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Villain Overview

Ah, Mr. Mace. You could have called first.
~ Hidora Kai when meeting Mace.

Hidora Kai is a villainous playable character of the 2019 first person shooter, Call of Duty: Mobile, and the major antagonist in the Mobile comics. he is a mercenary for hire, a Yakuza Boss who is working for "The Fifth Knight" the mysterious leader of the Five Knights.

He was voiced by Greg Chun, who also voiced who also voiced Kapono "Naga" Vang in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Henry Wu in Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, Muzan Kibutsuji in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Garou in One Punch Man, Gabriel Miller in Sword Art Online, N'Doul in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, Bruno in Pokémon Masters, Souther in Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise, and Adam in Nier: Automata.



Hidora Kai would become a mercenary for hire and a Yakuza Boss for the Five Knights alongside Vladimir Makarov, Raul Menendez, Gabriel T. Rorke, Mace, Édouard "Templar" Couteau, Cecilia "Dame" Perrin, Vagr Modir, Rott & Sebastian Krueger. Serving under the "Fifth King", Hidora Kai would help the criminal organization destroy governments and recruit other terrorist organizations.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Hidora, who represents corporate interests, always looking for greater returns.
~ Vladmir Makarov describing Hidora Kai in Call of Duty: Mobile.
Hidora has been moving billions of dollars for Makarov and the Soviets. with his death, the Soviet's funds would suffer in the long run.
~ Russell Adler describing Hidora Kai's Story And Death in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Mace meets up with Hidora Kai and they plan their next moves, to disable all electronic devices in the world. including military radio towers, communication centers, Soap and Mara's convoy and the plane Ghost and Tank Dempsey are flying in by using the EMP launched earlier, and the operators survive and and entered The Club.

In Alcatraz, Mara and her team stormed the Island. later on, Mara and Hidora engaged in a battle while her team finds the command center rigged to blow with explosives. during the fight, Hidora loses his laptop and manages to escape after the explosives went off. Later on, Hidora is on a boat.

Hidora is also listed to be a member of The Five Knights, according to Makarov, he is the one looking for benefits.

Later on, Hidora returned to Tokyo to rebuild The Five Knights, according to Menendez used information under interrogation by Captain Price And Shepherd.

While in Tokyo, Alex and Soap ambush Hidora. and Hidora tells his henchmen to get rid of them while he escapes. However, he is apprehended by Alex and Soap while his henchmen purse them. But before their escape, an individual named Spectre intercepts them, allowing Hidora to attempt escape once more. Later on, Soap knocks out Hidora and puts him in a motorcycle. however Alex and Soap and a Captured Hidora entered to a boat on the docks. His henchman fall short of reaching him and are forced to remain behind.

Hidora is Interrogated by Shepherd aboard, but he refuses to divulge everything, from the fact that he doesn't know about "The Fifth Knight" and he won't be sitting long. The trio dismissed the idea that someone's been following them, until the alarm goes off, proving Hidora wasn't mistaken about his institution. Vagr Modir and and her team of mercenaries attack the ship that he's being held in. Modir manages to get past Soap and Alex and busts into the cabin where Hidora is being held at gunpoint by Shepherd.

Hidora is freed by Modir and he mostly tied up Shepherd to prevent them by escaping. As he and Modir heads outside, he suggests contacting Rorke, But Modir notes that he's busy and they will coordinate with him shortly. Hidora expresses worry as he watches Modir's fleet being decimated by the Ghosts fleet, But Modir tells him to keep moving. He says that the Ghosts have found them, But Modir is confident that they won't be stopped as the pair escaped on a speedboat. Hidora and Modir then rendezvous with Rorke on another ship. Modir chides Rorke for giving her flawed Intel, But he notes that Adler introduced a new element and that he was playing his cards close to his chest. Just then, their ship comes under fire from both the UAC and Ghosts Ships. Modir suggests for them to drop naval mines to lose them, which succeeds in delaying them long enough to make their getaway.

Later, Rorke's Ship is revealed to arrive in Panama. Hidora questions him, But Rorke tells him he's not here to answer his questions and reminds him who freed him from the UAC. Hidora accepts and expresses concerned over the fact that the UAC is coming. Rorke isn't worried, as he replies that letting them come is not a problem as they find the place as friendly as they do.

In Blackout Island, The UAC's mission is to kill Hidora instead of capturing him. Several of The Five Knight's henchman were killed in the UAC's attempt to get to Hidora. He's eventually shown to be hiding out in a deeper section of the facility that Price and his team raided. He then taunts Price on whether he's going to finish it or quip, to which he responds that he's happy to oblige. Forced to retreat, Hidora then shoots Demir, wounding him in the shoulder. Rosa then lunges at him, kicking away his gun, But Hidora is quick enough to draw his sword and slashes her on her left cheek, remarking she's not like any other woman. He then runs off, stating they're all dead anyway. Pursed by Captain Price, He then slices his gun in half, But then gets stunned and disarmed of his sword, before being fatally stabbed by the latter. However, Hidora mocks him for thinking he has won, saying that everything is "going dark" as Price had said. Having had enough, Price then slashes Hidora through his torso, Killing him.


Indeed I did. And I have prepared accordingly.
~ Hidora Kai to Mace.
Possibly, But I am hoping that is not necessary. This was just meant to be, Call it a show of good faith, after a fashion. So that you didn't shoot first and ask questions, never.
~ Hidora Kai to Mace.
Well, there are limits to how much good faith I have. I want to show you something.
~ Hidora Kai to Mace.
Indeed it is, the control unit for damocles. That's what Makarov called it. A weapon from the Cold War, just as Nova Gas was a relic of the second world war. And like the Nova Gas, never used.
~ Hidora Kai showing Mace the control unit for damocles.
~ Hidora Kai to Mace.
That was exactly Makarov's intent, In fact. Hence the name. But he was always a man of limited vision.
~ Hidora Kai to Mace.
And unlike you, I think. Mr. Mace, What you think of as Shadow Group is just one part of what we call The Five Knights. Think of us all as fingers on a hand. separate, but part of a larger whole, working towards the same goal.
~ Hidora Kai to Mace about The Five Knights.
Perhaps, but the point is that each is less useful on their own. A finger is not a fist. But if we work together, then we can do something extraordinary. Damocles, the nova gas, all will simply cause chaos. But with your command of the soldiers, we can use them all to strike a fatal blow against the special ops forces. Who even now are hunting you. I am not foolish enough to give you the command codes. But I do think another show of good faith is in order. And one of power. Just as the world has grown more dependent on technology, so have the world governments. They rely on it for their intel. For their operations, even for transports. So I wonder, Mr. Mace, what would happen if the Cronus took that all away? No Intel, No Tricks, No Travels, No Escape, No Hope. Cronus can take all that away. We can take everything away from our enemies. Strip them bare and lay them low.
~ Hidora Kai to Mace when using the Cronus at the world.
It is not, That is why we need you. We will strike, we will use the chaos. We will use our resources. And if we have the will, Mr. Mace, When we are done, We will be the world power remaining.
~ Hidora Kai to Mace.

I had hoped you had perished, Mara.
~ Hidora Kai when encountering Mara.

Do you think you can take this?
~ Hidora Kai when battling Mara.

Because it will not be without difficulty.
~ Hidora Kai when battling Mara.
You think you can keep that?
~ Hidora Kai to Mara.
Damn you.
~ Hidora Kai to Mara.
Kill them. The work must continue.
~ Hidora Kai to his Henchmen after Alex and soap are ready to Capture him.
~ Hidora Kai to Alex after entering the elevator shaft.
Kill them.
~ Hidora Kai to his henchmen after escaping the car while in cuffs.
I don't know what you expect.
~ Hidora Kai to Shepherd while interrogated.
I am not Raul, and I have nothing of note to say to you. In any case, I will not be staying long.
~ Hidora Kai to Shepherd while interrogated.
That is your question?
~ Hidora Kai to Shepherd while interrogated.
And it will remain one.
~ Hidora Kai to Shepherd while interrogated.
You should, perhaps, be more concerned, for your friends at Texas.
~ Hidora Kai to Shepherd while interrogated after getting punched.
I think perhaps I am not the one mistaken about the outcome.
~ Hidora Kai to Shepherd.
Rorke is...
~ Hidora Kai to Vagr Modir.
This doesn't not appear to be going well, Wolfmother.
~ Hidora Kai to Vagr Modir.
The Ghosts have found us.
~ Hidora Kai to Vagr Modir when they notice the Ghosts Ship.
Panama? Why come here? You...
~ Hidora Kai to Rorke.
No more questions then, Just a statement. We bought little time, The UAC is coming.
~ Hidora Kai to Rorke.
Are you going to finish this, Captain Price, or are you just going to quip at me?
~ Hidora Kai to Captain Price while encountered.
You are not the equal of the other woman. We are all dead anyway.
~ Hidora Kai while injuring Rosa by slashing her check.
You are too late.
~ Hidora Kai to Captain Price while slashing his gun.
You think you've won, you are mistaken.
~ Hidora Kai after getting stabbed by his own sword by Captain Price.
It is as you say, Captain Price. Everything is going dark.
~ Hidora Kai's Last Words to Captain Price.


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