Hisstocrat and his minions

Hisstocrat is a boss in the 2013 video game Super Mario 3D World. He is first fought in the level "A Banquet with Hisstocrat", and later alongside his wife Queen Hisstocrat in the level "Boss Blitz".

Super Mario 3D World

Hisstocrat has only two attacks: one is to emerge from the ground and make boulders rain on the players, and the other is to summon snakes with platforms that the players can stand on, which sometimes have Super Bells on them. To damage Hisstocrat, the players must jump onto the platforms (or alternatively climb onto them using the Cat Suit) and jump on Hisstocrat, although Luigi and Rosalina can jump on him without the aid of the platforms using the Spin Jump. Players can also throw other players on Hisstocrat's head to damage him. After three hits, Hisstocrat will be defeated.

In the level "Boss Biltz", Hisstocrat is fought together with Queen Hisstocrat. In this battle, both serpents will rain down fireballs that leave patches of fire on the ground, and when one of them is hit, the other one will pause and cry, giving players an opportunity to hit the other one as well.


  • Hisstocrat's name is a portmanteau of the words "hiss", the sound that a snake makes, and "aristocrat".
  • The sound Hisstocrat makes when summoning his snake minions sounds similar to the Fantastic Flute from Wario Land 3. Both sounds are based on a melody stereotypically associated with snake charmers.
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