Hodge Podge in "Voice of Treason"

Hodge Podge is one of the antagonists in Action League Now!.


Hodge Podge was the Action League's former accountant who gained his chimeric appearance from a blender accident. He's composed of several parts usually from toys and appliances like a crab claw and some machinery thanks to Bill the Lab Guy. His head is the only part from his original appearance kept. His appearance vary by episode.

He's voiced by Jim Krenn.

Hodge Podge's original body before being blendered


He appears several times in the show, from "Revenge of Hodge Podge" to "Tune Up of Terror". Often his tactics against the Action League are often more successful than The Mayor's efforts, but always fail in the end.

In "Revenge of Hodge Podge" he had a brief crush on Thunder Girl's custom rebuilt version of herself & the other Action League members done by Bill's daughter Quarky.

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