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Lord Hethrir is the main antagonist of the Star Wars Legends novel The Crystal Star. He is the leader of the Empire Reborn.


Hethrir was a Force sensitive from the planet Firrere. During the days of the Empire, he was trained in the Dark Side by Darth Vader alongside his lover Rillao. He was appointed the Procurator of Justice of his home planet and dealt ruthlessly with his own people, transporting a few of them off world and then destroying the planet in front of them. Both he and Vader had hoped that he and Rillao would have a child strong in the Force. Hethrir anticipated the fall of the Empire and planted the seeds of the Empire Reborn sect, planning to one day succeed Palpatine.

Rillao turned against the Empire and fled with their son, Tigris. Hethrir eventually tracked her down, imprisoned her and took Tigris. However, he was dismayed to learn the boy had no Force abilities. He refused to acknowledge him as his son, instead keeping him as a servant and telling him his mother was a traitor to the Empire and dead. Hethrir allied himself with the extra-dimensional creature Waru, who had some connection with the Force, and housed him at Crseih Station. He began abducting Force-sensitive children and forcing them to take a test where they had to ignite a lightsabre with the Force. Since he believed in the Empire's human supremacy doctrine, he made sure all non-humans failed by blocking them with his own Force powers. He sold those who failed as slaves while others were trained for the Empire Youth. Many, he sacrificed to Waru, but some of them were returned with their powers increased. Hethrir dreamed to give a powerful Jedi to Waru, then enter Waru himself to strengthen his grip on the Force.

Hethrir ultimately abducted Jaina, Jacen and Anakin Solo, the children of Han and Leia, telling them that their parents, Luke and Chewbacca had been killed in an earthquake and that he was their hold-father and now had custody of them. However, his lack of knowledge of their family and clearly evil nature meant that they were suspicious of him from the start. Hethrir invited a group of his allies to bid for the "failures" in his latest batch of children, and force-choked Lord Cnorec to death when he was reluctant to pay the price.

Feeling his time was at hand, Hethrir ordered his followers to Crseih Station and took Anakin there as a sacrifice. He also brought Tigris along but was frustrated by the boy's kindness to Anakin. He encountered C-3PO on the station and tried to destroy him with his lightsabre, but Waru's influence weakened his grip on the force and he only damaged the droid. He was also only able to wound a dissenter, Brashaa, when he tried to force choke him. Tigris realised Anakin had been denied a choice so stopped the sacrifice, moments before Leia, Rillao and Chewbacca arrived, closely followed by Luke and Han. While Luke, Han and Leia entered Waru, Hethrir ended up grappling with Rillao, who forced him to reveal his true connection with Tigris. Luke, Han and Leia managed to exit Waru who, frustrated, absorbed Hethrir and transferred back to its own dimension, presumably killing him.


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