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Heheheh... You're Tailtiu's kid, right? I drove that woman to her grave. You've come to avenge her death, have you?
~ Battle Quote with Arthur.

Hilda is the wife of Duke Bloom of Friege, a relative of the Velthomer nobility of Grannvale, and the mother of Ishtar and Ishtore. She is responsible for the relentless abuse of Tailtiu/Ethnia while in Bloom's captivity, resulting in her death, and as the appointed Queen of Miletos in the Grannvale occupation of the region, personally participates in the Loptyrian child hunts in the country.


Hilda is violent and bloodthirsty, delighting in the suffering of the people of Miletos under the rule of Grannvale and the Loptyrians, regularly participating in the massacres herself, and considers the murders of escaped children to be a perfectly normal "lesson" to the people of Miletos. In particular, she has an intense hatred for Tailtiu/Ethnia as a result of their status as traitors to Grannvale; while she freely and gleefully admits to her abuse of Tailtiu/Ethnia, she nonetheless claims that they were "ungrateful" towards her, as if she expected gratitude from them for her actions. She appears to have an interest in her family climbing the social order, as evidenced by her insistence on Ishtar's pursuit of her relationship with Julius. At the same time as her heinous deeds, she nonetheless claims that the demise of Ishtore and Bloom at the hands of Seliph's army is itself a vicious crime on Seliph's part worthy of eternal emnity from House Friege.


I made her life a living hell! Hahaha, I had so much fun back then...
~ Hilda reminiscing over her torture of Tailtiu.
At some point during the era of the Grannvale Empire, Hilda married Bloom of House Freege. When Bloom abducted Tailtiu/Ethnia and her daughter Teeny/Linda while they were hiding in Silesse and imprisoned them, Hilda took to viciously abusing the two, both physically and verbally, for years on end until her actions ultimately caused Tailtiu/Ethnia's death. W
ith the occupied Miletos territory placed under the rule of House Friege, Hilda was appointed the "Queen of Miletos" while Bloom governed the Manster District. Ruling Miletos from Chronos Castle, she is a prominent architect of the massacres and child abductions in the region, until the arrival of Seliph's liberation army in Miletos. She is defeated at Chronos, but survives the battle and retreats to Grannvale. At Grannvale, in the final confrontation with Seliph's army, Hilda is entrusted with the defense of Friege Castle, the last obstacle between Seliph and Julius at Belhalla, and dies in battle.


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