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Hideo Kuze is the main suspect for Section 9 in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG. He is a cyborg and has a sculptured face which keeps his lips from moving when he speaks to someone.


At age 6, he was said to have survived a plane crash along with a young girl in hospital. While paralyzed, Kuze had his left arm making paper cranes. The young child Motoko Kusanagi visited him. They both underwent different remodelings into full cyborgs. He used by be a member of the SDF. 2024, Kuze was stationed with his fellow JSDF troops in North Korea. Years later, he joined the terrorist group the Individual Eleven after failling to murder Prime Minister Kayabuki. Upon hearing that his comrades would eventually try to kill themselves on TV, Kuze escapes after killing a member.

He then planned a mass revolution for Japan. Moments after Kusanagi kills Kazundo Gouda, the American Empire was planning to kill Kuze. In his final moments before his death, Kuze stated "I'll go on ahead..."

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