Hibachi's containment chamber Koryu

Hibachi is a recurring antagonist from the DonPachi series, acting as the final boss/true final boss in all games. Hibachi is a giant bee-shaped robot, created by Schwarlitz Longhener (named as Longhena) to be the ultimate killing machine, intended to exterminate humanity, so Longhener could recreate it upon his image of perfection.

Being a robot, Hibachi only follows it's original programming. It is capable of self-repairing, the reason it has come time-to-time again to terrorize humanity even centuries after Longhener's demise. It usually has two forms: the first is that of a gigantic bee, while the second is a much smaller bee in flames.


  • Ultimate Demonic Arsenal Hibachi (最終鬼畜兵器 火蜂)
  • Extreme Murder Arsenal Hibachi (極殺兵器 緋蜂)
  • Hibachi (]-[|/34<#!) - Written in codified letters
  • Hibachi (陽蜂)
  • Inbachi (陰蜂)



  • In the latest game of the series (DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou), Hibachi assumes the form of a Elemental Doll (referred to as Hina), but since SaiDaiOuJou is an alternate continuity, that Hibachi has no relation to the original one.
  • Hibachi is also being praised as the hardest Shoot Em' Up boss among Japanese community.
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