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Himeno Ryuguuji is a secondary villain from Gakuen Saimin Reido. she is one of the students who bullied Satou Futoshi with such cruelty.

She is the Student Council President.

To get back at her, Futoshi hypnotizes she for her to have fantasies of rape and also blackmails her with embarrassing photos.

To further humiliate her, Futoshi forces to Himeno what her first kiss to be with his penis

In the end she is subjugated and pregnant with baby of Futoshi. (But she experienced a miscarriage)

In his last appearance Himeno has sex with Futoshi ​​in front of her Fiancee.


As a rich woman, Himeno is quite arrogant and rude. It's pretty abusive with Satou Futoshi and considered trash him (to the point of burning her uniform after being touched by he.)

After being subjugated becomes much more respectful with Futoshi, to the point of calling he master.

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