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It's a pity.
~ Higanbana Odoru

Higanbana Odoru is one of the main protagonists as well as the main anti-hero of Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni. She is the third highest-ranking youkai in the school, also known as the "Dancing Higanbana." She is a girl who takes the form of a Western doll, that sits in the school infirmary and, according to her associated legend, dances on its own during the nighttime. She is the youkai who indirectly offers Marie the chance to become the eighth of the seven school youkai, Mesomeso, and treats her as her personal assistant. She regularly torments cruel or weak-willed students, and, depending on her whims, is depicted as either an antagonist when targeting a story's hero, or as an anti-hero when targeting another villain.


Higanbana is shown to be rather haughty and supercilious (at least, she once was before her fight with Geragera (Marie's alternate counterpart), which afterwards left her as a sniveling girl running errands) and seems to help people when in fact she desires to eat them in the end, therefore often aiming to scare them or instigate conflict. Of course, the only exception happens to be Marie Moriya, especially after she becomes a youkai, though she openly states that she would have eaten her had she not become Mesomeso. Higanbana is also unsympathetic and undemonstrative, as she curses and kills humans without a second thought, and she could really care less for her fellow youkai as well. If only because she is interested in her youkai capabilities, the only person she even remotely cares for is Marie herself. Of course, on the other hand, she also has a kinder, gentler side to her as well, as shown when she allow's Yoko's ghost to go to Heaven in "One Girl's Day," meaning she may not actually be so bad deep down inside. She even states to have done it on a whim.

Higanbana is usually quite lonely, since very few people come to visit her in the infirmary. She also seems to take great pride in the rumor concerning her doll vessel in the infirmary and will often mention it to others, seeming disappointed if they don't know of it.

Powers and Abilities

Not only is it Higanbana's job to eat humans just like her fellow youkai do, she also boasts plenty of other powers. One of her youkai powers is the capability of telepathy.


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