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Primitive humanoid monsters that can be found all across Teyvat.
Most people have already given up on trying to communicate with the hilichurls, believing that they are monsters simply incapable of communication.
~ The Adventurer Handbook on the Hilichurls.

Hilichurls (in Chinese: 丘丘人 Qiūqiūrén, "Hill People") are a race of hostile goblin-like monsters in Genshin Impact. Many, if not all, Hilichurls are associated with the Abyss Order as Abyss Mages are able to speak the Hilichurian language and are used as their pawns.


The Hilichurls are goblin-like creatures wandering around numerous locations in Teyvat. They are noted for their mask and the ability to speak Hilichurlian language. Hilichurls don't worship gods or follow any rules, instead they revere and follow the strongest and ferocious among them.

Despite their aggression towards non-Hilichurlian humans and lack of communication, Hilichurls have a degree of limited intelligence. Most Hilichurls are seen being skilled in combat such as Shooters being capable of wielding a crossbow or Hilichurl Guards shielding themselves. Outside of combat, Hilichurls are said to be capable of using Slimes for their own use such as manufacturing explosive barrels made out of Slimes, preserve food with Cryo Slimes, carry dangerous cargo with Anemo Slime balloons, and even use Slimes as weapons.



Hilichurl Fighters

Hilichurls equipped with wooden clubs. If alight with Pyro, the club will be set aflame and eventually burn, leaving the Hilichurl to only use its fists or throw rocks.

Hilichurl Berserkers

Pyro Hilichurls wielding a flaming torch-like club they use to strike the player, rapidly flinging their weapon about while setting grass on fire. Hydro, Electro, or Cryo can put out the flame turning it into a regular club, but the Hilichurl can reignite it with a lighter after a certain amount of time.

Hilichurl Grenadiers

Hilichurls using Slimes they dig out of the ground as weapons. Upon digging out the Slime, the Hilichurl Grenadier throws it at the player, dealing elemental damage when the Slime touches the ground and explodes. If staggered while holding the Slime, the Hilichurl drops the Slime on the ground and will explode a few seconds later. If an opposite element is applied, the Slime might be out and only deals physical damage, or the Slime will detonate prematurely and damage the Hilichurl. Across Treyvat, Pyro Hilichurl Grenadiers use Pyro Slimes as bombs. In Dragonspine, Cryo Hilichurl Grenadiers use Cryo Slimes as bombs. In Inazuma, Electro Hilichurl Grenadiers use Electro Slimes as bombs.

Hilichurl Guards

Hilichurl Fighters equipped with a wooden shield. The shields block physical attacks, slowly losing durability each time it is hit. Pyro elements can easily burn the shield, leaving the Hilichurl exposed as it tries to put out the fire. Once the shield is destroyed, the Hilichurl becomes a regular Hilichurl Fighter.

In Liyue, Hilichurl Guards instead replace their wooden shields with rock shields, with even higher durability. Since the shields are considered Geo element, Geo, claymores, and explosions can break them quicker. In Dragonspine, Hilichurl Guards have Cryo shields made of ice, working similarly to Geo shields except Pyro and claymores break them effectively.

Hilichurl Shooters

Hilichurls equipped with crossbows. Their arrows can be dodged by dashing out of their way. Some crossbows are capable of shooting multiple arrows at once across a certain radius. Several other Hilichurl Shooters are capable of shooting elemental arrows: Electro, Pyro, and Cryo.


Shaman Hilichurls using a large club as a staff to cast elemental magic. They can also swing their club at the player when in melee range. Six different types can be encountered.

Anemo Samachurls

Anemo Samachurls can summon three small tornados that chase after the player. The tornados will stay active even after the Samachurl that summoned them is defeated. They are also capable of creating a turbulence zone that sucks in everything towards the center. The turbulence can be escaped by sprinting.

Dendro Samachurls

Dendro Samachurls can grow thorny vines across an area that blocks off most access. The vines will go away on their own, but can be destroyed prematurely, especially with Pyro. They are also able to cast a certain distance in an aura, applying all players and monsters that enter it with the Dendro element, causing them to burn if combined with Pyro.

Hydro Samachurls

Hydro Samachurls can summon a raincloud around a small circular area. All enemies underneath the cloud will regenerate health until the cloud disappears. They can also make water burst from the ground under the player's feet.

Geo Samachurls

Geo Samachurls can summon Geo pillars from the ground that elevate them and Hilichurl Shooters to high ground. They also summon Geo spikes to emerge from under the player's feet. While the player has to destroy the pillar to return the Samachurl to ground level, a character equipped with a bow can snipe them off the pillar by dealing a critical hit. Once the Geo Samachurl is defeated, all remaining pillars are destroyed.

Cryo Samachurls

Cryo Samachurls function almost identically as Geo Samachurls, only creating pillars of ice and spikes from the ground. They are only encountered in Dragonspine.

Electro Samachurls

Electro Samachurls can summon lightning from the sky to strike the player. They can also summon numerous markings on the ground, releasing pulses that damage any player standing on them. The markings go away on their own, and will remain even if the Samachurl is defeated. They are only encountered in Inazuma.


Large muscular Hilichurls and formidable warriors of their tribes, Mitachurls have more health and deal more damage than other Hilichurls.

Axe Mitachurls

Mitachurls equipped with large axes they use to hack at their opponents. They can dig out Pyro Slimes to enhance their axe before tossing the Slime at the player, becoming Blazing Axe Mitachurls. While enhanced, the Mitachurl's attacks deal Pyro damage and become more dangerous, such as a charging slam unleashing pillars of flames. Attacking the Mitachurl with Hydro or Electro puts out the flame, degrading the axe back to normal.

In Inazuma, Mitachurls instead dig out Electro Slimes to enhance their axes, becoming Crackling Axe Mitachurls. They can cause additional Electro damage to their axe swings, as well as obtain several new attacks while enhanced such as a powerful leap that releases numerous electric cracks. Unlike Blazing Axe Mitachurls, the Electro in their axes cannot be be put out.

Shieldwall Mitachurls

Mitachurls equipped with large wooden shields they can use to ram into opponents. When at a distance, they can dig out Dendro Slimes and throw them at the player. Similar to Hilichurl Guards, the shields' durability can be burned with Pyro; however, the Mitachurl can extinguish the flame after some time. Once the shield is destroyed, the Mitachurl resorts to punches or charges. Eventually, they will dig out another Dendro Slime to create another shield.

In Liyue, Mitachurls replace their wooden shields with rock shields, making them more durable and resistant to physical damage, but can be broken effectively using Geo, claymores, or explosions. They can also dig out Geo Slimes to throw at the player. Unlike Wooden Shieldwall Mitachurls, they will not recreate their shield after it is destroyed.

In Dragonspine, Mitachurls have shields made of ice, and are considered Cryo objects. In cold temperatures, the shield's durability will rapidly regenerate, making it necessary to destroy the shield as quickly as possible.


Also known as Hilichurl Chieftains, Lawachurls are the strongest and fiercest members of the Hilichurl race. They are revered by smaller Hilichurls for their immense strength and wisdom. Their name is derived from a Hilichurlian way to address a king or ruler. Despite this, Lawachurls rarely lead their tribe at all, rather they prefer being in solitary places.

They were once regular Mitachurls that mutated from accumulations of a large number of elements in their bodies. They can also dig up a massive Slime of their element and throw it at the player. Stonehide Lawachurls are found in Liyue and can enhance their bodies with Geo armor. Frostarm Lawachurls are found in Dragonspine and can enhance their bodies with Cryo armor. Thunderhelm Lawachurls are found in Inazuma and can enhance their bodies with Electro armor.

Unusual Hilichurls

Unusual Hilichurls are unique enemies that only spawn in one of sixteen areas across Mondstadt and Liyue. On their mask is the Chinese Hanyu 伟 (Wei), a reference to Liu Wei, the founder of miHoYo. Upon defeat, it retreats in a suitcase. After one is defeated, another will spawn in a different area. After defeating the second Unusual Hilichurl, the next will appear in twelve hours. They only drop cabbage and 233 Mora.

Unusual Hilichurls attack by swinging their suitcases at the player, or by opening it and throwing cabbages and Primogems at the player. They can also bring out a yellow doll called the Homu Doll (a reference to the characters of the same name from Honkai series) that explodes once it hits the ground. They can also summon comrades consisting of other Hilichurls.

Known Tribes

Sleeper Tribe

A tribe of lazy Hilichurls that take any opportunities to sleep. They make beds out of animal leather, which are very soft according to Paimon.

Meaty Tribe

A tribe of Hilichurls who build huge altars to pray for meat they can eat, usually making sacrifices on a daily basis. In the Archon Quests, the Traveler and Paimon use their large pot to heat up Noctilucous Jade, something the Meaty Tribe does not take kindly to and attacks them.

Eclipse Tribe

A tribe of Hilichurls obsessed with drawing eclipses. Nobody except the Dada Samachurl knows exactly why eclipses are so revered with the tribe.


The primitive wandering inhabitants of Teyvat's wildernesses.
They look very similar to humanity but seem to have lost both their intellect and spirituality. Their presence on the continent has been recorded for over a thousand years, and yet they have neither history nor civilization.
Since the pitch-black calamity from five hundred years ago, they have begun to spread in large numbers across the land. They are not very strong, and they lack organization, but they nonetheless bring sizable trouble to humans every once in a while.
~ Archives description - Hilichurl
The primitive wandering inhabitants of Teyvat's wildernesses.
Ill-tempered warriors for their tribes, they are simple-minded believers in the power of brute force. If their muscles grow strong enough and their strength great enough, then one day they too shall raise up a great shield and become a mitachurl... Or will they?
~ Archives description - Hilichurl Fighter
The primitive wandering inhabitants of Teyvat's wildernesses.
These hilichurls wield flaming clubs and charge with reckless abandon to chase intruding adventurers off. Most wildfires in the grasslands or forests are not actually caused by a certain special Knight, but due to the actions of these hilichurls.
~ Archives description - Hilichurl Beserker
The primitive wandering inhabitants of Teyvat's wildernesses.
These sneaky fellows are skilled in the use of Pyro Slimes, using them as weapons to attack intruders. Skilled grenadiers may be able to destroy four wooden dummies in a single throw.
~ Archives description - Pyro Hilichurl Grenadier
The primitive wandering inhabitants of Teyvat's wildernesses.
Hilichurls have discovered the use of Cryo Slimes in effectively keeping food fresh. Hilichurls have surprising amounts of wisdom in the practical use of Slimes, whether it be the use of Pyro and Cryo slimes to make Exploding Barrels, or the use of Anemo Slimes in vehicles... Perhaps this is their way of adapting to their hard lot in life.
~ Archives description - Cyro Hilichurl Grenadier
The primitive wandering inhabitants of Teyvat's wildernesses.
Hilichurl warriors who have wooden shields. These shields are not only sturdy defense tools but also treasured items within the tribe. According to many reports, hilichurls will often charge at travelers making camp to cook and will snatch their pot lids after chasing them away.
~ Archives description - Wooden Shield Hilichurl Guard
The primitive wandering inhabitants of Teyvat's wildernesses.
Hardy hilichurls who have congregated in a region where Geo energies are abundant. Their impregnable shields have layers of rocky growths on them.
~ Archives description - Rock Shield Hilichurl Guard
The primitive wandering inhabitants of Teyvat's wildernesses.
Hilichurls display a strong sense of adaptability to their surroundings. In icy environments, they come up with ways and means to fashion this hard ice into shields to protect themselves.
~ Archives description - Ice Shield Hilichurl Guard
The primitive wandering inhabitants of Teyvat's wildernesses.
Hilichurl archers who wield simple crossbows. Hilichurls do not, in truth, possess the craftsmanship needed to build crossbows. As such, it is commonly believed that there is an organization that controls the hilichurls from behind the scenes and furnishes them with equipment and material supplies. The Abyss Mages that often accompany these hilichurls are especially suspicious.
~ Archives description - Hilichurl Shooter
The primitive wandering inhabitants of Teyvat's wildernesses.
These archers wield simple crossbows, and their arrowheads are crafted from carved Electro Crystals that will deliver an electric shock upon impact. They say that hilichurl archers of exceptional skill can fire five crossbow bolts at once–a most impressive feat indeed.
~ Archives description - Electro Hilichurl Shooter
The primitive wandering inhabitants of Teyvat's wildernesses.
These archers wield simple crossbows, and their arrowheads are coated with a thin layer of flammable material that can set their targets on fire. El Musk of the previous generation believed that this is an innovation by brighter hilichurls who wished to cook their game after hunting it.
~ Archives description - Pyro Hilichurl Shooter
The primitive wandering inhabitants of Teyvat's wildernesses.
These archers wield simple crossbows, and unmelting ice shrouds their arrowheads. It is said that wounds caused by these arrowheads heal very slowly, as the cold will slow the circulation of blood.
~ Archives description - Cryo Hilichurl Shooter
A wizened, mumbling hilichurl, one that spreads the message of Anemo.
Hilichurls especially gifted in commanding the elements who often reach the zenith of their skill in their twilight years. Their ability to command the flowing winds stems from dark, forgotten memories.
~ Archives description - Anemo Samachurl
A wizened, mumbling hilichurl, one that listens to the strength of Geo.
Hilichurls especially gifted in commanding the elements who often reach the zenith of their skill in their twilight years. To the persevering mountains, these old hilichurls are but children, but their memories and experiences have guided them towards gaining power over rock and stone.
~ Archives description - Geo Samachurl
A wizened, mumbling hilichurl, one that awakens the might of Dendro.
Hilichurls especially gifted in commanding the elements who often reach the zenith of their skill in their twilight years. A grudge stirs beneath that mask, and poison ivy sprouts as hateful whispers issue forth from it.
~ Archives description - Dendro Samachurl
A wizened, mumbling hilichurl, one that chants of the power of Hydro.
Hilichurls especially gifted in commanding the elements who often reach the zenith of their skill in their twilight years. What sort of life would lead to such simple creatures being able to summon water and rains?
~ Archives description - Hydro Samachurl
A wizened, mumbling hilichurl, one that calls upon the bite of Cryo.
Hilichurls especially gifted in commanding the elements who often reach the zenith of their skill in their twilight years. These shamans remember the frosty chants and are even more skilled in the art of using them to entrap their foes.
~ Archives description - Cryo Samachurl
Muscular hilichurls who wield large two-handed axes.
Attacks with large strikes, and will use Pyro Slimes to infuse their axes with Pyro. They are very lethal.
Usually, repeated quenching a weapon the way a Blazing Axe Mitachurl does will decrease the hardness of the metal and cause the axe-head's edge to chip more easily. But such is the strength of the mitachurls that even should the edge disappear altogether, they can still use their axes as hammers.
~ Archives description - Blazing Axe Mitachurl
A muscular hilichurl who has been forged in countless fights.
They know how to use Dendro Slimes to create tough shields which they wield in combat.
With their powerful muscles, glossy fur, and sturdy, reliable silhouettes, they help the hilichurls withstand the pitiless assaults of adventurers, and they hold a rather exalted rank amongst the tribes.
~ Archives description - Wooden Shieldwall Mitachurl
A muscular hilichurl that uses a rock as a shield.
Fighting and eating meat are the two most important things to hilichurls, because those are what make them grow stronger.
All young hilichurls dream of growing up to become a big and strong mitachurl, because that way they can eat more meat, fight more battles, and wield those (almost) impregnable giant rock shields.
~ Archives description - Rock Shieldwall Mitachurl
A muscular hilichurl that uses solid ice as a shield, wielding it in battle.
Reason normally dictates that large creatures that see a lot of action should burn through a great number of calories to sustain themselves. As such, the present-day El Musk has proposed the "Mitachurl Index." This index correlates the percentage of mitachurls within the hilichurl population to the stability and success of hilichurl foraging activity.
~ Archives description - Ice Shiedwall Mitachurl
A mysterious "lord" of hilichurls that walks between a thousand peaks.
This huge hilichurl is referred to as a "lawa" by its brethren. The abundant Geo energies in the environment have become part of their flesh, blood, and skin, which look as if they were chiseled out of mountain rock.
~ Archives description - Stonehide Lawachurl
A mysterious "lord" of hilichurls that stalks the snow and fog.
This huge hilichurl is referred to as a "lawa" by its brethren. Its body, honed to the very limit, almost seems to blend into its Cryo-filled environment, and its stoic nobility is like that of the frozen northland rivers.
~ Archives description - Frostarm Lawachurl
A mysterious "lord" of hilichurls that strides through the thunderstorm.
This huge hilichurl is referred to as "lawa" by its brethren. Its giant body is saturated with Electro energy, while the Elemental Energy seeps through the cracks in its body in the form of Electro Crystal growths.
~ Archives description - Thunderhelm Lawachurl
Homu, homu, mimi domu!
~ Archives description - Unusual Hilichurl



  • While all Hilichurls encountered in the game are aggressive, some quests can involve friendlier Hilichurls that the player can interact with. However, if the player chooses a wrong option, the Hilichurls will turn hostile.
  • Unusual Hilichurls dropping 233 Mora is a reference to Chinese people using "233" as slang for "laugh out loud."


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