Hodak is the secondary antagonist of the 2019 American live-action film reboot Charlie's Angels. He is John Bosley's right-hand man and a professional assassin and is Jane Kano's arch-nemesis.

He was portrayed by Jonathan Tucker who also portrayed Raymond Donovan in Criminal Minds


Hodak is secretly hired by John Bosley to kill all of his superiors in the Townsend Agency so he can gain full control. When Elena Houghlin meets with operative Edgar "Bosley" to turn over her findings, Hodak ambushes them and subsequently kills Edgar and leaves Elena to drown. However, Jane Kano rescues her just in time. Later, when the Angels track Peter Fleming down to a remote rock quarry, where a supposedly-imprisoned Jonny Smith is revealed to be Fleming's intermediary for selling Calisto, Hodak shows up and kills Fleming before the Angels can break up the sale. Hodak fails to kill Rebekah, but succeeds in stealing the Calisto prototypes with Smith and escapes. He later joins John and Alexander Brock at a ball gala, and John presents Project: Calisto to them and manages to convince Brock to use it illegally for him. However, the Angels, having deduced John's plan due to the information provided by Smith, who is later revealed to have defected to their side, show up and rescue Elena and Langston to fight the trio. The other agents of the Townsend Agency battle John's goons and Jane fights Hodak. They were pretty much equally matched until Jane impales Hodak on a spike.


  • Hodak has the highest body count of the three secondary antagonists (the first two being Vivian Wood and Seamus O'Grady) in the Charlie's Angels film series.
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