Hiling Care is a minor antagonist in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam 00.


Hiling easily has the worst personality among the Innovaters asides from Ribbons. Immature arrogant and impatient, Hiling also shown sadism when fighting her opponent. However, she is still very loyal to Ribbons.


When Tieria is trying to shoot Ribbons Almark during a banquet, Hiling appeared and shot the gun out of Tieria's hand, forcing the Gundam Meister to flee.  When Regene said they could have convinced Tieria to join them, Hiling told her that if the Celestial Being act more aggressively, the Earth Federation will trust A-Laws more. When she heard that Revive Revival got a new Mobile Suit, Hiling asked Ribbons if she can join Revive as well, which Ribbons agreed.

Hiling is eventually sent to defend the Memento Mori from the Celestial Being, she shot down multiple Katharon Mobile Suits and ships, however when Setsuna in the 00 Raiser appears, she is easily distracted to fight Setsuna. When the Memento Mori seemingly destroyed the Ptolemy 2, she laughed, however Hiling soon realized that Ptolemy 2 avoided the blast, causing her to try to shoot the ship from behind, only for Setsuna to destroy her cannon. They then continue to fight, eventually the Memento Mori is destroyed, and Hiling is forced to retreat when her Gadessa's arm is chopped off by Setsuna.

She is then seen in an orbital elevator with Devine Nova. She teased him about Bring Stabity's death and offers ' comfort' to him, which Devine angrily shrugged off.

Hiling, Devine and Revive Revival is soon transferred to Kati Mannequin's squad on Earth. Hiling saw Andrei's failure in flirting with Louise and Patrick Colasour's attempt at teaching Andrei how to court Louise.

Eventually, they are sent to attack the powerless Ptolemy 2, however, during mid-way of the assault, they are ordered to retreat as there is a coup d'état within the Federation.

Hiling and Revive eventually returned to space and is put under the command of Arthur Goodman. During an assault on the Ptolemy 2, Revive was captured by the Celestial Being. Arthur then shown his dissatisfying towards Hiling, she then told Arthur to let her take over the next operation, which Arthur agreed. Eventually, after Revive controlled Anew Returner to leave the Ptolemy, they started another assault to the Ptolemy, however, they are forced to retreat when Setsuna shot down Anew.

Hiling is then shown to be in the asteroid base Celestial Being with Revive and Ribbons during the defense on Veda, which Hiling complained about not being allowed to go out to join the battle. Eventually, after Arthur's death, Hiling in the Garazoo and Revive in the Gadessa go out and quickly take down the Seravee Gundam, however, their Garazoo and Gadessa were soon disabled when Seraphim Gundam cut their connection to the Veda.

They are stuck until Ribbons in the Reborn Gundam shot it down. They then joined Ribbons in combating Setsuna, however Allelujah Haptism and Lockon Stratos appear to help Setsuna. Allelujah easily overpowers Hiling and tore her Garazoo in half, killing Hiling as she screams for help from Ribbons.


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