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H-H-Hobo Larry sorry about shit-shit-shitting in your boot. Won't h-happen again, Yes-Yessir.
~ Hobo Larry

Hobo Larry is a recurring antagonist in Brickleberry. He is a dirty, foul smelling, mentally ill homeless man, who occasionally robs buildings, kills people, and rapes women and children.

He is voiced by David Hermann.


Hobo Larry served his first major role in the episode "Ranger Games", where he was discovered by Malloy, who had recently been rejected after asking Woody Johnson if he could have a pet, as the latter didn't believe he was responsible enough to have one. Malloy bargained with Woody, saying that if he took good care of Hobo Larry, he could prove to him he could take care of an actual pet and Woody accepted. During his time with the family, Hobo Larry was trouble from the very start, pooping in Woody's shoes, vandalizing the living room, lighting things on fire, masturbating in public, raping a woman, eating garbage, and sleeping on the train tracks. Malloy went through Hell, trying to take care of Hobo Larry but through all these struggles, he ended up growing attached to the man and decided that he didn't even want a pet because he knew he wanted to spend all his time with Hobo Larry. One fateful day, Hobo Larry got into a fight with another hobo over a can of beans on the ground and during this fight, he ended up getting bitten by the hobo, which gave him a disease. Malloy went to see Dr. Kuzniak and after studying him, he found that Hobo Larry's disease was terminal and told Malloy that he'd have to put him down. Malloy sadly accepted and locked Hobo Larry in a cage, where he shot him to death. Instantly after killing Hobo Larry, Malloy got a call from Dr. Kuzniak, telling him that he made a mistake and that Hobo Larry's disease was not terminal and he wouldn't have to kill him after all. Angered but with no other options left, Malloy and Woody flushed the man's corpse down the toilet.

Despite being killed in the previous episode, Hobo Larry returned as a recurring character in Season 3.

In "Steve the Fearless Pilot", Hobo Larry had a more heroic role, when he joined Steve Williams on a pirate team, along with Bobby Possumcods, BoDean Lynn, and Firecracker Jim in becoming a heroic team of pirates who would pillage the ships of villainous pirates and steal their stuff. Steve also made it a rule that as pirates, they would not be raping anybody, leaving Hobo Larry with nothing to have sex with but his cans of beans.

Villainous Acts

  • In 'Two Weeks Notice", Steve Williams was doing good things for people to get into heaven and when he saw this homeless man on the streets, he kindly donated him some money, which he immediately spent on two giant swords, which he used to slaughter everybody in sight.
  • In "Ranger Games", Hobo Larry raped a woman anally, destroyed/vandalized property, masturbated in public, and killed a rabid homeless man over a can of beans.
  • In "Write 'Em Cowboy", Hobo Larry sat around in a garbage can behind Jorge's bar and kidnapped unattended children so that he could rape them.


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