Hizuchi (Corpse Princess)
is a minor antagonist in Corpse Princess. He's one of the members of The Seven Stars, and apparently Ouri's brother.


Hizuchi is a Shikabane that resembles an older, skinnier version of Ouri.

Corpse Princess

When Hizuchi was alive, Ouri's mother, who was nine months pregnant and about to give birth, died in a hit and run accident. Ouri's mother became a Shikabane with the regret of not being able to hold her child in her arms. After giving birth, she sought to fulfill her regret and kidnapped him and several others. Hizuchi was one of the kidnapped victims. He ended up starved to death and came back as a Shikabane, with the obsession of eating. He feasted on his dead siblings, and gained the power to ensnare his enemies in thick tendrils, along with being able to expand his tongue to snag things.