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The Hive-Host Capture Force is an unseen faction in Resident Evil: Code Veronica.


The Hive-Host Capture Force is a covert group that was created by a mysterious rival of the Umbrella Corporation. It was founded prior to the outbreak on Rockfort Island. The commander is Albert Wesker. The operatives are unseen or are zombies. The main purpose of the HCF is to acquire the T-Veronica virus.


The HCF discover the location of Alexia Ashford who invented the T-Veronica virus. She appears to be on the Rockfort Island in Europe. Wesker and a handful of his operatives travel there by assault planes. They bomb the island and most of its labs. As a result, there is an outbreak of the T-Virus which infects most of the island's inhabitants. Wesker continues to search for Alexia. Most of his operatives are killed by the infected inhabitants. The rest keep in radio contact with him. Wesker finds Alexia but realized it was her brother in disguise. Alexia and the T-Veronica virus are actually at a facility somewhere in Antarctica.

Wesker and the HCF go straight to Antarctica. When they arrive, they discover the only living sample is inside Alexia's body. Wesker attempts to capture her but he is overwhelmed by her powers. She is later destroyed by Wesker's nemesis, Chris Redfield. Without her body, the HCF and Wesker lose the only living sample. Steve Burnside, a different test subject,  has a sample inside his lifeless body. The remaining operatives retrieve Steve's body. Wesker and his operatives board a submarine before descending into the icy depths of the Antarctic.


In 2000, the HCF collaborates with The Connections crime syndicate. Together, they are able to create a new fungus which serves as the basis for the E-Type bio-weapons project.


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