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Holdem is a Headliner of the Beast Pirates, who resides in Bakura Town.


Holdem is a large man with long brown hair, a square jaw, cat-like whiskers, and a pointed nose. He does not wear a shirt, exposing tattoos on his upper arms which resemble suns that have a wrench-shaped design inside of them. He wears dark pants, boots, gloves, and a tall dark hat with an insignia on it. His most defining features are the lion head, forelegs, and tail protruding from his waist due to his SMILE fruit. He wears a belt that encases the lion's head and forelegs.


After Gazelleman kidnapped Tama at Okobore Town, he reported to Holdem that he had captured the girl who tamed their baboon, and Holdem ordered Gazelleman to bring Tama to him. Gazelleman brought Tama to Holdem's quarters, and Holdem was annoyed at the Gifter's exhaustion after running. He then got mad at Kamijirofor staring at him, and the defiant lion responded by striking Holdem in the groin, hurting both of them. Holdem wanted to know how Tama managed to tame their baboon, and suspected that she had a Devil Fruit power despite her denial. He ordered a subordinate to get him some pliers so he could try pulling food out of her cheek.

As Holdem was pulling on Tama's cheek, he received a report that the yokozuna Urashima had been attacked, but did not care. However, Urashima was then sent flying into Holdem's house by Monkey D. Luffy, and an annoyed Holdem confronted Luffy, putting Tama into Kamijiro's mouth and threatening to crush her.

After Holdem accused Luffy's group of being accomplices with the thief Shutenmaru, Luffy managed to attack Kamijiro in the blink of an eye and free Tama. Soon afterwards, Luffy turned around to attack Holdem, and Holdem had Kamijiro breathe fire at the pirate as he prepared to strike Luffy with the Karakuri Sword. However, the flames were ineffective against Luffy, who struck Holdem in the face with a powerful Red Hawk punch, defeating him. Kamijiro remained conscious as Holdem laid unconscious on the ground.

When he woke up later, he saw Kaido in Kuri and shook in fear, wondering if Kaido had come to execute him. He was then stunned to see his captain destroy the ruins of Oden Castle.

Several days later, Holdem ordered his men to set Mt. Atama on fire in order to kill Shutenmaru. Holdem heard about important events happening at the Flower Capital and ordered his men to turn on the Visual Tanishi to watch a broadcast. Holdem also commented that he wished he could show Shutenmaru dying in a fire to the whole country. Holdem was later seen watching the broadcast as Yasuie was executed.

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