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Himiko, also known as Queen Himiko, the Sun Queen and the Great Sun Queen, is the main antagonist of the 2013 videogame reboot Tomb Raider.

She is the first and last queen of the ancient Japanese island kingdom of Yamatai, the very main focus as well as the object of devotion to Father Mathias and her worshippers, a violent cult of people on the Yamatai island known as the Solarii Brotherhood.

After killing Mathias, Lara stabs Himiko with a torch, destroying her before her soul could be transferred into Sam. Little did Lara know that Queen Himiko actually succeded in pouring a small piece of her soul into Sam before Lara destroyed her body.


Himiko was described as the beautiful, enigmatic, ruthless Sun Queen who ruled Yamatai thousands of years ago with the support of her loyal army, The Stormguard. Under her rule, Himiko's subjects were not unhappy; no one went hungry, taxes were reasonable, and the Stormguard fiercely protected the nation from any outside threats. Himiko's life ostensibly spanned 72 years, from c.170 AD to c.248 AD. However, Himiko was actually the first and last monarch to ever rule Yamatai, as her lifespan actually lasted hundreds of years.

The secret behind Himiko's apparent immortality was a dark and sinister ritual. As Himiko grew elderly, she would choose one of her priestesses as her successor. The priestess who chosen by Himiko to be her successor, was given the title of "Daughter of the Sun". Himiko would then eventually conduct a ceremony which would transfer her power to the priestess, making her the new Sun Queen. But in reality, Himiko would actually transfer her soul, not her power, into the young woman, destroying the priestess' soul and permanently taking over her body. Through this ritual, Himiko continued her life and rule. No one apart from the General of Himiko's Stormguard knew the true nature of the ritual.


  • Her death is similar in appearance to that of King Sombra from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and Agent Smith in Matrix Revolutions.
  • Desitpe being the main antagonist, Himiko has very little screen-time , as she was seen in the final parts of the game.


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