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He’s got a real purdy mouth, ain't he?!
~ One of the hillbillies, said while harassing his victims.
I betcha can squeal like a pig. Weeeeeeee!
~ The Hillbillies' infamous line, said by one as he sodomizes Bobby Trippe.

The Hillbillies were a pair of unnamed antagonists in Deliverance and are amongst the most infamous of live-action villains due to an extremely controversial rape-scene in which these "mountain men" subjected one of their victims to a terrible sexual ordeal that has gone down as one of the few male-on-male sex scenes in cinema history and one of the most disturbing portrayals of a sexual assault in cinema. They are symbolic of the "small town mentality" associated with many rural people across the world but particularly in areas where "hillbillies" were said to reside, only amplified to a much greater extent.

They were portrayed by Herbert "Cowboy" Coward and the late Bill McKinney.


The Hillbillies role in Deliverance was rather simple yet terrifying for it's portrayal of human depravity, as the hillbillies encountered the protagonists of the movie while in the forest, one of them carrying a shotgun, after a careless remark about moonshine angered one of the hillbillies they proceeded to violently rape one of the "outsiders", Bobby, while tying the other to a tree, forcing him to watch as they tortured and ultimately sodomized his friend.

However, the hillbillies were unaware that one of the group's friends was homing in on the commotion, armed with a bow and arrow. As one of the hillbillies was about to orally rape Drew, one of the group proceeded to kill one of the hillbillies with an arrow through the stomach, forcing the other to flee.

The group of friends then shakily try to escape their ordeal via canoeing down a river but are pursued by the shotgun-welding hillbilly who chases the others down the river; in the ensuing pursuit Drew dies, with Ed and Lewis thinking that the hillbilly killed Drew. Eventually this trigger-happy hillbilly is killed as well by Ed, and his dead body is tied down with weights and tossed into the river by Ed, Lewis, and Bobby to ensure it will never be found.