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I just wanted to meet my own Orihime!
~ Hikoboshi World's last words.

The Hikoboshi World is one of the two main antagonists (the other being the Great Hikoboshi World) of Episode 20 of Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. A World based off Niulang, it is a servant of Tojitendo who was created from the Hikoboshi Tojiru Gear that contained Hikoboshitopia. After his death, his Tojiru Gear reformed into a Kudaitest known as the Great Hikoboshi World.

He was voiced by Sōichirō Hoshi, who also voiced the Orihime World and the Great Hikoboshi World.


The Hikoboshi World made his first appearance as he crashes through the roof of a marketplace, interrupting Zox's execution since he stole Ryoga's Wonder Ride Book from the Saber's dimension. Once he regained conscious, he immediately falls in love, as he indicates Reika as "Orihime" and warps her and other female civilians away. With the culprit being revealed, the duo transformed and battle the Hikoboshi World, but with the enraged swordsman blindly charging towards the Hikoboshi World, the duo tries to avoid his attacks, and after getting caught in some rop,e the Hikoboshi World continues to find his "Orhime", leaving to find more women to kidnap.

Later, the Hikoboshi World appeared in a dimension along with the kidnapped women as personal candidates as his "Orihime" to see which one is able to weave until Ijirude shows up, letting him know that he didn't kidnap Zox's sister, which he was shocked by but didn't mind going off to do. Returning to the human world, the Hikoboshi World was in the sky until he was knocked down by Juran, with the male heroes attacking the villain alongside Kamen Rider Durendal. During the fight, Zox tossed these new gears towards the team, with Juran getting the Zi-O Gear, which allows him to see the future, Gaon got a Zero-One Gear, and Kaito got was a Saber Gear. With the Kuddaks defeated due to the gear's various techniques, the Hikoboshi World tries to leave, but Durendal stops him in his tracks and tries to battle him. However, Durendal got shot in the side from the released Reika and Magine, who escaped alongside the other captives. With the female heroes joining their friends to fight, Sabela caused some smoke to blind the Hikoboshi World while Magine used her magic to summon an illusion of herself once he tried to attack the illusion. After being hit and dodging Zox's stars, Zox uses his Zenkaiju Gear to quickly attack the robot as Durendalused his time manipulation ability to stop time while he too deals damage towards the robot. After that, the Hikoboshi World was then destroyed by the Twokaiser Rex Refreezer and Ocean Three-Quarter Time Thrust techniques.


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