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The Hobo is the titular protagonist from the online video-game series Hobo.

He is a homeless man who fights people (if not often, those who do not challenge him.) he crosses along his way. He makes appearances in seven games. Hobo is known to be very lazy but when it comes to attacking him, he goes out and attacks as many people that get in his way.


Hobo is a homeless man with long, dirty, black hairs and a beard. He wears a torn white tank top and blue pants and is bare foot.


Hobo is generally a lazy person who spends most of his time sleeping and doing other stuff that would be seen as typical for a person like him (e.g., being dirty). He is normally docile unless he is disturbed and/or angered. This usually occurs when someone attacks Hobo in his sleep, waking him up and sending him on a violent rampage. During this time, Hobo becomes a vicious and ruthless assailant who attacks and/or kills anyone he comes across.

After his rampages end, however, Hobo returns to a docile state and resumes his sleeping habit. When Hobo is not enraged, he appears to be not dangerous and compliant with others, shown when he surrendered himself to police officers after he was done beating them up.



Hobo appears laying on the ground, sleeping in the middle of the day at the city-dump. A police officer sees Hobo sleeping and gets really angry. He ends up hitting the Hobo, showing him a sign that says that dump isn't allowed. Hobo then becomes upset and attacks the officer, after which he murders him and goes on a violent rampage, attacking many more people in the city. Hobo soon fights a garbageman and his truck, and wins. In the end, Hobo fights with some more police officers but surrenders once he is finished beating them up. Hobo is put in prison and is last seen sleeping in his jail cell.

Hobo - Prison Brawl[]

In the second part, Hobo is seen sleeping again in his jail cell. When the prisoners are let out for lunch time, Hobo's cellmate sees that Hobo left a huge mess in the toilet when he took a dump. The cellmate attacks Hobo, showing him the filthy toilet, which makes Hobo once again furious and proceeds into murdering his cellmate and goes into a brutal rampage inside the prison, attacking more inmates and guards. In the end, Hobo fights SWAT troopers, defeats them, and escapes prison.

Hobo 3 - Wanted[]

In the third part, Hobo was again seen laying on the ground in the middle of a city area, sleeping. A police officer recognizes him as a wanted criminal. The officer attacks Hobo, showing him his wanted poster, but Hobo becomes enraged and starts another rampage. Hobo ends up murdering a lot of officers and people. In the end, Hobo does battle with another, more heavily armed SWAT team armed with a helicopter. He defeats them and escapes the city, going to the nearest tree and falls asleep.

Hobo 4 - Total War[]

The military gets called in to fight Hobo. They find Hobo asleep on the tree and attack him, showing him who they are and their truck. The soldiers again fail to take Hobo down who once more starts a rampage. Hobo fights with several soldiers armed with powerful weapons. In the end, Hobo fights with a tank and manages to destroy it with his fighting skills. After this, Hobo ends up going to another tree and falling asleep when suddenly, an alien spaceship shows up and abducts Hobo.

Hobo 5 - Space Brawls: Attack of the Hobo Clones[]

Hobo is brought aboard the ship by the aliens, who took Hobo to study him. The aliens restrain Hobo while he is sleeping and rob him of his many special attacks, then create clones of him. Hobo becomes upset and starts a rampage inside in the alien spaceship. Hobo fights with the aliens and his clones, the former utilizing advanced technology and the latter possessing his own special attacks. All the while, he must relearn all of his special moves that were stolen from him. The ending is the same as usual, Hobo murders everyone in the ship and then goes to sleep.

Hobo 6 - HELL[]

Hobo dies in the spaceship due to the vessel running out of oxygen. As expected, Hobo is sent in Hell and has to fight with all the demons and residents of Hell. Hobo also fights with various demonic-creatures. In the end, Hobo has to defeat Satan himself in order to leave Hell.

Hobo 7 - HEAVEN[]

Hobo ends up destroying Hell and gets sent into Heaven. He gets attacked by a resident who shows him a sign that says that hobos aren't allowed in Heaven. Hobo gets furious and ends up attacking everyone in Heaven. Hobo fights with residents of Heaven, angels warriors, and soon does battle against God himself. In the end, God grabs Hobo, angered by his behavior. He shows the Hobo the peaceful nature of Heaven which apparently causes him to lose his anger. In the end, Hobo ends up falling asleep in Heaven, staying there for the supposedly rest of eternity. However, the ending of this game shocks both the narrator and Hobo.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Body manipulation: Hobo can use his bodily substances such as spit, snot, burps, farts, barf, dung, urine, and even blood as weapons. He is also capable of altering his own body structure to perform attacks (launching out his eyeballs and even his head from the neck). These attacks are able to inflict large amounts of damage to his foes and generally leaves them in a shocked and/or disgusted state for a short while.
    • Prehensile Body Parts: Parts of Hobo's body are maneuverable and can elongate to help him to attack his enemies (tongue, eyes, neck).
  • Superhuman strength: He possesses an amazing strength that can carry big trash cans and even big rocks.
  • Superhuman durability: He can survive and resist against any attack for a while.
  • Hand-to-hand combat: Hobo is a formidable and nigh-undefeatable fighter. He is capable of punching, kicking, and using his belly while attacking his enemies.
  • Peak speed: He possesses a peak human speed while running and attacking with his belly.
  • Weapon Proficiency: Hobo has been shown to be proficient with all sorts of weapons, both melee and ranged. He is capable of using various guns including pistols, shotguns, sub-machine guns, RPGs, grenades, and even laser blasters. He can also use various materials as melee weapons such as swords, whips, bottles, chairs, and trash cans.
  • Pyrokinesis: In the Hell, Hobo learns to breathe and fart fire.
  • Photokinesis: In the Heaven, he learns to generate halos and project lasers from his face.
  • Flight: In the Heaven, he is capable of limited flight with his temporary wings.


In the games, Hobo learns new combos, which he uses in order to kill his victims faster then usual. In every part, a new combo is learned:

  • A - Punch & To pick up and throw objects.
  • S - Kicks and stuff.
  • A + A + S - Spit.
  • S + S + A - Snot.
  •  A + S - Burp.
  • S + A - Fart.
  • A + S + A - Barf.
  • S + A + S - Poop.

Part 2

  • A + S + S - Piss.
  • A + S + A + S - Long barfing.
  • S + A + S + A - Long pooping.
  • A + S + S + A - Long pissing.

Part 3

  • A + D - Eyeballs attack.
  • S + D - Belly attack.
  • A + S + D - Tongue attack. 

Part 4

  • A + D + S - Eyeballs and head attack. 
  • S + A + D - Long barfing and pooing. 

Part 5

  • S + D + S - Belly and poo attack.

Part 6

  • A + S + W - Fire breathing.
  • S + A + W - Fire fart.
  • S + A + W + S - Big fire fart.
  • A + S + W + A - Big fire breath.

Part 7

  • A + W - Throwing the halo.
  • S + D + A - Angelic belly-attack.
  • A + D + W - Lasers through mouth & eyes.
  • S + A + D + W - Long barfing, pooing, pissing and release of blood.





  • Hobo was created by ArmorGames and SeethingSwarm.


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