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The Highbreed are a supremacist alien race who think they should be the only lifeforms in the universe they use DNAliens to do there dirty work. Their number #1 enemy is Ben 10. How they destroy a targets planet is send a small number of highbreed to that planet then they turn the planet's people into DNAliens to make a hyperspace jump gate that will summon many highbreed warships to destroy the target planet.


The Highbreed are tall white humanoid life forms with four red eyes on their chest, They had black hands with two fingers and a thumb on ease hand and black feet with two toes on ease foot. They had a purple face with four red eyes or some had three red eyes, They also has orange wings.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength: The Highbreed possesses great physical strength strong enough to defeat Vaxasaurians such as Humungousaur.
  • Enhanced Durability: The Highbreed possesses great durability.
  • Flight: The Highbreed can fly into the air by using their wings.
  • Dart Projection: The Highbreed can fire claw darts from their fingers.
  • Root Projection: By opening their chest, The Highbreed can released roots that are similar to tentacles to find water in the ground and drink the water in the ground.


The Highbreed need to stay cold, If the Highbreed were in a environmental with heat and can't find water, It will cause they to dehydrate.

The Highbreed's greatest weakness is diseases and sterility which will cause they to be on the verge of extinction.

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