect the eligible person before the "Herrscher consciousness" is fully dominant.
  • Phase 3: "The Herrscher consciousness" will try to surpress and eradicate the human conciousness. Upon full control it begins to absorb massive amounts of Houkai energy and summon Houkai beasts to spread radiation, As it gain more Houkai energy it will develop exclusive abilities. This is the sign that the Herrscher is completely almost born.
  • Phase 4: Tearing the human heart and completely abandoning the goodness as human beings, leaving endless hatred, revenge and become true Herrscher. At this time the Herrscher is completely born, then it will control Houkai beasts and hordes of human zombies. It can maximize the potential of it's Herrscher core and create custom or summon Houkai beasts.

Sometimes, the host may embrace their Herrscher personality and they will become the Herrscher itself, gaining their powers but their psychological state will be the same.

The Divine God Keys


The God Key(s) (or Grand Keys) are made from the core of a defeated Herrscher, designed initially and produced by the Professor MEI of the Fire Moth to use their energy to build weapon with the same Houkai energy capable of greatly injuring Houkai beasts and other Herrschers. Her research and weapons defeated 13 Herrschers but they failed to defeat the 14th Herrscher, the last Herrscher who destroyed the Old World. 

Known God Keys

1st God Key - Void Archives

The God Key of the first Herrscher, the Herrscher of the Logic (Reason) riginally acquired by Gautama, the first ancestor of the Apocalypse family in Asia, but one cannot use it since "only the person with the highest wisdom can unlock its seal". Therefore, after the death of first generation ancestor, until Otto came to the Apocalypse family church for Kallen, he worshipped it as a sacred object given by the Gods.

  • User: Gautama and Otto Apocalypse.
  • Herrscher: Herrscher of the Logic
  • Ability: It contains three abilities.
    • Power Mimicry: The Key itself works similar to the Herrscher's ability but it can only change it's shape or just simulate abilities of other entities.
    • Universal Library: The God Key created an archive of all knowledge from previous eras. This ability requires understanding of difficult sciences and broad literature. It's unknown if it contains universal understanding, in other words, omniscience.
    • Duplicate Reality: The God Key allows entry into a virtual world which works as a near life like retelling of the events. The key can unlock a virtual world of the life of a Valkyrie with a natural stigmata, recreating past events or even alter reality in some points of the past.

??? God Key - Hollow Blank Armor (Old World)

The Hollow Armor is a special armor that absorbs any Herrscher power from it's core or God key built by Dr. Mei from the Old World during the crisis of the 14th Herrscher of the Old World. It was the first prototype therefore, there is very high risk of death when using it in battle as the Herrscher's core can consume the user. Since it was proven to be more dangerous than advantageous it was put aside to be augmented.

  • User: Dr. Mei
  • Herrscher: Herrscher of the Gravity
  • Abilitiy: Upon placing a Herrscher core or wielding a God Key, the armor will absorb the element and delivers a larger damage output of the same element.

??? God Key - Vermillion Knight - Striker Flame

Otto Apocalypse found the Hollow Armor designed by Dr. Mei and used the original design of Fire Moth as the base of God Killer Valkyrie Armor for the Shicksal of the New World.

The original Armor was merged with a Gem of Destruction of the Herrscher of the Flames to create the Striker Flame Armor, an even more powerful Valkyrie armor capable of controlling fire. Later the armor was used during the 4th Houkai Eruption where Murata Himeko fought against Herrscher of the Void in the Imaginary World.

  • Status: Destroyed
  • User: Murata Himeko
  • Herrscher: Herrscher of the Flames
  • Using requirement: Requires high Fire resistance.

6th God Key - Black Abyss White Flower

The God Key of the 6th herrscher was had two different weapons linked to a single power. 2 God Keys created from the Herrscher of the Death of the Old World, the Core of Tranquility with different abilities. The Herrscher of the Old World had the ability over decay and rebuild, or Death.

It has 2 different forms: Split form and Ultimate form. It was used and shared among the Schariac House Family of Shicksal.

If the wielder has the talent to use both they can virtually control life and death.

  • Status: Active.
  • Users: Eleanor Schariac (Black Abyss spear form), Reanna Brigantia, Cecilia Schariac, Shigure Kira (Black Abyss sword form), Durandal.
  • Using requirement: High Vitality, the key will decay equal to it's regeneration. Recommended for S-Rank Valkyrja and Natural Stigmata bearers.

7th God Key - Judgement of Shamash

A Divine Key weapon from the Old World manufactured using the core of the 7th Herrscher, more precisely, built from the Core of Destruction by Dr. Mei as one of the many Divine Keys produced by Fire Moth. This weapon exercises mastery over the element of "Fire" and boasts unrivaled destructiveness. Its true powers, however, seem to be sealed. It was so powerful it was needed to be split into two form of weapons to prevent the complete destruction of the weapon as no technology could keep the energy inside in control.

This God Key has two forms, the Dual guns known as Judgement of Shamash. However, these two guns can be placed together and they will turn into the Greatsword of Shamash with altered abilities to control fire elemental powers.

  • Status: Active
  • Users: Kaslana Family only - Kevin Kaslana (Old World), Francis Kaslana (New World), Siegfried Kaslana (New World), Kiana Kaslana (New World)
  • Using requirement: Requires high fire resistance.
  • Abilities:
    • Judgement form: In its pistol forms, it requitrd Houkai's energy to use it, active ability will unleash the gem of Destruction that slowly burns away the life of the user. One should note it's impossible to control the level of destruction of the weapon.
    • Greatsword form: Fuse dual guns into greatsword form. One blow is enough to destroy a city and even eliminate a Herrscher unless if the Herrscher is the Herrscher of the Death herself or possess extremely high regenerative abilities. If the user does not have adequate resistance, it may immolate the user.

8th God Key - Fenghuang Down

After being defeated by Kevin Kaslana with Judgement Shamash God Key from the Herrscher of the Flames, Dr. Mei turned the core of the 8th Herrscher Core into another God Key and gave it to the chinese Valkyrie Fu Hua of the Old World.  No one besides Fu hua and Dr. MEI know how the Key works, therefore Otto Apocalypse and other scientists from Schicksal organization cannot replicate this key and he doesn't know to use its full potential.

  • Status: Active
  • User: Fu Hua
  • Requirement: High vitality drain when used, continuous usage will lead to death. If the user is a near-death stage or using "Grips of Taixuan", the user have to pay the cost of memories of their previous life.
  • Abilities:
    • Fenghuang Down: When Fu Hua uses this ability, she can manipulate consciousness thus controlling the brain and any messages it will send to the body. Any target of the mental manipulation may notice ember feathers in their memories.
    • Falcon Punch: Fu Hua focus her ki into a single hit, while activating her key to manipulate the vision of her target to stop their process of thought or "time", deliver the hit, resume their time and remove the event from their memory, instantly. It may result in the enemy getting knocked out instantly.
    • Base Esper Abilities: Using her Feather Down ability, she can pick a target and communicate directly with their thoughts and send visions without the necessity of a physical presence. She may appear in the form of a Spirit.
    • Phoenix Dust: Before imminent death, Fu hua will manipulate her own consciousness and channel all of her energy into healing and protection to "reborn" again in a perfect state.

9th God Key - Eden Star

A God Key weapon made using the core of the 9th Herrscher of the Old World, the Herrscher of the Gravity that was capable of manipulating gravity and space itself. First unearthed in the Yellowstone Ruins in 1950, it was later acquired by scientists of Schicksal North America Branch but later became property of Anti-Entrophy during its foundation.

The weapon played a vital role in the subsequent split and independence of Anti-Entropy and was used in many studies for the creation of artificial stigmatas. Originally furnished with an external spherical stabilizer, it was severely damaged during a battle between Welt and Schicksal forces in 1955. The two scientists of Anti-Entrophy Einstein and Nikolai Tesla later re-designed this God Key into a cannon-like device during the 4th Houkai War in 2016 that was used to give a huge blow in Herrscher of the Void.

  • Status: Damaged; turned into Eden Star Cannon
  • Users: Lieserl Albert Einstein, Welt Joyce (original and clone), Welt Young (original)
  • User Requirement: High dexterity, does internal damage during its usage
  • Abilities:
    • Command of Eden: The Power of gravity manipulation around its space in an unknown limit
    • Artificial Black Hole: Creates a miniature black hole that can absorb as much as the user can endure. The limit of its reach is unknown and its gravitational effects are less powerful compared to true black holes
    • Time Dilation: Stand near a black hole can cause Time Dilation

10th God Key - Key of Domination (1)

The primary God Key of the Herrscher of the Dominion of the old world. The Key of Domination is the mass-produced God Key made by the core of the 10th Herrscher of the Dominion and its primary form. They come in different forms but each one have the same abilities. One of them was passed down to the current era, a weapon called Xuanyuan Sword that was sealed in an underwater cave and was possessed by the will of the Herrscher of the Dominion, transforming Murata Himeko, who touched the sword, into the insane Blood Rose.

Due to the material that constitutes the God Key - "Soulium" made up of nano-robots has good morphological change ability, the 10th God Key has more than three forms, known as "Xuanyuan Sword", "Water Sword" and "Fist of Taixu". It's the only line of God Keys of the same Herrscher known.

  • Status:
    • Mostly are destroyed;
    • Xuanyuan Sword is currently active under Anti-Entrophy captive;
  • Users: "Dark" Ji Xuanyuan (ancient China), Murata Himeko (current era; possessed)
  • Using requirement:
    • Having knowledge to use its powers;
    • Having some sort of power in order to use it otherwise it would look like a normal-tier weapon.
  • Abilities:
    • Thousand of Keys: As there are 1000 Herrscher pieces of the same God KEY, Fire Moth of the Old World have turned all of them to 1000 Keys. However most of them were broken during the Houkai Crisis and the ascension of the Herrscher of the End or are missing after 52,000 years.
    • Elemental Control: Possesses the ability to control all 6 elements of nature that many other Herrschers control, including lighting, wing, ice, fire, earth and darkness. As time progresses and specific conditions, the power of the God Key increase.
    • Nano Technology: As "Soulium" is made from nano-robots fabricated by Fire Moth of the Old World, this weapon can transform into any other type of weapon depending on who use it. 
    • Summon Clones: The owner of this weapon can summon clones of themselves, however, each clones only have a specific elemental and far weaker than original user.
    • Increase Power: The sword itself give the owner many powers including increase both attack and defense power, able to cast magic and increase reflexes.

10th God Key - Fist of Taixu (2)

Another God Key formed from the core of the Herrscher of the Dominion of the Old World.​​​​​ Just like the Herrscher of the Dominion that could multiple in different vessels and create new different types of God Keys depending on the vessel, the Water Sword was a God Key taken from one of the Herrscher of the Dominion's vessels.

  • Status: Active 
  • User: Fu Hua
  • Using requirement: Same as Key of Domination
  • Abilities: Same as Key of Domination

10th God Key - Water Sword (3)

One of the many God Keys extracted from the Herrscher of the Dominion of the Old World. A sword made of water that could wipe out any kind of inflammatory material. It was destroyed during the Second Houkai War of the new world when Fu Hua used it to fight the Pseudo-Herrscher Agata, one of the three subordinates of Sirin gifted with the power of the Herrscher of the Flames

  • Status: Destroyed 
  • Users: Fu Hua, Lier and Cheng Lixue
  • Using requirement: same as Key of Domination
  • Ability: Casting simple water abilities and anti-infammatory materials

11th God Key - Oath of Judah (1)

The God Key of Shicksal's househood that was passed to other S-Valkyries of different generations of the New World. This is the signature God Key used by Kallen Kaslana during the year of 1450-147X and Theresa Apocalypse (199X--), used to weaken and seal enemies. It has the format of a cross but it can change forms depending on the form the user is using. Like the Key of Dominion, it's made of Soulium fabricated by Dr. MEI and Fire Moth more than 52,000 years ago.

  • Users: Kallen Kaslana, Otto Apocalypse, Theresa Apocalypse
  • Using requirement: Use it for justice and genuine desire to protect others instead of hurting or killing the user's enemies, otherwise it won't work.
  • Abilities:
    • Restriction: Limit and weaken the energy intensity, including the Houkai energy
    • Eternal Imprisonment: Sealing target inside of its own fabricated world where the user decides how this world will be. Once inside, the person trapped will NEVER be able to leave the false world

11th God Key - Pledge of Sakura (2)

An unique combination between Oath of Judah God Key and Yae Sakura's powers (who is currently sealed inside of Oath of Judah) to create a special version of the oath. After temporarily using the powers of Herrscher of the Corruption, Sakura was able to mix her own energy with the stigmata. 

  • User: Therersa Apocalypse and Yae Sakura
  • Using requirement: Same as the original Judah's Out but also require the 12th God power to turn it into Cherry Blossom Oath; the Jizo Mitama from the core of the 12th Herrscher, the Herrscher of the Corruption
  • Abilities:
    • Lesser Restriction: Limit and weaken the energy intensity but not strong as original Judah's Oath.
    • Sakura Blade: Attack nearby enemies with Sakura Sword strengthened by Jizo Mitama's energy at very high speeds

12th God Key - Jizo Mitama

The God Key that contained the core of 12th Herrscher of the Old World, also known as Herrscher of the Corruption who used Higokumaru and Yae Sakura as vessles. It can project her consciousness into anything and everything.

  • User: None
  • Herrscher: Herrscher of the Corruption
  • Ability: Summons Jizo Spirit, a legless avatar samurai and user can project their conscience into any object/person they desire. (Yae Sakura was given a chance to use the god key to project her own conscience into the real world.)

Moral Agency Theory

The Herrscher of the Thunder protecting Mei from her previous mistress Herrscher of the Void.

The Herrschers were always seen as devils in physical bodies, monsters and cold-blooded killers with no goals besides the total destruction of mankind; complete machines moved by their mission given by God. Organizations like Fire Moth, Shicksal and Anti-Entrophy sees the Herrschers as living Apocalypses and figures that should be wiped out thanks to their level of dangerousness and deemed them as mindless creatures with the same goal of the Houkai, the complete destruction of all life.

However, over the years, this psychological theory became more invalid as the Herrschers began to involved themselves with Valkyries and using them as hosts, mainly those from Shicksal such as Kiana Kaslana, Raiden Mei and even Bronya Zaychik. It was later discovered Herrschers are just as normal as humans and can think by themselves as well as feel all other kind of emotions such as love, hatred, anger and fear. Herrschers tend to show their emotions only to their hosts as some were timid and refuse to show their true emotions to other people. All Herrschers tend to show their true emotions, share the same thoughts and ideas with their vessels, whom are people they trust as much one could call them siblings or intimate people. However, some Herrschers can be attached to their vessel's friends and family and go as much to sacrifice themselves to save them.

Herrscher of the Thunder, for example, was one of the servants of the honkai until she met Raiden Mei, who taught her the beauty of the world and became the two became close friends. The Herrscher of the Logic also doesn't seem to have any problems with their vessels as they could easily control their Herrscher's powers, proving the Herrscher of the Logic was in good terms with their vessels. Unlike them, Herrscher of the Void from Kiana Kaslana is a sadistic former human being who took pleasure in breaking the sanity of her vessel with nightmares from her past and Herrscher of the Wind who sought to hurt everyone Wendy, her vessel, wanted to protect.

Known Herrschers

Genuine Herrschers

Herrschers from GGZ and Previous Era

Genuine Herrschers born in the New World
Vessel Name Description Power
Walter Joyce - Herrscher of the Gravity

Walter was the first Herrscher of human civilization who, much like his counterpart of the New World, was the founder and leader of Anti-Entrophy.

He first showed up in 1961 in Germany when he caused the First Eruption.

Capable of controlling gravity
Celine - Herrscher of the Void

In the Old World, Sirin was a blind girl who discovered the world was ugly when she gained vision after she became a Herrscher, causing her to destroy her village and start the Second Eruption.

After her defeat by the hands of Cecilia, she possessed Cecilia's newborn daughter and 16 years later took over her body for herself, becoming the Chosen One and destroyed the Original Timeline, resulting in the birth of the New World. 

She was the 2nd Herrscher in both Old and New World.

Capable of controlling space-time and reality-warping powers
Cf 140157 800 1131.jpg
(??? Seele Vollerei-like appearance) - Herrscher of the Death

The 6th Herrscher of the Old World who had a similar appearance to Seele Vollerei.

The 6th Herrscher came to life 3 years after the foundation of Fire Moth and brought mankind to her knees before her defeat by Kevin Kaslana.

Ability to create and destroy any living creatures.
20425ce585521efb0f2d397fd466cd8fd16dr7bc2 121429 798 1131.jpg
Captain Himeko - Herrscher of the Flames

The 7th Herrscher of the Old World and the symbol of destruction. She was most powerful physical destructive Herrscher that turned the entire Australian into a sea of ​​fire in just one week of birth.

Later, she was killed by Kevin and the core was made into Judgement of Shamash.

Ability to control molecular movement.
(???) - Unknown The 8th Herrscher of the Old World that had her core retrieved by Kevin Kaslana, creating the God Key: Ember Dust Unknown Ability
Unknown - Herrscher of the Gravity

The 9th Herrscher of the Old World that was capable of creating Black Holes and manipulating gravity.

When she was born, the 9th Herrscher summoned a Black Hole that engulfed the entire continent of Mu. One sixth of the world's population was instantly lost and what little social structure there was collapsed shortly after.

The core retrieved by Kevin Kaslana and created into into the God Key: Eden Star

The ability to control gravity and black holes
9de82821d3aa3a8c2eba648afdae67711b2cb119 194932 800 1131.jpg
Various - Herrscher of the Dominion

One of the deadliest Herrschers to exist. When the Herrscher of Domination began to manifest in a Fire moth solider, Dr M.E.I and Kevin Kaslana were surprised upon hearing of 41 awakenings of Herrschers. 

All of them were the same Herrscher of Domination and each isolated core proved them to be identical.

The ability to all elements of nature, dominion supply and hive mind control; multiplication of body and mind
Unknown - Herrscher of the Restriction

The 11th Herrscher who could control Houkai energy as she pleased.

She was defeated by Kevin Kaslana and had her core transformed into the God Key: Oath of Judah, the current stigmata being used by Theresa Apocalypse and formely Kallen Kaslana in the Medieval Ages.

The ability to control energy.
Higokumaru (M).png
Higokumaru - Herrscher of the Corruption

The 12th Herrscher was a self-aware lethal virus which was coloured black, which infected everybody and turned them into zombies. Not only that, but she was also able to control machines, launching nuclear missiles and destroyed a part of the old world.

Professor MEI had to seal it into the purple box before it managed to destroy the rest of human civilization.

In New World, the Purple Box was studied by Shicksal, resulting in the start of the Black Death in 1470 and in the Herrscher being worshipped by Yae Village, as well as turning Yae Sakura into a Pseudo-Herrscher (see below)

The ability to project her own consciousness onto any object and control it freely.
Kiana Kaslana and Sirin  - Herrscher of the End

The Houkai God of the New World who destroyed the Old World and final 14th Herrscher of the Old World.

The Herrscher of the End came to life soon after Kiana Kaslana touched the core of the 2nd Herrscher, Sirin (Herrscher of the Void) in the Freya Church, becoming the fusion of two Herrscher in a single entity.

In front of its overwhelming absolute power, all of Kiana's group members perished. As the final trump card, Mei (in her lightning Herrscher o the Thunder form) fought God Kiana to avenge her friends but ultimately lost the battle.

The world is then under the power of the Ultimate Herrscher and is then destroyed by her ultimate power, destroying the entire timeline, bringing upon its rebirth 50,000 years later.

The ability to end all creation; time, space and reality

Herrschers from HI3

Genuine Herrschers born in the New World
Vessel Name Description Power
Welt Joyce - The Herrscher of the Logic

The symbol of Anti-Entropy (formerly the heir to the bishop of Otto's Destiny), ability to reproduce for understanding. 

After fully understanding the "interpretation" of a thing, the first Herrscher can reproduce things with his own power.
Welt Young - The New Herrscher of the Logic

Also known as Joachim Nokianvirtanen. When Welt Joyce died, he inherited the name of "Welt" Joyce and the core of 1st Herrscher, and changed his name to Welt Young, taking on the new generation of Rule-abiding people who guarded human responsibility.

After fully understanding the "interpretation" of a thing, the first Herrscher can reproduce things with his own power.
Sirin (T).png

71180074 p0.jpg
Sirin - The Herrscher of the Void (Space-Time)

The Second Herrscher, the Herrscher of the Void who was later deemed as the most evil Herrscher of all time.

After Welt Joyce, and dominated the power of the void. She became a Herrscher and started the Second Impact in 2000, at a Schicksal laboratory and has pulled the whole North Siberia into her void realm.

After Sirin's death, her Herrscher core has been divided into four parts, they are called the Domination of Thunder, the Crave of Storm, the Silence of Death and the Contamination of Flame.

Capable of controlling space-time and reality-warping powers
Raiden Mei - the Herrscher of the Thunder

Raiden Mei is the former president of Massive Electric (referred as ME). The only daughter of Raiden Ryoma, a second grade student of Senba High School, and the student of St. Freya Academy, B-class Valkyrie.

She became the 3rd Herrscher of the New World when the 3rd Houkai Eruption started.

Capable of manipulating electromagnetic fields includes "electromagnetic field surrounding the body" and "electromagnetic pulses that destroy chemical bonds within the molecule".
Wendy - The Herrscher of the Wind

The 4th Herrscher of the New World who destroyed New Zealand.

Wendy was an A-Rank Valkyria, and also Theresa's best student and had a high potential of becoming a S-Rank Valkyria, but she got controlled by the Will of Houkai when the core of Eager Storm was implanted in her legs, and became the Herrscher of the Wind.

Capable of create the ideal fluid, which is embodied in the manipulation of the wind
Bronya Zaychik - The Herrscher of the Logic (Cyberangel)

Bronya is a high-performance cyborg with no almost no undulation of emotions, she rarely shows empathy or acts coordinately with others. However, she adores HOMUs and sympathizes with Seele and Wendy.

She has a grown-up personality, and has a very logical way of thinking. On the other hand, she cannot understand concepts based on intuition, which is what Kiana often does. Her mecha partner in arms that she utilises for combat is known as Project Bunny which has the ability to fire concentrated lasers, fire rockets, or cluster missiles. With Wolf's Dawn Valkyrja form Project Bunny is able to act independently apart from her as its own unit on the field.

After obtaining the Herrscher powers from Welt's core Bronya ascends to a new level of power.

After fully understanding the "interpretation" of a thing, the first Herrscher can reproduce things with her own power.
Ana Schariac - The Herrscher of the Ice

The 5th Herrscher of the New World known by the name of Herrscher of the Ice who happens to be using the body of Ana Schariac as her host. A A-Rank Valkyria of Schicksal, Ana was the captain of the Snow Lotus team, responsible for garrisoning the Coral City area, with rich combat experience.

Ana was born in the Schariac family and has been trained to fight Honkai since she was a child much like her late predecessor, Cecilia Schariac. She became a Valkyria at the age of 12 and was promoted to an A-Rank Valkyria at the age of 16. She served as the deputy captain of the elite team Snow Lotus.

In 2015, the Snow Lotus team was almost wiped out by Honkai in the Manila that took part in the Asian outbreak but she was the only one of her team who survived. Also because of its outstanding performance, Schicksal Charter retained the establishment of the "Snow Lotus Team", and Ana was the captain. Subsequently, the Snow Lotus team was reorganized under Ana's efforts, and she once again led this fascinating team to fight on the most dangerous front line.

Control over ice and low-temperatures climates, can deecelerate molecular motion to the point that causing extreme cold and pain.
Chen Tianwu.png
Tianwu Chen (Owl) - Herrscher of Rock/Herrscher of the Star[s]

The 9th Herrscher that once wrecked havoc on the Previous Civilization before being defeated by combined forces of humankind more than 50,000 years ago. Its power was said to be one of the most destructive forces of the Previous Era's Herrscher as it was once mentioned by DR. MEI's archives that said Herrscher once engulfed an entire country with a single black hole.

In the New Era, the Herrscher of the Stars tried to use the young Tianwu Chen from World Serpent as its new vessel but was stopped by Raiden Mei [Herrshcer of the Thunder] before it could ascend.

Extremely dangerous and destructive, the Herrscher of the Stars that god-like powers that allowed it to control cosmic abilities like controlling gravity at will and even summoning black holes that devour entire countries.
"Fu" Hua? - Herrscher of Sentience

The 8th Herrscher that once plunged the Previous Civilization in chaos.

In the New Era, she awoke after the Honkai merged with one of the Feathers of Fu Hua. She was defeated by Kiana (Herrscher of the Void), and ultimately sealed away by the true consciousness of Fu Hua. Within the seal, the two had a discussion, and the 8th Herrscher decided to leave in order to find her true self. Her whereabouts right now are unknown.

The Herrscher of the Sentience was shown to not be destructive like its predecessors but strikes its victims using their own minds such as manipulating dreams, human consciousness and was able to use illusions. The true extent of its power is unknown.

Pseudo-Herrschers (HI3/GGZ)

Individuals who possesses extremely high Houkai Energy similar to a Herrscher but do not possess their own Herrscher core
Vessel Name Description Power
Yae Sakura -Herrscher of the Corruption

Yae Sakura was a shrine maiden at Yae Village at the time of Kallen Kaslana. She first found Kallen wounded by a river and she tended to her until she was well. The two eventually started a relationship and loved each other, until Sakura got possessed by the will of the Houkai from the purple box and Kallen was forced to seal her loved one away.

Ninja-like combat skills
Murata Himeko - Herrscher of the Dominion (Blood Rose)

Murata Himeko is a S-Valkyrie was known as the Ace of the Far East Branch, and was formerly the Captain of the Hyperion. Himeko belongs to Saint Freya Houkai Fighting Strategy Unit, while also the Valkyrja Squad Fifth Platoon Commander-in-chief. Her rank is Lieutenant Commander. She is a good captain who is fully respected from her subordinates, able to perfectly carry out the strategy, deal calmly under any adverse circumstances.

Heavy-physical abilities
Agata - the Herrscher of the Flames

One of 3 Shicksal Babylon Tower's guinea pigs who died at young age. She was later resurrected by Sirin during the Second Houkai War and was given the gem "Inflammation".

She possessed the ability of the Fire Herrscher, and was ordered to destroy Kazakhstan-Astana, bringing more power to Sirin.

Capable of controlling flames
Aphora - Herrscher of the Wind

One of 3 Shicksal Babylon Tower's guinea pigs who died at young age. She was later resurrected by Sirin during the Second Houkai War and was given the gem "Eager Storm".

She possessed the ability of the Herrscher of the Wind, and was ordered to destroy Finland-Oulu, bringing more power to Sirin.

Capable of controlling ideal fluids and oxygen
Galina - The Herrscher of the Death

One of 3 Shicksal Babylon Tower's guinea pigs who died at young age. She was later resurrected by Sirin during the Second Houkai War and was given the gem "Silent Death".

She possessed the ability of the Herrscher of the Death, and was ordered to destroy Russia-Novosibirsk, bringing more power to Sirin.

Capable of controlling life and death
Asakura Mizuki - Herrscher of the Lust

She is a Japanese girl who is known for being lesbian who is constantly sexually abused by some male students and developed an interest in other high-school girls in the Old World. When the hatred for being rejected by everyone controlled her mind, she was corrupted by the Houkai's will, becoming a newborn Herrscher and a serial rapist of young girls.

None notable
Herrscher of Toxin.jpg
Yunai - Herrscher of the Toxin

The Herrscher of the Toxin was the 4th Herrscher born in the town of Nagazora in Japan and tried to drain the blood of all civilians in the region of Japan to clean the world from "sin".

Due to her weak state, she was considered a Pseudo-Herrscher and perished 2 days after her birth by the hands of Theresa Apocalypse, freeing her host from her tormented life.

Capable of controlling poisonous plants

Artificial Herrschers (GGZ)

Artificial Herrschers by Shicksal
Vessel Name Description Power
Muerta -Herrscher of the Light

An Artificial Herrscher created by Otto Apocalypse to stop other Herrscher but her temper is too short and has psychotic tendencies.

After fusing herself with another Herrscher, her mere presence became a global threat.

Capable of controling light 
Aisha Lopez - Herrscher of the Right Divine

The former captain of Glorious Squad of Fire Moth but died in combat against the Houkai in the Celeste Town. 

She was revived by Otto Apocalypse as an artificial Herrscher.

Capable of controlling miracles
Angela Shagnat - The Herrscher of the Saints A S-Valkyrie who was a member of the Shaniat family. She dreamed to be a Valkyrie but had was trained to be a noble since her childhood. She was killed by Theresa when she lost control of her emotions but was revived as an artificial Herrscher by Otto Apocalypse. Capable of summoning Holy Weapons
Seruti - Herrscher of the Blood

An Artificial Herrscher created by Otto Apocalypse using a young girl who survived the colapse of Paris. 

She became the Herrscher of the Blood and was capable of controlling her own blood that was full of Houkai virus. She became more psychotic and sadistic and Fire Moth had to put an end to her life.

Capable of controlling her blood and creating zombies if her blood touches anyone
Flora - The Herrscher of the Wisdom

The maid of Shicksal from the Old World who was chosen by Otto Apocalypse to become the Herrscher of the Wisdom.

She was the most intelligent living being alive and could calculate and form strategic plans against the Houkai.

Capable of using omniscience
Kallen Kaslana (Old World) 

Kallen Kaslana was an ancestor of the Kaslana lineage. She was the most powerful among her fellow Valkyries in her era and was Otto Apocalypse's first love interest.

She was revived as an Artificial Herrscher in the Old World with false memories and an altered personality.


Planet Earth's Eruptions (New World Timeline)

Eruptions are cataclysmatic events started by Herrscher, they are widely known as steps to the Apocalypse.

Black Death

The Black Death.

The Black Death was one of the most devastating pandemics in human history, resulting in the deaths of an estimated 75 to 200 million people in Eurasia and peaking in Europe from 1470 to 147X.

The Herrscher extinction was started by the 12th Herrscher of the Old World, the Herrscher of the Corruption. The Black Death was the first major European outbreak of plague, and the second plague pandemic. The plague created a number of religious, social and economic upheavals which had profound effects on the course of European history. The Black Death is estimated to have killed 30% to 60% of Europe's population. In total, the plague may have reduced the world population from an estimated 450 million to 350–375 million in the 14th century.

Second Eruption

  • Orchestrator: Sirin
  • Date: February, 2000 AD

Sirin about to launch meteors at Earth.

Also known as the Second Houkai War, was the first declared war of mankind as a whole against a Herrscher in the new world. It was started in February, 2000 AD after Sirin, a guinea pig of Shicksal Babylon Tower awakened her powers as a Herrscher and began a genocidal quest to wipe out all human race from the planet. It was considered the most destructive war and cataclysmatic even mankind ever faced, with billions of casualities besides the destruction of hundreds of countries.

Years after Sirin's defeat, the world changed completely. With most of the countries destroyed, the world fell into an economic crisis that starved millions, a global epidemic caused by Sirin's Houkai monsters killed tens of millions more (stated to have killed even more than the Black Plage during the 14th century, as showns in Otto's background), erradicating entire races and species of animals. Aside from the aftermatch of Houkai War, half of all states of the world were completely obliterated by the Houkai creatures summoned by Sirin during her fight with the Valkyries of Shicksal, causing rail damage to all nations, including America and China.

Many people remembered the Second Houkai War as the cause of billions of deaths, dozens of other small countries were still underwater after numerous tsunamis, all the continents of the globe ravaged by meteors and monsters, and hundreds of ruined countries clawing back from the brink of total destruction. In crisis, the infant mortality rate increased by the thousands, the crime rate jumped to the skies, terrorist attacks became frequent, the number of civil wars increased even more in Africa, several diseases have arisen, the number of raped women had grown insanely and thousands of immigrants were targeted by organ traffickers and slave traders. 

Third Eruption/Outbreak

  • Orchestrator: Herrscher of the Thunder
  • Date: 2014 AD

The Herrscher of the Thunder.

The Third Eruption of Houkai on Earth (also known as Outbreak) that broke out 14 years after the Second Houkai Eruption (War). It begun as a Houkai Outbreak in Nagazora, Japan, with the awakening of the 3rd Herrscher, the Herrscher of the Thunder, one of the four Herrscher whom once served Sirin during the Second Houkai War. The event was contained and the 3rd Herrscher (Mei Raiden) was enrolled as a student in St. Freya High to be monitored by Schicksal.

After Raiden Mei was freed from her Herrscher's control, she thanked Kiana and became aware of how fast she was becoming a Herrscher powers. The two developed a romantic relationship from that day on. However, due to the time Mei was in her Herrscher form, too much Honkai energy leaked out to create a ripple effect attracting Houkai beasts and turning most of the students of the school into zombies. However the two later discovered one of the students, Bronya Zaychik a young Russian girl was unaffected, therefore also having Houkai energy adaptability. The trio opted to seek refuge from the approaching beasts and zombies. This cataclysmatic event would later be known as the 3rd Houkai (Eruption) Impact from which the game's name is derived.

Nagazora was the only affected area but the Eruption spread to other regions of Japan, almost causing the downfall of the Empire of Japan.

Fourth Eruption

The awakening of Herrscher of the Void.

The Fourth Eruption, also known as the Third Houkai War, was another mass-extinction even similar to the First Eruption that could be considered a planetcide where trillions of sentient beings, humans and all animal life were wiped from the face of the planet. It was started 16 years after the ending of the Second Houkai War, August, 2016 by the same orchestrator of the previous war, Sirin, now better known as the Herrscher of the Void after she controlled K-423's (Kiana Kaslana) body.

With the Gem of Conquest (Herrscher of the Thunder's core) in her hands, Herrscher proceeded to use her Houkai energy and triggered a cataclysmatic global eruption events, causing the core of Earth to superheat and awakening all volcanos of the world, creating earthquakes that shook the entire planet and shifted entire continents with brutality, killing 90% of all humanity she once destroyed. The planet is now to pitched into complete dark, and that is devastating photosynthesis, destroying crop yields and cause temperatures to plunge, acid rains and many other natural disaster around the globe.

This cataclysmatic event pushed mankind to the brink of extinction, only a few large cities remained standing, such as Arc City, as the last bastions of human civilization.





  • Herrscher is a term for "Ruler" in German. Herrscher was only used after the launch of the third game of the franchise, Honkai Impact 3, while in the previous games they were called Rulers.
  • Most of the Herrschers were all female but it was confirmed that at least four male Herrschers existed, the four being the same people. The Welt Joyce and Welt Young from the Old World and the two Welts from the New World, who are basically the same people.


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