Barb and Juniper, also known as High Voltage, are minor antagonists in the 2018 Disney series Big Hero 6: The Series.


Issue 188

Barb and Juniper first appear robbing ATMs while putting on a street performance to distract the crowd. Hiro, Go Go and Bymax try to fight them, but they manage to beat them easily and get away.

They prove to be too great for Big Hero 6, resulting in them winning a series of victories. Big Hero 6 and High Voltage battle one last time at the city's bank. Go Go Tomago eventually finds a way to defeat the duo and destroys their power orb, stripping High Voltage of their power. They then attempts to escape, but are quickly subdued and captured by the young heroes, and are later arrested by the police.

Big Hero 7

Eventually the two break out of prison but have become separate after Barb steals one of Juniper's dance moves. They spend the most of the episode bickering with each other while each one is trying to find their energy orb. Their Richardson Mole's comic book store who bought the orb to display the orb in his museum. While battling Big Hero 7, Mole insults Juniper's dancing which makes Barb furious. She who stands up for her daughter by supporting the latter's skills. Barb confesses that she stole Juniper's move because due her age is was becoming difficult to perform her own moves. Barb and Juniper make up and use their energy orb to battle Big Hero 7 together, however, they are defeated and arrested again. Regardless, Barb and Juniper are happy that they'll be together.

Powers and Abilities

  • Electricity manipulation: High Voltage can release currents of electricity to use in combat. They can cause machinery to short-circuit and malfunction. This power works well with their dancing skills
  • Dancing capabilities: High Voltage infuse dance in their physical attacks, exchanging one movement to the next while acting in a coordinated fashion. They can dodge attacks easily and execute their own without any problem.
  • Master Acrobats: Besides their dancing skills, they can do backflips and many other sorts of acrobatics, making them harder to subdue and capture and their heists more effective.


  • Energy Orb: A mysterious device that is the source High Voltage's power. They channel the electricity through their wristbands. It also powers their car. However, without the orb, High Voltage cannot control electricity.
  • Electric car: After their first battle with Big Hero 6, they used an electric car powered by the energy orb to escape.


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