Hidrer Soldiers are the combatants of the Great Star League Gozma and antagonists in Dengeki Sentai Changeman. They are blue, goblin-like creatures with yellow hair that are hatched from eggs. Their primary weapons are gray, three-bladed discs they wield for melee combat. They also use ray guns on occasion.


During their initial attack on Earth, the Gozma dropped eggs on the planet from which Hidrer Soldiers hatched from. The Hidrer Soldiers attacked a group of Earth Defense Force soldiers who were training in preparation for the Gozma's invasion, only for five recruits to have the power of the Earth awakened in them and transformed into the Changemen at that moment. With their new powers, the Changemen fought off the Hidrer Soldiers and repelled the Gozma's invasion.

In the final episode, when the Changemen landed on the Gozma Star itself they faced Hidrer Soldiers directly spawned from Bazeu. These Hidrer Soldiers were much stronger than the typical Hidrer Soldiers the Changemen thought, possibly due to being born from Bazeu himself.



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