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Hikey Sprites, also known simply as Hikeys, are a specific type of bogey from the region of Norfolk in England, they are comparable to more well-known fairy-type creatures such as goblins or trolls and exist both as a type of bogeyman and as mischief-makers of varying degress of malice.


The Hikeys are a very obscure type of bogey, a subclass of fairy that delight in more malicious interactions with humans, haunting mostly Norfolk these creatures were known to have unpredictable personalities and thus could be playful and fun one moment only to turn vicious and cruel the next.

A common saying in some parts of Norfolk would be to warn children to return home at night with "come home quick or the Hikeys will get you!" - it is unknown what the Hikeys would do to children they captured but it was likely unpleasant, since many bogeys delight in child-cruelty or even slavery.

They also took to raiding homes when the mood suited them and thus while capable of being allies (some even helped find lost donkeys or (ironically enough) lost children) they were also capable of being extremely dangerous to any that happened to get in their way.

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