"Now to profit from your pain.
~ Himcules

Himcules is a one-shot villain featured in the episode "This Time With Feeling" of the cartoon series My Life as a Teenage Robot.

He was voiced by Bruce Campbell, who is famous for his role of Ash Williams in Evil Dead franchise.


Himcules is a muscular red man in a black toga with a golden "H" button on it. His physical strength increased each time he humilliated and caused pain to his enemies, and decreased when someone started to mock him and ridiculed him. Unfortunately, Jenny had the chance to fight him while she had her prototype nerve projectors on "pain". Himcules of course started bringing the beating onto Jenny, which made him more manly (in which case he gets stronger and more musclar.) About to collaspe from the pain, Jenny asks a little girl to switch her nerve projectors to "tickle". All the laughter from Himcule's punches caused him to turn into a literal weakling. Then Jenny delivered the finishing blow by knocking him through a prison wall.


Himcules is portrayed as having all of the stereotypical qualities of masculinity. He is a sadistic brute who wants nothing less than to be rich and belittle all those around him to increase his already impressive might. He is also shown to be rather sexist, believing that men are better than women in every way to the point he tells Jenny to never compare herself in strength to a man and to "go back to the kitchen". He despised anyone mistaking his toga for a dress as he considered it manly and hated the comparison of it to a dress.


  • Himcules is an allusion to and parody of Hercules despite claiming to be more manly than him and the stereotype of what masculinity is.


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