Hina Yumihara (弓原 雛 Yumihara Hina) is the main heroine of Buddy Complex. 


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In the year 2014, she was supposedly a student from abroad, who had recently returned to Japan and enrolled into the same school as Aoba. However, in 2088, she was the disciple of an important Zogilian Lieutenant Commander Viktor Ryazan, who was also her adoptive father. She enrolled in Military Preparatory Academy at age of ten; after graduation she served at Lipetsk Base. She was then affiliated with Alfried Gallant's Valiancer unit, serving as one of the main combatants


At the start, she was introduced as a classmate of Aoba. However, when an unknown invader tries to attack Aoba with a mysterious mecha, she then goes into a similar machine of her own and goes on to save Aoba. A time vortex forms after she deals with the unknown attacker, and Aoba gets sent through before Hina telling him what awaits before she disappears.

Later in that timeline, she is shown to be in among the Zogilian sodiers commanded by Alfried, and she and Aoba briefly duel. He breaks a hole in her cockpit hatch, and he recognizes Hina in there. He tries to establish contact with her and even offers to take her with him. However, she shows no sign of recognizing him and tries to shoot him while stating her salute to Zogilia. Bizon then helps her retreat with the rest of the Zogilian attackers.

After retreating, Zogilia Agent Margaret O'Keefe felt suspicion over Aoba knowing Hina and had her detained, but Alfried Gallant did not agree with the decision and decides to have Hina released. After being released, she partakes in the battle for the Free Pact Alliance's Chitose base; she would also see Aoba again in that battle. Aoba attempts to contact her again, but she still views him as an enemy and even blames him for the suspicion about her. She also feels annoyance at Aoba only defending himself without fighting back. Right when she was able to finish him, Dio intervenes and fends off Hina, but Aoba asks Dio not to fight Hina. When the Cygnus proceeds to abandon the Chitose base, Aoba and Dio couple their Valiancers together and escape at high speed; Hina tries to pursue them, but eventually loses them.

After the battle and seizure of Chitose base, she relaxes in her room, until Lasha invited her to come out and watch a deer with its fawn. Tarjim and Bizon then show up and contemplate shooting them for food, which Lasha protested against, as that was not the reason for seeing them. The sightseeing trip lightens her up, and she even laughs at the exchange between the three.

Later, the squad becomes stationed on Zogilia's newest ship the Vajra, and they prepare to sortie for the next battle with the Cygnus. They move out after the Cygnus and their Valiancer team held out against the Zogilian Elite Squadron. While Bizon, Lasha, and Tarjim fell back when ordered, Hina still pursued after Aoba, who was retreating with Dio to their side. The struggle between the two eventually causes them to fall and land into an unknown area.

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Time Loop

When she disappeared after saving Aoba in 2014, she reappeared about a decade prior to Aoba's arrival in 2088. She was de-aged and only remembered that her name is Hina. At 2088, she realized what was happening and was willing to accept repeating the time loop if it meant protecting Aoba from Bizon. After Aoba broke the time loop by stopping Hina from entering and by taking out Bizon before he could enter the time vortex, both of which would have restarted the loop had Aoba not intervened, she ended up back in the Coupling cockpit from the original timeline.


Aoba Watase

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Dio Junyou Weinberg

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Bizon Gerafil

The two were childhood friends and have been friends during their times in the Zogilian Military. He has developed romantic, albeit unreciprocated, feelings for her. Because of his interest in her, he developed envy towards Aoba for being her the target of her interest.

Alfried Gallant

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Viktor Ryazan

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