You soft baked creatures are no match for the High Override.
~ High Override.

The High Override is the main antagonist of the second season of the reboot of Ben 10. He is the high ruler of the Fulmini empire.

He was voiced by Fred Tatasciore.


In "Innervasion Part 1: Message in a Boxcar", When Ben Tennyson transforms into Shock Rock, The High Override started to influence and speak in Ben's mind, even when transform back to human, Ben could still hear the High Override's voice in his head. That Night, Ben started having terrifying nightmares, resulting sleepwalking while talking action during the night.


Like his species, The High Override semi-energy being reinforced with gray rock armor, Unlike the rest of the Fulmini, The High Override's energy is lilac instead of blue and his size is colossal rather than human size. He has large crest on his head with two long horns, His fingers are sharper and his feet are similar to insectoid. His energy forms a cape behind his back.

Powers And Abilities

Being the high ruler of the Fulmini, The High Override can influence lesser Fulmini and control them against their will, When any Fulmini under his control, Their blue energy turns purple. The High Override can drain their energy leaving nothing , but their rock armor, and even revive the Fulmini that he absorb.


  • The High Override's appearance is similar to Sauron from Lord of the Ring.
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