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Hokuto is one of the three countries that formed from Japan following the emergence of the Skywall and a major antagonistic faction in Kamen Rider Build.

Hokuto claims to be an agricultural nation based around social welfare, when in truth much of its economic budget goes to military programs and research. Hokuto's citizens are very poor due to economic collapse and many cannot even afford to send their kids to school.


Following a period of distrust between the Touto and Hokuto governments, Prime Minister Yoshiko Tajimi declared war on Touto to seize the Pandora's Box as the first step in her plan to conquer the rest of Japan. Employing the now renegade Faust organization, the Hokuto government has them develop a Kamen Rider for them to use. The result was Kamen Rider Grease, whom the Hokuto Prime Minister tasked with spearheading the invasion of Touto. Faust also developed a new type of Smash called Hard Smash. The first three Hard Smash to be created were a trio of volunteers nicknamed the Hokuto Three Crows, who formed an elite squad under Grease.

Grease later entered into a Representative Match with Touto's Kamen Rider Build for possession of the Pandora Box. Despite the match ending with Build triumphing over Grease, Prime Minister Tajimi opted to continue the war and sent all of Hokuto's forces to attack Touto.

Tajimi had planned for Hokuto's forces to launch a swift invasion of Touto, but the Hokuto military encountered additional resistance from Kamen Rider Build. Meanwhile, with most of Hokuto's military focused on the Touto invasion, Seito took the opportunity to invade Hokuto. The invasion proved a quick success, with Hokuto being dissolved into Seito and Tajimi being captured and taken into custody.

After Seito conquered Touto and established a new unified government over the three regions, former Touto government adviser Ryoka Saiga was appointed governor of Hokuto.



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