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The Hills Family, or simply Hills People, is the family of the original The Hills Have Eyes film series, as well as it's remakes.


  • Papa Jupiter was portrayed by James Whitworth.
  • Mama was portrayed by Cordy Clarke.
  • Pluto was portrayed by Michael Berryman.
  • Mars was portrayed by Lance Gordon.
  • Ruby was portrayed by Janus Blythe.
  • The Reaper was portrayed by the late John Bloom.



The origin of the Hills Family originate from a man known as Fred, which runs a gas-station. Fred made two kids, a daughter and his son infamously known as Papa Jupiter, who transformed the families life into hell. The family used to be a regular-normal family, until Fred realized that Papa Jupiter is actually evil. Fred tried to kill his own son by letting him in the hills starve to death. because the son managed to kill his own sister, and done all sorts of evil-deeds. Fred failed to kill him, and his son is in a relationship with the proustite known as Mama

Mama and Papa Jupiter made three sons, Pluto, Mars and Mercury, as well as their daughter which they torture and abuse known as Ruby. The family survives on finding victims which enter their hills. They eat their victims, and steal their items, consisting of both humans and animals.

Feud with Carters

Their next victims was the Carters family. The Hills Family firstly took their dog which ran away, and forced Ruby to eat the dogs flesh. Papa Jupiter killed Bob Carter, the husband of Ethel Carter and father of Bobby Carter, Lynne Carter and Brenda Carter. His two sons Mars and Pluto killed Ethel and Lynne, and stole Lynne's and her husbands Doug Wood's baby known as Katy to eat the babies flesh.

Ultimately Doug Wood kills Mars, the families second dog bites Plutos neck off, but Pluto survives the attack, Papa Jupiter got killed by Brenda Carter with an axe, and Ruby managed to escape from being tortured.

Hills Have Eyes 2

In the second Hills Have Eyes, Pluto meets up with The Reaper, older brother of Papa Jupiter, and together they hunt down their next victims.


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