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Oh, I'm afraid it's true, my dear. This house, my money, everything that drew you to me. It all came from crime!
~ Jason/Hobgoblin revealing his true colors to Felicia Hardy.

Jason Philip Macendale Jr., also known as the Hobgoblin, is one of the recurring antagonists of Spider-Man: The Animated Series. He is a greedy and egotistical supervillain who is bent on becoming the crime boss of New York and to defeat his enemies, such as Spider-Man, Kingpin, Dr. Herbert Landon, and Norman Osborn/Green Goblin. As Jason, he was the former fiance of Felicia Hardy. 

He was voiced by Mark Hamill, who also played The Joker in Batman: The Animated Series, the Skeleton King in Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!, Maximus in the Fantastic Four animated series, Kavaxas in Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Stickybeard in Codename: Kids Next Door, Flint in Disney's Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Niju in Balto II: Wolf Quest by Universal Pictures, Solomon Grundy in the DC Animated Universe, Fire Lord Ozai in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Trickster in The Flash, Dictatious Maximus Galadrigal in Trollhunters, Dr. Pullum in Dan Vs., ShiverJack in Disney's Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Undergrowth in the Danny Phantom series, Agent Goodman in Disney's Recess: School's Out, Popsicles in the 2016 reiteration of The Powerpuff Girls, and Alvin the Treacherous in the How to Train Your Dragon series. In Polish version he is voiced by Radosław Pazura.


He claimed he was once a petty crook and hired thug. It was said that he was nothing but a punk in a hood and mask. He wanted power, wealth, and respect. It was his quest for greater power that led him to becoming a supervillain. During his time as a petty crook, Jason heard stories about the Kingpin of Crime, a mysterious figure who could steal anything and controlled most of the crime on the planet. Jason passed these stories off as fairytales told to the gullible. Somehow, Jason came across the business tycoon Norman Osborn. Osborn wanted Jason to kill someone for him. Jason agreed to do it in exchange for a large sum of money. He also wanted a wide array of weapons. Jason liked the idea of the hobgoblin from classic folklore. He wanted to use that idea to inspire fear in his enemies. At the time Jason was bald. Either he shaved his head before first donning the costume, or he kept it that way during his criminal career so he could grow it out to hide. Jason first donned the Hobgoblin costume in a warehouse. He then got on his Goblin Glider and flew out high above the city. He found the limousine of Fisk and followed him. Fisk went to the Dedication Ceremony for the future site of the Fisk School of Criminology. Osborn was also there to speak. Hobgoblin flew in and began taking aim with his gun. Then, a young photographer for The Daily Bugle named Peter Parker pushed Fisk aside just as he fired. The shot missed and the crowd began to panic. In the confusion, Hobgoblin lost Fisk who fled in his limo. He flew in low forcing the people there to duck. The superhero known as Spider-Man then arrived and attacked him. Hobgoblin had the advantage since he could fly. The webslinger kept swinging around trying to hit him, but Hobgoblin easily dodged his attacks. Hobgoblin then wondered how the hero got his reputation as a crime fighter if he could not even get to him. As he began to fly away Spider-Man grabbed onto the back of the glider.

Hobgoblin tried to shake him off but the hero stayed on. Hobgoblin flew at a skyscraper and at the last second went straight up. The two began flying over the tops of the city, including the Empire State Building. Soon they flew high above the city. The two saw an airplane flying towards them so Spider-Man fell off. Hobgoblin circled around a few times before flying off. He was followed by News helicopters but he lost them. Hobgoblin returned to Oscorp where Osborn berated him for failing. Hobgoblin claimed it was because Osborn didn't tell him that Spider-Man would get involved. Hobgoblin said that his rate went up for dealing with the webhead. However, Osborn refused so Hobgoblin pointed his gun at him. Hobgoblin told him not to talk to him like some punk, but Osborn retorted that he was just that before he gave Jason the Goblin weapons. Upset, Hobgoblin left claiming the weapons as a downpayment.

That night, his fight with Spider-Man made the evening news. Later, Hobgoblin flew to the Chrysler Building where Fisk was known to have an office. He burned a hole through the glass and glided in. He began looking around, feeling that Fisk was hiding something valuable. He saw a painting of Fisk on the wall and examined it. He found a button and pressed it. The painting moved to the side revealing a hidden elevator. Hobgoblin glided in but was immediately grabbed by a giant mechanical arm. The elevator went up to some unknown level. As it stopped he was let go, and found Fisk at a desk with a man in a hoverchair. Soon he was surrounded by armed guards all pointing their weapons at him. At a desk, Fisk turned around and threatened to have him killed should he try to escape.

He then began to laugh at Fisk. Hobgoblin began gliding around as he realized what the place was. He said it was like El Dorado or Shangri-La. He realized he had found the headquarters of the mighty Kingpin. Hobgoblin told Kingpin to remove the guards and he wondered why he should. Hobgoblin offered to give him the man who hired him to kill Fisk. He then told the guards to let him go. Fisk's aid, Alistair Smythe, wondered why and Fisk responded that Hobgoblin could help him. When Kingpin asked, Hobgoblin told him he just wanted money. He also said he wanted the headquarters. Kingpin decided to agree, if for nothing else than the entertainment value Hobgoblin could bring to them. Hobgoblin then readily gave up Osborn's name. Soon after, Kingpin had Smythe begin to develop new weapons for Hobgoblin. Smythe began working on a new glider that would fit with his modus operandi. Hobgoblin leaned on the crippled man's hoverchair to watch him work. Smythe then asked him why he chose to dress like he does. Hobgoblin told them about the folklore hobgoblin and how he wanted to instill fear in his enemies. Hobgoblin wanted the last face they saw to be his mask. Later, Hobgoblin went to the high-rise apartment of Harry Osborn, Norman's son, who just happened to have Parker as a roommate. Unfortunately for them, Peter's Aunt May just happened to stop by at the same time. Hobgoblin threw a Pumpkin Bomb into the apartment that filled it with green gas. He then flew in holding another. He immediately recognized Parker and told him how he would get "two birds with one stone." He threw the bomb at Parker's feet filling the room with more gas. In the confusion, Hobgoblin grabbed Harry and flew out. Harry called out to Peter just before they got out of range. Hobgoblin blindfolded the young man and tied his hangs together. He carried Harry on his shoulders as they flew through the city.

He flew back to the Chrysler building and as he got close the hanger door opened for him. He flew around the inside as a holding cell was lowered. When the door opened Hobgoblin threw Harry in. Harry asked what the goblin wanted him for. He lied and said it was because his father was rich. He hovered by Kingpin who said he was quite pleased with him. Hobgoblin told him that things were better than expected plus he got to settle the score with Parker. He then came closer asking about the bonus. Kingpin told him he would get it later, but Hobgoblin wanted it right then. Kingpin said that he worked for him and would be paid when he wanted to pay him. Hobgoblin cryptically said that was a fine game to play. Kingpin then called Osborn to tell him that he had Harry and then allowed Hobgoblin to speak. Hobgoblin told him that he had a new job and used Osborn as a "reference". Hobgoblin watched as Kingpin demanded all of Osborn's inventions to remain silent. Hobgoblin went to Oscorp wanting to talk to Osborn. However, when he entered Norman's office the man yelled at him for kidnapping his son. Hobgoblin flew around accusing Kingpin of being a snake, but Osborn said he was a lying opportunist. Osborn looked around the room and grabbed an energy gun pointing it at Hobgoblin, who began laughing. Hobgoblin agreed but said that he was telling the truth. He told Osborn that together they could get Fisk. He said that Osborn would keep his inventions and his son while he would get Kingpin's empire. He then asked for a better weapon to fight Kingpin's army. Osborn claimed he did not have anything else. But Hobgoblin knew that people like him were always coming up with something new.

Osborn slumped down, threw aside the gun, and waved Hobgoblin to follow. Hobgoblin followed him into the next room where Osborn opened up a secret door with a keypad. He introduced Hobgoblin to a new glider. This one had more weapons such as Smart Bombs and missiles. It could fly twice as high and four times as fast as his older glider. Hobgoblin flew over and landed his glider on the new one, which was build just for it. He then lifted off and began doing flips, laughing wildly. Just then Spider-Man burst down the door and swung onto the glider. Hobgoblin saw this as an opportunity to try out the new toy. Hobgoblin flew up through the hanger door in the roof and away from Oscorp. He wondered how Spider-Man found him but the hero called him slime. To see what the glider could do, Hobgoblin flew up then straight down doing a barrel roll. He then flew around the spiked top of a building breaking the web line. Hobgoblin then decided to try out the smart bombs and launched two of them. They flew forward, turned around, and headed back to Spider-Man while going around the glider. Spider-Man dodged the missiles but they turned to follow. Hobgoblin then decided to "double team" him by remotely controlling the larger glider. The webslinger landed on a Daily Bugle billboard. The remote glider launched dozens of Razor Bats at him but missed and embedded themselves into the advertisement. The glider tried to ram him but he ducked and it sliced the billboard apart. Hobgoblin laughed as he threw bombs at the hero.

He leapt up so the glider would hit him but missed. The glider went through the billboard where he landed on the other side. As Spidey watched the goblin the remote glider rammed him flying the hero into the air. He docked with the remote glider and decided to "show" the hero Greenwich Village. As they flew through the city, the glider hit a building knocking the wall crawler off. However, he sent a web line to the glider and followed. Spider-Man crawled closer to him via the line, and then the two saw the smart bombs returning and Hobgoblin realized that they did work. The hero let go and went into an open window. The bombs followed and detonated destroying the building. Hobgoblin laughed as the hero was apparently killed. However, Hobgoblin saw that the hero had made his way through the building before it was destroyed. Because there were no tall buildings, Spider-Man could not swing up to attack him. Hobgoblin flew over and fired lasers from his glider. The webslinger dodged back then went into a garbage truck to hide. He saw that Spider-Man hid in a dumpster so he dropped a pumpkin bomb destroying the trash. But Spider-Man leapt onto a lamppost before it detonated. He swung around and dropped two more bombs destroying the lamppost. He launched several razor bats that hit a car Spidey was hiding behind, then dropped more bombs. He then saw the hero crawl under a Volkswagen Eurovan in an attempt to hide.

Hobgoblin dropped more bombs destroying the vehicle and apparently the hero. He flew through the smoke wishing Spider-Man "happy trails" and then left. Hobgoblin returned to Kingpin's headquarters but found no one there. He called out but got no response. So he sat down in Kingpin's chair and put his feet on the desk. Then Kingpin rose up on an elevator. Kingpin noted that Hobgoblin liked power. The goblin added that he also enjoyed prestige and influence. Kingpin realized that Hobgoblin wanted what he had, and the goblin agreed. The masked villain then demanded to be paid. Kingpin activated a screen on his desk showing a recording of Hobgoblin and Osborn talking about getting Fisk. Hobgoblin passed it off as just trying to get what he could from Osborn and that's how he works. He walked over to his glider asking if Kingpin liked the way he "did business." Hobgoblin began flying around the room. Kingpin told him he wanted loyalty more. He told the goblin that he was terminating Hobgoblin. The goblin cried out not wanting it to end that way as he worked too hard to get there. Kingpin called for his guards and told them he didn't want to see Hobgoblin again. Hobgoblin laughed and threw bombs at the approaching guards. They exploded in a cloud of smoke so the guards began firing wildly. He flew around and threw another smoke bomb at the fleeing Kingpin. Kingpin ordered the guards not to let him get away. Hobgoblin teased that none of them could stop him.

The guards kept firing so Hobgoblin tossed another gas bomb. He flew downstairs and went to a control panel. He pressed a button opening the hanger door. Guards formed a line between him and the door, expecting him to flee. Hobgoblin said, "The measure of a man is how he handles defeat. So, let's see how you handle yours." He pressed the remote and the larger goblin glider flew up surprising the guards. It flew in low forcing the guards to drop to dodge. Wanting someone to share his joy with, Hobgoblin opened the door and told Harry he could come out. Harry asked if he was free to go, asking if his father paid. Hobgoblin responded that nothing with him was ever free. He took the blindfold off and took him to the desk. He said that Harry, along with the criminal headquarters, belonged to him. He activated a hologram and explained that he controlled a worldwide network of information with instantaneous contact with anywhere on the planet. Hobgoblin pressed more buttons and pulled up videos of a mugging, robbery, and police chase. He said that not only could he see the information but control it as well, giving him more money. He also noted that power and water companies where at his control. Harry then asked what the villain wanted from him.

Hobgoblin said he wanted revenge on Osborn and would get it through Harry. He called up Osborn who asked what went wrong since he was supposed to come straight back. Hobgoblin said nothing was wrong and the new glider helped him defeat Kingpin. He went on to say that in addition to Kingpin's empire he wanted everything from Oscorp. Osborn cursed him threatening to expose his identity. Then Hobgoblin pulled Harry into frame stopping Osborn. He called himself the new Kingpin then hung up. Later that night, Hobgoblin called someone up, or someone was trying to contact Kingpin, and discussed land mines. Hobgoblin offered to get them for the person, at double the usual commission. The person agreed. He then called up a Baron and told him that he could get rid of his extra mines. However, he demanded half the profits. If he did not agree to the goblin's plan, they would rust in his warehouse. Just then he heard his small glider fall over. He realized that Spider-Man was still alive. He looked around but didn't find him. He pulled out a pumpkin bomb and threatened to find him. He called it a "proper greeting" then threw it out into the middle of the room.

He ran to his overturned glider and tried to pick it up. However, it was stuck to the floor with the hero's webbing. Then Spider-Man came out of the smoke and kicked Hobgoblin down. Hobgoblin threw a couple of razor bats at him but they missed. One hit a holographic project spilling something down forcing the hero to dodge. Hobgoblin was upset at further damaging his kingdom. He went back to the glider to try to get it. Spider-Man came at him again so he threw another razor bat. He went back to the glider to use the bat to cut it free. Spider-Man came at him again so he threw more bombs. When the hero swung overhead he continued tossing them out. Another one knocked the hero back into a small wooden desk. He threw more as distractions then got on his glider. Spider-Man demanded that Hobgoblin face him. Hobgoblin flew out of the smoke and smacked Spider-Man down. He threw another pair of bombs but one went off too close knocking both men down. Debris smashed more of the headquarters apart. Hobgoblin sat up on the ground realizing that everything was ruined. Spider-Man said he still had his life. Hobgoblin looked into his bag and realized he only had one razor bat left. Spider-Man demanded to see Harry.

Hobgoblin gave the young man to him by throwing the bat up at the holding cell's cable cutting it partially. As the hero went to grab Harry to stop him from falling, Hobgoblin went to his glider and flew downstairs. He opened the hanger door, docked with the larger glider, and left. Hobgoblin returned to Oscorp for one last chance of revenge. He flew in and dropped a bomb on Osborn. However, Spider-Man and Harry were also there. The bomb went off but no one was hurt. Spider-Man went to the roof and Hobgoblin was glad at the chance to get the hero also. The two decided to finish their battle. Hobgoblin flew around while Spider-Man tried to swing up to him. Hobgoblin dropped more bombs but the hero dodged them. The hero climbed to the top of a smoke stack and Hobgoblin tried to ram him. However, the hero dodged at the last second so he hit the stack. His glider was damaged and he crashed into the nearby river. Hobgoblin survived and managed to fly away. He promised to remember Spider-Man if the hero remembered him. For several months Jason did not wear the Hobgoblin costume and went into hiding. He presumably kept an eye on Kingpin for the proper time to strike against him. Eventually Jason learned about a plan of Kingpin involving Herbert Landon of the Brand Corporation. Publicly, Landon was making a cure for mutants, using research from Dr. Hank McCoy. Kingpin wanted him to make a formula that would create mutated soldiers. However, Landon hated mutants and created the formula to destroy them completely. The formula would turn mutant genes against the mutant and destroy them. He wanted to purify the human race. Jason knew Kingpin would be upset. He became Hobgoblin and confronted Landon to blackmail him. He demanded a large sum of money for keeping Landon's secret from both Kingpin and the public. Hobgoblin waited in the warehouse for Landon. Landon came in asking for him. Hobgoblin stepped out joking that he might tell Kingpin about Landon's double-cross. Landon told him that he didn't want his inventions taken from him and set the briefcase of money down. Hobgoblin told him to leave as he wanted to be alone with all his favorite "Presidents". However, he realized it was a trick and left the case in the building and he quickly left. The building then blew up. Hobgoblin stood outside and watched as Landon's limo drove away. He said out loud to himself that his price then went up. He found that Landon was making a presentation on his findings in a large amphitheater.

Jason grabbed some new electrified gloves and went over there. Inside, whether he flew in or snuck in, he flew on his glider and surprised Landon by being alive. What he did not know was that the Parker boy was in the crowd. The crowd panicked as he used his electrified gloves to destroy the podium. He spun around and told Landon that he wasn't going to fall for the bomb trick. He swooped down and picked Landon up, asking what kind of fool Landon thought he was. Just then Spider-Man showed up once again to insult him. Hobgoblin was glad to see the hero, since it was a chance at revenge. He grabbed a pumpkin bomb and threw it at the wall that the wall crawler was on. Spider-Man swung from the roof and kicked Hobgoblin off the glider. As he fell he grabbed the glider and flew away before he could hit the ground. He flew away promising to deliver on his promise of revenge. He swung his bag around and tossed several bombs at the ceiling. As the roof began to collapse, Hobgoblin told Landon they still had an arrangement and he intended to quintuple the fee. That night, Hobgoblin flew to the Brand Corporation to confront Landon. He flew in low through the buildings thinking he would avoid being seen. However, as he turned a corner he saw a web line across the ally. It was too late and he hit it knocking himself off the glider and into a dumpster.

The webslinger slipped down on a web and told him it was over. Hobgoblin stood wondering how the hero knew where he would be. He threw a bomb at the hero. Unfortunately, the hero webbed the bomb, twirled it, and tossed it right back at him. Hobgoblin leapt from the dumpster before it went off. Spider-Man walked over and picked him up, asking why he wanted to destroy Landon. Hobgoblin told him that the scientist was his bankroll, paying him to keep his mouth shut since he knew the man's secrets. Spider-Man tossed him back asking about the secrets. Hobgoblin told him that Landon had a secret agenda to destroy "every last three-eyed, six-legged, four-nosed" mutant. Spider-Man did not believe him. He leaned over threatening to take off Hobgoblin's mask and began to pinch the cheek. However, he was interrupted by the X-Man Wolverine. The mutant wanted to know where "Beast" was and thought that Spider-Man would know. When Spidey claimed he knew nothing, the clawed mutant attacked him but Spider-Man threw him over near Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin backed away from the two men's fight and grabbed his glider to fly up. He laughed as the two heroes fought to "the bitter end." He thought they were entertaining. He then joked that neither would win as the two wrestled on the ground. He then tossed a pumpkin bomb into their midst. The bomb went off knocking both men back. However, the two appeared fine and resumed their fight. Spider-Man tried to get the X-Man to attack Hobgoblin, but the clawed man did not care about him.

Hobgoblin then decided to "bust up the party" and threw another bomb at them. It went off knocking the two down again. As Hobgoblin readied another bomb, Spider-Man webbed it to his hand. He then quickly flew away. As he did, he used a razor bat to cut the webbing. He then noticed a security camera on a building's corner. He flew over and smashed it with the glider, knowing it would trip off security in the Brand Corporation. It worked and a missile launcher rose out of a building to fire at the two. However, Spider-Man somehow sensed it and got out of the way while saving his opponent. He saw the two talking and laughed. He flew towards the main building thinking that they could distract Landon and his security while he went after what he was owed. As he flew through the building and found a security console. On a monitor he saw Spider-Man and Wolverine fighting their way through the hallways. He then looked over and found the mainframe with every mutant genetic research on it. He flew over to it asking Trick or Treat. He inserted a CD-ROM and began typing. A computer generated woman's head appeared telling him that all information had been transferred. He then ejected the disk drive and kissed the disk appreciating the "treat." He then decided to play his "trick" and began typing again. He quickly wrote code for the Hobgoblin Computer Virus. The woman's face was replaced with one of his own. The figure then said that all data had been erased. He stood calling saying he was "such a bad hacker" and flew out the door and down the hall. Hobgoblin flew to the main lab where Landon was. He burst through the roof and flew inside. Seeing Spider-Man crouched on a console, he threw a bomb at him destroying it.

He asked Landon why their business kept getting interrupted. Landon said it was karma then grabbed an rifle and fired at him, but Hobgoblin flew away to dodge. Landon kept firing but he was a lousy shot and Hobgoblin easily dodged his attacks. He flew by a large vat of green liquid where above Beast was holding onto Wolverine from an energy cage. One of the shots hit the cable for the cage snapping it. Spider-Man quickly leapt up to grab it saving the two mutants. As Landon continued firing, Hobgoblin told him how he had erased all of his data. He pulled out the CD-ROM saying that was the only copy left. He asked what it was worth but Landon merely fired again. Landon demanded the disk back but Hobgoblin merely taunted him. Landon then ran up a flight of stairs where he managed to hit the glider. As he flew down he crashed into the powered down energy cage causing it to rock. He flew back up and crashed onto the balcony flipping himself over the railing. He then tried unsuccessfully to get the glider unstuck from the railing. He leapt over it trying to kick it out. Landon ran up to him taunting him with the rifle. Hobgoblin spun around pulling out the disk and a bomb. He threatened to destroy it all. He jumped forward and kicked the rifle out of the man's hands. He leapt back over the railing and got the glider unstuck. As he flew away, Landon leapt onto the glider to follow. Hobgoblin accidentally dropped the disk and Landon leapt after it, falling into the large vat. He joked that scientists got too caught up in their work. He then flew up noticing how trapped Spider-Man was. He pulled out a bomb wanting to play "catch." Then Genevieve, Landon's assistant, began firing at Hobgoblin.

He noted that the chance of profit was gone. He twirled his bag again and tossed more bombs at the roof. He bid them farewell and flew through the hole he had made. He promised to see them again. Landon then transformed into an enormous creature that began sucking electricity out of the city. Spider-Man teamed up with the X-Men and Genevieve to stop him using the Blackbird. Jason then decided to spend some time appearing to be just another normal person. He took the name Jason Philips and using the money he stole acted like a caring philanthropist. During this time he grew his hair out. He purchased a large mansion that had East and West wings. He built his own secret armory with a door hidden in his study. He came across an inner city Student Center run by the Hardy Foundation. He contacted them wishing to donate money and planned to meet with Felicia Hardy.

It is unknown whether he ever had the slightest noble intentions or if this was a plan to manipulate Felicia and get her fortune. Jason walked into the classroom looking for Felicia. He saw an adult couple and asked them. The man, Parker, said the woman was Felicia. Jason walked over to her and kissed her hand introducing herself. He introduced him to Peter saying that Philips wanted to donate a lot of money to them. She promised that she would show him around.

Jason then asked if she would join him for dinner. The two went to dinner and he had a wonderful time. Afterwards, they went to Felicia's apartment building to drop her off. As they left the car Jason noticed she seemed distracted and asked if there was someone else. She reluctantly said that there wasn't. She then happily asked for dinner again and kissed him. She went in the door and looked back before going out of site. Jason got in the car and drove away. During this time, Jason heard stories about another goblin-based villain called Green Goblin. This goblin presumably captured Fisk, J. Jonah Jameson of The Daily Bugle, Anastasia Hardy, and the model/actress Mary Jane Watson. However, he disappeared in a vast underwater facility. However, he took no real notice of them and passed them off as nothing more than rumors.

At some unknown point, Jason managed to get a spy into Kingpin's empire. This man told him everything that Kingpin was doing. The two continued dating and on one they went to a fair that was happening. They went to a booth where they filled a balloon with a water gun. Jason picked the one with the goblin head. As he squirted it into the goblin's mouth he called it an ugly monster. Felicia joked that it was only a goblin and that it was cute. He looked at her saying she never stopped amazing him. Just then his balloon popped winning him the game. The man running the booth grabbed a large grey stuffed spider doll and threw it over to him. Jason was disappointed to have a spider.

He wanted one day without any kind of spider coming between him and her. As the two walked away, Felicia apologize for having feelings for Spider-Man. He also apologized for having "other" feelings towards the hero. Jason said that at the least the hero hadn't been appearing in their lives. She agreed. She handed the doll to a passing girl then said she should focus on someone more reliable and took his arm. Later, the two went to a jewelry store. Felicia asked what they were doing and Jason said they were shopping. The clerk handed them a box with an engagement ring inside. Felicia said it was beautiful and put it on. Jason grabbed her hand and said it was for her. He then asked her to marry him. Felicia said it was sweet but was stumbling along. Then an interdimensional portal opened up and a thief calling himself Spot arrived. The polka-dotted man said it was a beautiful store, and excellent for a robbery. Armed guards arrived but disappeared through a portal in the floor. Spot said he was going to get to business. The man began putting jewelry in his bag. He leapt over the counter and approached Felicia. Being overly polite, he said her ring looked expensive and asked for it. Jason told the man to get away from her and threw a punch. He hit him in a dark spot on his chest but it went through the man. Spot grabbed him and threw him back. Then Spider-Man came in through the roof window. He sent out weblines but Spot disappeared only to reappear behind the hero and kick him. Spot disappeared then portals surrounded the wall crawler.

Spot pushed him back and tripped him. Spot reappeared then disappeared into another portal with his loot. The wall crawler joked that he needed spot remover. Felicia approached him asking if he was hurt. The hero was surprised to see her then said he was fine. The hero said he was going to leave but Felicia stopped him. She asked if he was avoiding her since they hadn't seen each other in weeks. He grabbed her saying that there could be nothing between them. He explained that his life was too dangerous and he cared too much for her to endanger her life. Spider-Man swung away apologizing. Felicia said she was also sorry. Through his spy, Hobgoblin learned that Spot was really Dr. Jonathan Ohn, who was working for Kingpin. He had developed the Time Dilation Accelerator, which allowed him to create the portals transporting him anywhere virtually instantaneously. However, problems arose and Kingpin was forced to shut down the project. Talking to his informant over the phone, Hobgoblin called Kingpin a fool. He told the man he would be rewarded handsomely as he enjoyed having a spy on Kingpin. He promised to have that portal technology and began laughing maniacally. Later, Hobgoblin heard about portals opening up around the city. He flew to one and saw Spider-Man grabbing the Time Dilation Accelerator. He flew in close causing the webslinger to drop it, saying it was his. He grabbed the device out of the air. He then saw Spider-Man struggling to stay on the ground. Eventually the hero lifted off into a portal. He laughed and flew away.

However, Spider-Man sent a webline to him and pulled himself out of the portal before it closed. Flying over a river, Hobgoblin asked if he could ever get rid of the hero. He grabbed a razor bat and threw it to cut the web. With Spider-Man falling Hobgoblin activated the accelerator and flew through a portal saying he had things to steal. Hobgoblin strapped the accelerator to his chest to easily carry. Then he transported himself inside the vault of a bank. He used the portal's vacuum to suck in all of the money. He grabbed a pole and laughed. He soon let go and was sucked through the portal just as it was closing. Back at his money filled hideout, he saw that the portal closed early cutting off part of his cape. He realized that it could have cut off his arm or leg. He realized it was running out of power. But he knew where to get more. Hobgoblin transported to Kingpin's hideout where his spy was working. The spy told him that he could get into big trouble if Hobgoblin was spotted. Hobgoblin told him that if he could get another power pack for the accelerator then they would never need to fear Kingpin again. The spy went over to a locker and grabbed the last power pack. He explained that after he lost the accelerator, Kingpin ordered that no more be made. Hobgoblin grabbed it out of his hand saying he did not think it would be the last. He then laughed maniacally. Hobgoblin transported to the main control room where Kingpin and the now half-mutated Landon were. They did not notice him until he announced his presence. He walked forward noting that they had redecorated.

Kingpin pressed a button sending in armed guards who surrounded him. Hobgoblin mocked surrendered then pulled out the accelerator from his bag. Kingpin was shocked that he had the device. Kingpin waved off the guards and they all left. Hobgoblin reminded him that the accelerator could revolutionize the theft and smuggling business. Landon asked him why he needed them. Hobgoblin informed him that he needed a power pack. Kingpin was delighted that Hobgoblin needed their technology. The goblin told them that he intended to steal from the Federal Reserve Gold Depository. Kingpin said that was a great idea. Hobgoblin activated the device telling them to be ready at midnight. He made a joke about Kingpin's weight then disappeared in the portal. Jason held an engagement party for himself and Felicia at his mansion. Among the guests were Parker, Watson, both the elder and junior Osborns, and Jameson. Even Fisk showed up, though he wanted to speak to Norman Osborn. The happy couple stood on top of a flight of stairs. Jason told the guests that he was happy they were there to celebrate.

He went on to say that she made him the happiest man on Earth. The two kissed then walked down the stairs. They then started to mingle with all of their guests. As Jason was talking to a woman, Felicia brought over Parker and reintroduced them as they first "met" at the student center. Jason held out his hand to shake Parker's saying it was wonderful to see him again. However, he pulled it away and held it to his head as if in pain. Fisk strolled up shaking Parker's hand saying he looked healthy. He apologized for a mishap involving Fisk's son Richard that landed Parker in jail. He said he regretted that then excused himself to talk to the elder Osborn who was walking by. Jason spoke up saying he finds those kind of parties to be tedious, though Felicia enjoys them. He went on to say she was redecorating the eastern wing of his mansion. He continued on but Parker seemed distracted. The man kept looking over at Fisk and Osborn until he eventually excused himself.

Jason kept up his appearance and talked with his guests. Eventually the party ended and Jason left Felicia to herself. Later that night, Jason donned his Goblin gear and used his advanced goblin glider. Hobgoblin had attached the accelerator to his advanced glider. He teleported to the Chrysler Building where Kingpin and his men waited. Kingpin ordered the goblin not to fail him. Hobgoblin said he was fine as long as Kingpin upheld his part. He pressed the remote and activated it. A portal opened and several guards went through with gas grenades ready. However, after a short time Kingpin wondered what was keeping his men. Then Spider-Man came through the portal. The hero informed them that the guards were webbed up and waiting the police. He swung over to the glider and turned off the accelerator.

Hobgoblin did not want another repeated failure and activated the glider with Spider-Man on it. It lurched forward but the hero managed to stay on. He then reached back and grabbed the accelerator off the glider and leapt off. Hobgoblin then docked with the glider. Spider-Man landed on a wall. He warned Hobgoblin that he blew him up the accelerator would be destroyed also. Spider-Man swung down but Kingpin hit him knocking him to the ground. The heavy-set man said that the hero was the only thing going to be destroyed. He picked up the wall crawler and began crushing him in a bear hug intending to break him in half. Hobgoblin swooped down over the two then back around to pick up the accelerator. He looked back to see the hero struggle in Kingpin's grip. Just then an explosion rocked the building. The blast knocked Kingpin over freeing Spider-Man. Out of the smoke came the Green Goblin, who had armor similar to Hobgoblin's riding an identical glider with another advanced glider. This goblin claimed to be the real goblin.

He introduced himself as the Green Goblin. Hobgoblin was shocked believing that the other fiend was merely a rumor. Green Goblin told Hobgoblin that he was going to wish he was. Green Goblin opened fire so Hobgoblin flew away. He docked with his advanced glider while Green Goblin undocked with his. Green Goblin flew to Kingpin's desk and picked it up with ease, demonstrating great strength. He threw it at Hobgoblin who barely ducked under in time. Hobgoblin was shocked wondering how the man did that. The other goblin said it was because he was the "real deal" and called Hobgoblin a cheap imitation. Spider-Man eventually stood up and saw the two battling. However, neither villain took notice. Hobgoblin threw a trio of pumpkin bombs at Green Goblin but missed. Green Goblin responded with his own pumpkin bomb. Hobgoblin undocked with the advanced glider to dodge the attack then quickly redocked. Green Goblin got upset calling him an amateur. The two goblins flew at each other and their advanced gliders collided.

However, Green Goblin's appeared to be sturdier and cut right through Hobgoblin's. Hobgoblin quickly undocked as the larger glider fell and crashed onto the ground. His own glider began to smoke. He told the group that there was no profit to be made in his death. He flew to the top of the roof and blew a hole in the ceiling to leave. Green Goblin followed telling him that he did not deserve to wear the mask. Spider-Man also followed. Hobgoblin fled through the city's streets but Green Goblin kept right on his tail. He kept firing at the orange goblin laughing maniacally. Hobgoblin turned his head to ask who the man was. Green Goblin fired again and hit a building corner as Hobgoblin went around it. He continued to ask where he got the weapons. He believed that Osborn had given him all of the best toys. Green Goblin told him that Osborn had a new best friend, him. He fired a smart missile that began following Hobgoblin. Learning from Spider-Man, Hobgoblin flew through a construction site until the bomb detonated behind him.

Hobgoblin's glider began to smoke again as he went down into the city streets. Green Goblin said he had the "impostor." However, Hobgoblin had one last trick up his sleeve. He pulled out the accelerator and activated it. He disappeared leaving Green Goblin and Spider-Man alone. Hobgoblin exited the portal in his study to find Felicia standing in the open door to his armory. She turned and was shocked to see the goblin there. Hobgoblin explained that he had everything, until she found that room. She wondered why he was there. Hobgoblin flew over to the door and pressed the button on the column to close the door. He wondered why she hadn't guessed his identity then took off his mask. She was shocked that her fiance was the villain.

He introduced himself as Jason Philip Macendale, a former petty crook and hired thug and now her husband-to-be. He flew over to her and began laughing. She was surprised that he was a criminal and refused to believe that. He flew up explaining that the house, his money, and everything she was attracted to came from crime. She realized she could never marry him. Jason stated that she had to or else he could not let her live. She screamed as he got closer. Just then an explosion rocked the building. Jason looked over as another explosion opened a hole in the study. Then Green Goblin began laughing as he flew through the opening.

Jason was shocked wondering how the fiend could know who he was. Green Goblin said he knew all of Jason's secrets and that Osborn created him. He began flying in closer and Jason packed into his books. Green Goblin kept going on saying he was going to undo Osborn's mistakes. Jason smiled as he reached into his bag to grab his gun. The other goblin said he would take back everything that fell into Jason's hands. Jason pulled out the gun to shoot the invader. But Green Goblin quickly kicked the gun out of his hand. He kicked again pushing Jason into his books knocking him down. Green Goblin explained that he studied Kingpin's studies of Ohn's technologies and figured out how to use the accelerator. He grabbed the device from Jason's bag and activated it. The invader then ordered the two into the portal. Jason stood to protest. He knew it was low on power and they could be trapped in limbo. Green Goblin flew over to Felicia and began pushing the two in. He said it was "their chance to get away from it all." The three entered and the portal closed behind him. The three appeared at Oscorp.

Green Goblin tied their hands and put them on a crane above a large vat of acid. As their captor worked on a console, Jason told him that whatever Osborn was paying he would double. Green Goblin looked up saying that he wasn't interested in money. Jason asked what he did want. Green Goblin explained that he was making life easier for Osborn by eliminating his enemies so he would not have to suffer any more. Then Spider-Man arrived and webbed up Green Goblin's face as he was laughing. He said that the goblin's laugh was annoying him. Green Goblin ripped the web off and wondered why he was still alive. He ran over to his glider. However, the webslinger shot a line to the glider and pulled it back knocking it into the acid. Green Goblin ran over to the controls and began lowing the two into the acid. He explained that he didn't need the glider when he had the accelerator. Green Goblin activated the device opening a portal. he leapt into a portal and disappeared. Felicia called out to Spider-Man asking for help. Spider-Man swung over but another portal opened and a razor bat cut his line. Green Goblin then appeared and caught the hero by the leg. The goblin explained that he hated Spider-Man most of all and had waited for this moment to at last be rid of him. Spider-Man leaned up and grabbed Green Goblin saying they could both use the portals. The two entered the portal and disappeared. Meanwhile, Felicia and Jason continued to slowly be lowered towards the acid. Then another portal opened and Green Goblin fell out. The accelerator fell out of his unconscious hands. Spider-Man exited the portal and swung over to them. Felicia began raising her legs to avoid the acid. The hero grabbed the two and saved them. The three went to the ground and the wall crawler let them go. He then swung over to a wall and grabbed a razor bat. He threw it towards Green Goblin and hit the accelerator. Green Goblin sat up shocked at what he had done. Spider-Man explained that the accelerator was useless to everyone.

Green Goblin began playing with the device to get it to work again. Green Goblin activated the accelerator and opened what appeared to be an unstable portal. Spider-Man warned him not to go in that it was too low on power and he would be trapped. Green Goblin stepped to the portal saying he would rather be trapped in limbo than defeated by Spider-Man. He entered the portal and disappeared. With the other goblin gone, Felicia asked why he would turn to crime. Jason explained that he had nothing to begin with and all his fortune, including her love, was from crime. He told her he had no choice. She then asked if he had ever loved her. Jason explained that he loved things about her like her money, beauty, and refinement. Felicia berated him saying that was not love. She looked at Spider-Man saying she had felt true love. Later, Jason was arrested by the New York Police Department. Felicia and Spider-Man sat on a building corner watching him go. Presumably, Jason went to trial and later prison for all of the crimes he committed as both Jason Philip Macendale and Hobgoblin.


Within an alternate universe on Earth-98311, Hobgoblin teams up with Green Goblin in destroying all of New York City under Spider-Carnage's orders, to the point where it is nothing more than a fiery wasteland. Once they first appear, they invade the Daily Bugle to interrogate J. Jonah Jameson on how to break the security system to the microwave broadcaster on the roof of J3 Communications. They intend to use it to help Spider-Carnage build a machine that will control everyone's minds (unbeknownst to them, Spider-Carnage plans to use it to destroy all of reality). Hobgolin holds Jameson's friend and coworker, Robbie Robertson, over the edge of a hole in the building, threatening to drop him to his death should Jameson not help them. Jameson reveals that he can deactivate the security system with his palm print, however Hobgoblin drops Robbie to his seeming death anyways. Thankfully, Robbie is saved by prime Spider-Man. Once the Goblins get a hold of Jameson, Spider-Man tries to stop them but is thwarted by the two before they fly off with Jameson, and Hobgoblin blows up the Daily Bugle. Spider-Man survives and tries to stop them from breaking the security system and stealing the device, but is too late. When Spider-Man tries to follow them as they fly away, Spider-Carnage stops him. Though prime Spider-Man is teleported to Madame Web's lair by the Beyonder just in time.

When prime Spider-Man teams up with the Scarlet Spider, as well as four other Spider-Men brought by Madame Web from other dimensions, they invade Kingpin's whereabouts in order to stop Spider-Carnage from following through on his plans. The goblins manage to lead some of Kingpin's men against the heroes, but are both thwarted. While they manage to stop the machine from destroying all of reality, it doesn't stop it from blowing up the building. The last time Hobgoblin was seen was when he was tied to the floor with one of the Spider-Men's webbing, while unconscious. It remains unknown as to whether or not he escaped, was teleported to jail by Madame Web before the building exploded, or if he died in the explosion.


Dig a hole, Fisk. Wide enough for your final resting place.
~ Hobgoblin attempt to kill Kingpin.
Name's Hobgoblin and you're right on time... for your funeral.
~ Hobgoblin introducing himself to Spider-Man.
Your pathetic. How did you ever get your reputation?
~ Hobgoblin fighting Spider-Man.
Hobgoblin: So this is what it's all about. I didn't think this place existed. I thought it was a legend like El Dorado or Shangri-La. A pipe dream followed by criminal lunatics to entertain the gullible. But it's true isn't it! There really is one nerve center that controls most of the crime on this planet. And this is it! Call off your men Fisk.
Kingpin: And why should I do that?
Hobgoblin: Cause you can do just about anything Fisk. Or should I say Kingpin?
~ Hobgoblin and Kingpin.
For centuries the hobgoblins been a symbol of irrational fear and terror. I want this face to be the very last thing me enemies see.
~ Hobgoblin explaining his costume.
Think your smart Spider-Man? Your not as smart as these smart bombs!
~ Hobgoblin fighting Spider-Man.
Hobgoblin: It's all ruined. I've lost everything!
Spider-Man: You've still got your life... for the moment.
~ Hobgoblin fighting Spider-Man.
Don't forget me Spider-Man. I'm not going to forget you.
~ Hobgoblin escapes and warns Spider-Man.
Nice try bucko. But the price of my silence just went up.
~ Hobgoblin warning Herbert Landon.
Please, you didn't think I'd fall for that old exploding warehouse trick did you? What kind of a fool do you take me for?
~ Hobgoblin to Herbert Landon.
Landon has a hidden agenda. He's going to destroy all mutants. Every last three eyed, six legged, four nosed one of them.
~ Hobgoblin tells Spider-Man the secret of Herbert Landon.
How entertaining! A fight to the bitter end! Problem is in this fight nobodies gonna win. Except me!
~ Hobgoblin about to attack Spider-Man and Wolverine.
The chance for profit is gone therefor so am I. So long suckers! Be seeing ya.
~ Hobgoblin escapes.
Blasted machine. This could have been my arm or leg. You must be running out of power. But I know where there's more.
~ Hobgoblin ploting his move.
Get me a power pack for the Time Dilation Accelerator! And we won't need fear the Kingpin ever again.
~ Hobgoblin to his spy.
Just meet me here at midnight. Be there or be square! In your case it'd be easier to just be there.
~ Hobgoblin to Kingpin.
Green Goblin: Stand back for the real goblin! the Green Goblin!
Hobgoblin: I thought you were just a rumor!
Green Goblin: You're going to wish I was!
~ Hobgoblin meets Green Goblin.
Sorry. But there's no profit to be made in my own annihilation!
~ Hobgoblin flies out of Kingpin's building.
Hobgoblin: Who are you? Where did you get all of those weapons? I thought Osborn gave me his best stuff!
Green Goblin: Osborn's got a new best friend. Me!
~ Hobgoblin tries to escape Green Goblin.


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