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Hogo Fogo.

Hogo Fogo (real name: Horace Badman) is a gunman, fraudster and murderer-for-hire in the American Old West.



A foundling, Horace Badman was one of three siblings, raised as orphans. Little more is known about his childhood; however, he grew up into a practically completely amoral criminal of great resourcefulness. Few cities were spared his crimes, which were often committed in one of a seemingly endless array of disguises. He killed out of expedience, for profit and even for his amusement, using guile and trickery. By his own account, when he arrived in Stetson City in the story he features in as its main villain, he has 'twelve notches on his Derringer'.

'Lemonade Joe'

Drifting into Stetson City to visit his older, slightly more respectable brother Doug, he finds that his sibling's business - mainly based in a saloon - is threatened by reformer and tee-total gunslinging hero, 'Lemonade Joe'. Attempting to despatch the seemingly unbeatable hero through a series of strategies, he finally meets his end in a hail of bullets, only to be resurrected by a timely infusion with the miraculous drink Kola-Loka.

He then discovers that 'Lemonade Joe' is none other than his youngest sibling, who, unlike himself, was not blown off the family cart by a typhoon and thus grew up as a useful member of society - and more to the point, loyal company man of Kola-Loka. His - and Hogofogo's - father happily welcomes his long-lost children back into his family, and when the villain melancholically reflects he wishes he was a good man, rather than a villain, his father cheerfully reassures him that the company has use for his talents, too.

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