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The Highwaymen is a nationwide confederation of marauders, bandits and killers made up of loosely-cooperating Chapters including the one based in Hope Country, Montana that acts as the main antagonistic faction of Far Cry New Dawn, a direct sequel of Far Cry 5. Most of their ranks are highly-armed and have a large arsenal of weaponry similar to the Project at Eden's Gate. The Hope Country Chapter is led by the sadistic twins Mickey and Lou. The group is known for its lust for violence and entertain themselves with death races and gladiator fights.


The Highwaymen are a large gang of marauders that were formed some time after the nuclear apocalypse known as "the Collapse" by a man named Vince, the Twins' father, who was later killed by them after he became a "problem" and his position usurped. Each twin took up a role, with Mickey as the brains and Lou as the muscle. With the Twins in charge, the Highwaymen became one of the most dominant and dangerous gangs all across America. They have chapters in various locations including Florida, Louisiana, Arizona, and Nevada. Each chapter also seemingly functions individually with their leadership, though the leaders of each chapter eventually answer to the Twins.

The Twins however met fierce resistance from the Scavengers (survivors of the Collapse led by Kim Rye) and the New Eden Cult (remnants of PAEG) and waged a brutal war on both groups to control of the region.

After the death of Lou and the death/resignation of Mickey and the raid on their headquarters by the combined forces of both the Scavengers and the New Eden, the Highwaymen presence in Hope County was severely crippled but not destroyed entirely as they cannot let go of their marauding ways. Despite being leaderless, the Prosperity people and the Security Captain still continue their fight against them for a long time.


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