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Hodhvarz was a minor antagonist in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. He was a rattish orc Chief in the service of Saruman. He was a whip-master, but later became the raid leader responsible for burning the villages of Rohan.



Hodhvarz was an orc Chief from the Misty Mountains. He was in charge of many of the lesser ranking goblins there. Due to his “rat-like” appearance, he was nicknamed by other orcs as “The Rattish Chief.”

Service of Isengard

Hodhvarz had traveled from the misty mountains to Isengard after hearing of the growing armies. He joined Saruman’s service. He was one of the highest ranking orcs of Isengard. Hodhvarz even joined Saruman’s court. He was given the job of whip master to keep the goblins working in Isengard in line.

Raiding the Rohan Villages

Hodhvarz was given a task Saruman and his taskmaster, Flizpot. He had been commanded to be the raid leader of a large party of Uruk-Hai and Orcs to burn and pillage the villages of Rohan. He carried out this task, burning the villages and killing many soldiers and villagers.

Lumber Working and Demise

After completing his raid, Hodhvarz returned to Isengard. Taskmaster Flizpot tasked him with gathering wood from Fanghorn forests with a group of Lumber orcs. However, that very day the ents would attack Isengard. While he and Lumber orcs collected wood, Hodhvarz and his crew were one of the firsts to be killed by the ents in their destruction of Isengard.


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