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I can't laugh!
~ Hit's final words before his death.

Hit of the Tengu is a scorpion-themed member of the Earth Condemnation Group Yuumajuu. Also he's the main antagonist in episode 26 of 2010 TV series called Tensou Sentai Goseiger.

He was voiced by Toshihiro Ogura.


Hit's main scheme involves the removal of laughter and comedy from the world, using a special gourd to capture anyone who laughs. During a comedy recital, he captures Moune among his victims, forcing the Goseiger to immediately go after him.

As the Goseiger go down one by one, the serious Hyde ultimately discovers a weakness in order to stop the Yuumajuu: the gourd's ability sucks in anyone who laughs, including Hit himself! Initially training in comedy with Alata before he too becomes captured by Hit, Gosei Blue and Gosei Knight work together a routine which ultimately exposes the weakness of the gourd, opening it long enough for them to puncture it and save everyone trapped within. The Goseiger use the Miracle Headder powers combined with Gosei Knight's Knight Dynamic to destroy it.

After being grown with Bibi Bugs, Hyde uses Seaick Gosei Great to weaken Hit's power before it is fully destroyed by Gosei Ground's Knight Drastic.


  • Hit is similar in actions to "Pennywise", a creature who takes the guise of a clown but one who is not funny, though Pennywise forces those who encounter him to face their worst fears.

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