High Priestess Bishium is one of the three High Priests of Gorgom and a major antagonist in Kamen Rider Black.

She was portrayed by Hitomi Yoshii.


Kamen Rider Black

After losing the Stone of Earth within her in the ritual to revive Shadow Moon, Bishium was reborn as Grand Mutant Bishium. Overconfident in herself, Bishium became convinced that she could finally defeat Kamen Rider Black. She took control of the mothers and captured Kyoko as part of a scheme to obtain Kotaro's King Stone.

She later confronted Black alongside Shadow Moon and grabbed onto him so Shadow Moon could shoot a beam to rip out Kohtaro's King Stone. However, the beam ended up striking and destroying Bishium instead.

Powers and Abilities

Bishium can discharge laser beams from her eyes. In her Grand Mutant form, Bishium keeps her usually powers but can also spin around to create twisters.


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