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The Hive is a Nebulan organization and are the secondary antagonistic faction of "The Rebirth", the three-part miniseries that concluded the G1 Transformers cartoon.


The Hive were the tyrannical rulers of the planet Nebulos. Led by Lord Zarak, they had constructed robotic creatures to enforce their will. They had become so reliant on their machines that their bodies had atrophied, yet they continue to battle rebel groups.

When a small group of Autobots and Decepticons arrived on Nebulos, competing for possession of the Key to the Energon Chamber back on Cybertron, the Hive monitored matters as the Autobots allied themselves with the Nebulan resistance, with a small number of them undergoing a binary-bonding process to become Autobot Headmasters. At that point, the Hive had the Decepticons brought to them and demanded they undergo the same process. Cyclonus was reluctant and would only allow the Hive to become the heads of the animal-mode Decepticons. As an alternative, he allowed other members of the Hive to bond with the weapons of the other Decepticons, becoming Targetmasters.

While Zarak, the only one not to have undergone the process, remained behind, the Hive and their new Decepticon allies engaged their mutual old enemies to gain possession of the Key. The battle was halted by the arrival of Zarak, who had built the battle station Scorponok as his own Transformer partner and used it to carry the rest of the Hive back to Cybertron, taking Arcee and Daniel with them as prisoners on learning they had the Key.

There, they met Galvatron, who was unimpressed with his new allies but accepted the Key from them. He planned to unleash the energy from the Plasma Chamber and destroy both Earth and Cybertron. However, Spike was able to redirect the energy and the Decepticons and Hive were sent hurtling off into space in Scorponok, leaving Cybertron, Earth and Nebulos under the control of the Autobots and their allies.


  • The Hive is the most evil and dangerous organization in the Transformers franchise. For example, they enslaved and killed their people on their planet and tortured the Decepticons when Scourge refused their offer for the Headmaster progress.
  • They lived in the underground city and their lair is Lord Zarak's laboratory.
  • The Hive were unique to the cartoon continuity. In other media, the Nebulans were either human-looking aliens or robots.
  • The Hive is the first organization to be allied with the Decepticons although Zarak was the one who forced them to work with them.
  • Zarak is the mastermind of the three-part episode as he is shown to be the most evil leader and scientist like Shawn Berger, Gregory Swofford and Mark Morgan. Unlike the trio, he has shown no remorse and got away from his actions.


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