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I would know how to take care of you, worship you. But all of you beautiful girls throw yourselves at men who are mean and selfish. Sweating, grunting brutes. You reject me, a nice guy, smart, superb. I dress well, I take care of myself. I would have taken care of you, but those days are gone. You had your chance. You do not deserve me anymore. You don't deserve to live.
~ Holden March revealing his hatred of women in his video diary.

Holden March is the main antagonist of the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode "Holden's Manifesto". He is a mentally ill misogynist who goes on a spree of sexual assault and murder because he feels that women ignore him. He is loosely based on real-life school shooters Elliot Rodger and Adam Lanza.

He was portrayed by John Karna.


Holden is highly intelligent, but socially awkward; his mother and stepfather believe he is on the autism spectrum. He has no friends and has never had a girlfriend, and resents women for not giving him the attention and affection he believes is his due for being a "nice guy". He keeps a video diary in which he rants about his hatred of women and the "inferior" men he believes are taking away his right to love and happiness. He also has a photographic memory, which he uses to make lists of everyone he believes has wronged him, going back as far as kindergarten.


After he loses his job at a restaurant for attacking a couple, Holden decides to "get even" with all women, especially those who (unknowingly) spurned his advances. He targets three women who went to elementary school with him and hurt his feelings by spending time with boys other than him; he tries to rape them, but cannot perform, so he gropes and stabs them. After he kills a woman and her boyfriend, he decides to "go out in a blaze of glory" by killing one of his female former teachers, who angered him by getting married, and all her female students.

Holden breaks into the school, kills his teacher's husband, and holds her and her students hostage. SVU detectives Nick Amaro and Amanda Rollins go in to negotiate with him, but Holden refuses because he believes (correctly) that they are sleeping together and thus are his enemies. Rollins changes tactics and pretends to have romantic feelings for Holden, assuring him that she believes in him and will not hurt him. She moves him away from the hostages by promising to give him a kiss - his first - and a NYPD sniper shoots and kills him once he is in position.


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