For the sake of mankind's ascension, their worthless flesh must be dealt with. All those who oppose our plan shall be exterminated.
~ Hina

Hina is the main villainess and final boss of DoDonPachi Saidaioujou. She is an Elemental Doll form of Hibachi, and the "twin" of Saya, another of the Dolls.


The Elemental Doll Research Laboratory had been working on a project to create the ultimate Elemental Doll. From this project two Elemental Dolls were created, Extra Z-001 "Saya" and Extra Z-002 "Hina". The two were given a sister relationship and a single directive, to help and serve humans. In order to improve their combat capabilities, they were pitted against each other in virtual drills. However, Hina felt into a logical paradox, because of the order to eliminate the enemy human pilot. The project was called off immediately, with Hina being kept in stasis while Saya was temporarily deactivated for data analysis. Not long after this a huge explosion destroyed the entire laboratory, with Hina being nowhere to be found, having apparently fled from the place.

Some years later, the DonPachi Corps receive the call to fight against a mysterious mechanized force, which started attacking the planet. They send on their best pilots along with their Elemental Dolls to fight the menace, with Saya among them. As it turned out, Hina had been behind the attack, though her motivation was unclear at the time. It is later revealed Hina believed that to protect humanity, she had to make them "adopt a better form", so she changed the programming of the central computer in the utopic City of Ideal, which turned all of it's denizens into mechanical lifeforms, then deciding to do the same with all humans on the planet.


  • Her voice actor is Aoi Yūki, the voice actress of Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
    • She also shared the same trademark laugh as Madoka if her attacks hit the player.
    • Because of that, she's referred as "Uhehe Bee" (ウェヒヒ蜂) among fans.
  • She also has a variant known as "Inbachi", which has a much colder personality and more aggressive attack patterns.
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