Hockomonkey (Brute)

Brute Hockomonkey

Hockomonkey is a minor antagonist in the video game Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. It is a Dream Eater that attacked both Sora and Riku in Traverse Town.



When Sora and Rhyme found Neku on top of a garden plaza in the 5th District, Sora wanted to ask if Rhyme is his partner. After Neku apologized to Sora about turning him over, Rhyme suddenly disappeared. Shortly after she disappeared, a hooded figure appeared in front of them. Neku tries to attack him but is easily smacked aside. The hooded figure then summons the Dream Eater known as Hockomonkey before vanishing. Sora fought the giant Dream Eater. Despite it's strength and power, Hockomonkey was defeated by Sora.


Hockomonkey (Mage)

Mage Hockomonkey

In Riku's incarnation of Traverse Town, he and Shiki encounter the same hooded figure in the 5th District. During their encounter, the hooded figure that Sora encounter previously, who was later revealed to be Young Xehanort, taunts Riku about this being a wakeless sleep and that it will be his prison. Their conversation was interrupted when Beat appears and tells Riku that Xehanort promised to return Shiki to her world if she delivered Riku to him. The hooded figure takes off his hood revealing himself to Riku. Before Riku can get an answer as to who he is, the young man summons Hockomonkey in it's mage form before vanishing. Riku confronts the giant Dream Eater. In the end Riku manages to defeat Hockomonkey.


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Hockomonkey (Brute)


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